Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyfive!

Chapter Twentyfive – Past Life

On July 2nd, you glance at the calendar hanging in your office and let out a sigh. The Fourth of July used to be a cherished time filled with family and friends gathering. Your parents, despite their differences, managed to set them aside for that one day. The harmonious relationship between your mom, dad, and their respective parents made those big get-togethers truly enjoyable.

When you, Jess, and Molly became close, your parents welcomed their families into the celebrations without hesitation. Your dad’s spacious backyard easily accommodated all your friends, and his excessively large house seemed empty with just him living in it. That was until you moved in, having had a good life at your mom’s house before she relocated to New York.

Speaking of New York, the four years you spent there managed to taint the Fourth of July for you, but it wasn’t the fireworks or public celebrations that were the issue. You push those memories aside, determined to reclaim this year’s celebration and make it special and safe once more. As for sharing the story of your time in New York with Brock, you decide it’s too early for that conversation.

Your contemplation is interrupted by a knock on your office door.

– Come in?

You say, wondering who could be visiting. 

Since it’s Molly’s workday, you and Jess had planned to have lunch at your office tomorrow. It just didn’t feel right without you all there. 

You silently hope it’s not James, as you’re not sure how to break the news to him. Your dad expects you to handle this hiring decision on your own, and you wish you could turn back time to when you were just a 10-year-old.

The door opens slowly, revealing Brock, who greets you with a warm smile.

– Hello, my gorgeous Princess. 

His voice sends a warm shiver up your spine. 

You return his gaze, a mix of emotions in your eyes.

– Everything okay?

Brock asks, closing the door behind him. 

– It is now!

You answer, smiling at him, as you get to your feet. 

– What are you doing here?

You continue. Not that you’re not happy that he’s there. You’re just surprised.

Brock comes over to you,then he gently takes your face between his hands, and gives you a loving kiss. 

– Do I need a reason to check in on my girlfriend?

Brock asks, as he lets his fingertips glide down your spine. Girlfriend? It feels amazing that he calls you that, but at the same time, you don’t quite believe it to be true. 

– Mmmm.. Not really.. But it’s lunchtime. 

You say. Is he skipping lunch, to be with you? 

– Mhm…

Brock replies, placing a wet sensual kiss on your neck. You can’t help but move your head to give him better access. 

– I was hungry for you today…

Brock husks into your skin. You suck in a breath. His words do things to you; things you never imagine words could do. 

– Mmmhm….

You reply. Almost out of breath, and you can feel your heart beating rapidly in your chest. Are you going to do it? Here? In your office? 

– What do you say? 

Brock continues, as he lifts you up, placing you on your desk. Making sure your light summer dress pools around your hips. 

– Want to be my lunch today?

He whispers into your ear, before he gives your earlobe a soft bite. You grab his hips bringing him closer to you. 

– Is that a yes?

Brock asks, as he takes a soft hold of your hair, tilting your head, before kissing you softly. 

– Mmmhhmm…

You mumble, then you grab his shirt, lifting it up, before Brock finishes the job, getting it off. 

– I’ll take that as a yes…

Brock says, slowly sinking to his knees, gently letting his hands glide up your thighs, before his fingertips glide over your underwear. You lean back, spreading your legs. Brock carefully slips his fingers inside the lining of your underwear, before he slips it off you. You move your lower body as close to the edge of the desk as you can. You can feel his warm breath fanning your lower lips. 

– Brock…

You whine, breathlessly. 

Brock flattens his tongue, letting it glide slowly up between your wet folds. You let out a breathless moan, as you lean back on your forearms. 

– Fuck!

You breathe out, followed by a “nngh” when you feel Brock’s lips close around your clit. 

You buck your hips against his face. Shit, this feels amazing. Your blood is boiling inside of you and your heart is beating a million beats per second; when Brock grabs your hips, holding you in place. You’re sure you’re soaking the desk, and him right now; But you couldn’t care less. You just want him to continue this forever. 

– Feels good?

Brock asks, as he gets back up from his sitting position. 

You don’t manage to speak, so you just nod. Brock gets your dress off you, and then your bra; slowly letting his tongue glide over your nipples, before giving you a deep possessive kiss. The fact that you can taste yourself on his lips, makes you even wetter if that’s possible. 

– Take me, Brock!

You manage to breathe out. Following his movements as he gets his pants and his boxers down to his knees. 

– You want this?

He asks, stroking his cock. His eyes never leave yours. 

– Yes!

You reply, almost closing your eyes. But you want to look at his sculpted chest, and oh.. The rest of him. You swallow, as you let your eyes roam over his toned body. 

Brock drags his cock up your wet folds. His eyes flutter. 

– Oh, fuck!

He lets out, when his fat head breaches you. 

– Aaaa..Mmm..

You let out, as you feel him filling you up, inch by inch. 

– Fuck yes!

Brock moans out, the second your velvety walls engulf him. He moves his hands up to your breasts, letting his palms glide over your peaking nipples. 

– So tight around me, Princess!

He almost growls the words out. And when you buck your hips against him, meeting him halfway in his thrusts. He can’t hold back any longer. That tingling feeling in his spine is too much.

Slipping his arms around your waist, lifting you up in a sitting position, as he thrusts into you as hard as he manages. Your fingernails scraping his back; holding on to him, keeping him as close as possible. 

You clench your muscles around him. Your legs are trembling. His breath on your heated skin, and his moans and groans of pleasure. Everything is just perfect. Pushing you closer and closer to climax.

– Fuck, Princess! Want to come?

Brock moans into your ear. 

– Yes!

You moan back. Ready to lose yourself into euphoria. 

The door to your office opens. You can’t see who it is right away. Partly because Brock is blocking your view, and party because you were like a millisecond away from total ecstasy. If it wasn’t for the fact that you’re scared out of your mind that it was your dad that just walked in, you’d be mad. 

Brock reacts in a millisecond, turning around, with his hands in front of… You get yourself to the opposite side of your desk as fast as you can. But you quickly realize that all your clothes are on Brock’s side of the desk. And well, it’s not exactly a massive desk, so everything is still in full view for whoever just walked into your office. Fuck!

James looks embarrassed beyond belief. Lifting his hands up in front of his face. 

-Oh shit! Oh shit, fuck. I am so sorry! Wait, Brock? 

James says, confused. 


Brock replies, quickly shoving himself back in his jeans. 

You desperately grab for something, anything to cover yourself with, as you look between James and Brock. 

-Who the hell is Bucky? 

You ask, flustered.  

– I… I’m just gonna go… err.. Wait outside…

James says, frantically reaching for the door before dodging out in the hall. 

You finally manage to get your dress back on. Fuck! James just saw you naked… And.. Oh, double fuck. He saw Brock.. He saw you and Brock… He saw you with Brock. Fuck, fuck, fuck! 

– Hey.. Are you okay, Princess?

Brock asks, as he gets his shirt back on. 

– NO! No, Brock! I’m not “okay”. He just… I… We.. He…

You can’t find the right words. What were you thinking? Of course you would get caught having sex in the office. 

Brock lets out a little laugh. 

– He’s probably way more embarrassed than we are. Besides, sex is a perfectly normal thing to do. Everybody does it. 

He tells you, while giving you a reassuring hug. 

– What if he tells my dad?

You ask, still in his embrace. 

Brock lets go of you. Look at you. 

– He won’t! Trust me.

Brock replies, with a kind of confidence that annoys you. 

– How can you know that?

You ask. Trying to keep your voice down. But you’re scared and embarrassed. He caught you in the act. And not only that, but it was you and Brock. And James and Brock obviously know each other. 

– Because if he does, you’ll fire him, and you’ll blacklist him. 

Brock replies, once again with that confidence. You look at him, tilt your head a bit, and fold your arms over your chest. 

– You mean blackmail him? And I haven’t even hired him yet!

Deep down you know that you sorta have to give him something in return for keeping his mouth shut. But give him a job? Isn’t that taking it a step too far? 

– You will!

Brock tells you, lifting his arm up, taking a quick glance at his watch. 

– In about 6 minutes, you’ll shake his hand, and tell him “welcome to the company”

Brock continues, giving you a little smile. You raise your eyebrows, and let your arms fall down by your sides. 

– Welcome to the company “Bucky“!

You say, defeated. 

– Bucky…

Brock says, almost like a whisper. 

– That’s impossible…

He continues, before looking at you; intently. 

– Do you know him?

He asks. 

– Err.. Not really. My dad asked me to hire him. He’s the son of someone you did service with.. I can’t remember the name. Hang on..

You reply, reaching for your papers. 

– Jonas Buchanan “Bucky” Peters. Our Sergeant. 

Brock says; almost emotionless. But there are a ton of emotions there. That much you can tell. 

– That’s his son? That guy out there? That’s Bucky’s son?

Brock asks you. You can almost see in his eyes that a million memories are flashing before him right now. 

You just nod. This is one of those situations where you don’t need any words. Of course you’ve heard the story; a million times even. Only four survivors. Your dad and Brock were two of them. But your dad never talked about the ones that died. Their names were mentioned, and you’ve seen some pictures of all of them together, before deployment. But that was it. Of course when you got old enough, you understood that if there were survivors, that ment that there were also casualties. But that was about as far as your knowledge about that day went. And you used to think it was stupid, that you were shielded from everything. It wasn’t like you never learned about September 11th in school. And since you grew up with a father in the US Armed forces. Almost everyone your family came in contact with had someone that died or got injured that day, or from something that happened because of that day.

But now.. Now, when you see the pain in Brock’s eyes. Now you understand why that part was never told to you. You curse at yourself for not getting this part sooner. For you these men and women were your dad’s and Brock’s Army buddies. But for your dad and Brock, they were friends, confidants. For several years, in a place that was probably worse than hell on earth. To lose them, the way it happened. That must be one of those things you’ll never fully get over. 

You so want to talk to Brock about this. You want him to share with you, to let you help him take at least some of the pain away. You open your mouth to say something, but then you close it again. You’re not ready to tell him about New York, not by a long shot. So you can’t expect him to share this with you. Maybe some other time. Later…. Way later.

– He was 14 the last time I saw him….

Brock continues. Clearing his throat, before he calmly walks over to the door, and opens it. 

James’ pacing back and forth in the hall. He can’t seem to stay still for even one second. “Way to go James!” He thinks for himself. Not only did he walk in on YOU, Jack’s daughter, in a really exposed position. But he walked in on you and Brock of all people. Isn’t he like 30 years older than you or something? Is that even legal?

What on earth did he get himself into? If it wasn’t for that amazing blond woman he met in your office last time; “Molly”, he’d tell you that he changed his mind about the job. The idea behind his visit now was that Molly and that other girl was going to have lunch with you. Not in a million years did he expect THIS to happen. What does he say to you? He saw you naked, very naked. And, oh screw it. He needs this job. It’s good money, and he’ll get to know Molly better. He just hopes that both you and him can shake this off. 

Oh holy hell! What if Brock is mad at him. It wasn’t like he actually looked at you or anything. But you were pretty exposed, and it was kinda hard not to look. And even if it’s a long time ago. He absolutely remembers the stories his dad told him about Private First Class and later Specialist Rumlow; “One of the best Soldiers he’d ever met”. How loyal and devoted Brock was. How caring he was towards the younger soldiers. Helping them settle into life abroad, talking to them. Helping them. 

James swallows hard. Before he takes a deep breath. 

When the door suddenly opens, James halfway expects to get a fist in his face. 

– I… I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to look at your…. At you.. I….

James stutters. What the hell is he doing? Admitting that he looked? How stupid can you get? 

– Just delete that picture from your memory, and we’re cool!

Brock says, giving James a little smile, as he pats his back; before guiding him back inside your office. 

You sit in one of your good chairs, when Brock and James come back in. You put your arms around yourself. Still feeling a bit exposed. And your light summer dress shows a bit too much skin for your liking in this situation. 

Brock sits down in the chair next to you, and gestures for James to sit down opposite you two. 

James clears his throat as he sits down. Then he looks at you. 

– I… I’m sorry.. Miss Rollins. I really didn’t mean to…

James lets the sentence die out. He really should’ve stayed home today. 

– If you tell this. TO ANYONE…

You say, lifting your index finger, pointing at James. He swallows hard. 

Brock takes a gentle hold around your wrist, placing your pointing hand down in your lap; before clearing his throat. 

– What YN ment to say, was that if you’re willing to keep this little incident between the three of us. She’s willing to give you something in return. 

Brock says, still holding your hand down in your lap. You take a deep breath. 

– The job is yours, James!

You say, but it sounds more like a forced whisper rather than a statement. And you can’t seem to get yourself to meet his eyes. 

– Thank you!

James replies, a bit unsure. Slowly getting to his feet, he extends his hand towards you. 

Brock gives your wrist a gentle squeeze. A sign for you to get up as well, and shake James’ hand. 

You slowly get to your feet as well. Take his hand in yours, shaking it. And finally you manage to look him in the eyes. 

– Welcome to the company, Mr. Barnes!

You tell him, sounding a bit more confident now. 

– Thank you again, Miss Rollins. I’m looking forward to working with you. 

James replies. Before you both sit back down. 

– Just out of curiosity. Why are you here today, really?

You ask, suddenly intrigued with why he showed up. 

– Err…

James answers, and you can see on his face that walking in on you and Brock isn’t the only thing that embarrasses him. 

– I was thinking…. Err.. I thought that maybe… Err..

He’s trying to find the right words. He didn’t exactly plan on meeting anyone. But that girl… 

– Oh…. You don’t have to finish that sentence…

You tell him, with a little teasing smile. 

– She’s beautiful, right?

You ask. Suddenly you feel confident enough to push this conversation forward, and you’re happy that you can talk about something other than you and Brock being caught red handed. 

– Wh… Who?

James asks, instantly regretting it. What the hell is wrong with him today? Just shut up, James. He thinks to himself. 

– Molly! She’s really nice too. 

You say. Smiling. 

– And she’ll be at our lake house on the 4th of July to celebrate with us. You should come. I’ll text you the address. 

You continue. 

James clears his throat again, as he quickly gets to his feet. He needs to get out of here before his hair catches fire from his flaming red face. 

– Thank you, Miss Rollins. For everything. And I’ll see what I can do about the 4th. Thank you. 

He says, before he leaves you and Brock alone in your office. 

Jesus, what just happened?

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