Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twentyfour!

Chapter Twentyfour – Today´s The Day

You sigh, before you close your computer, and look down on the notes you took. “What is your Main reason for applying to this job?”, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”, “What will you say are your greatest characteristics, that you can apply to this job?”. God, this is so stupid! You don’t even want to hire this guy. So why are you researching all this questions to ask in a job interview? You feel like one of those substitute teachers you had in school, that gave the class stupid assignments, just to pass time.

You sigh again. Not only are you missing lunch with Jess and Molly, but you also have to do this stupid interview. And given Jack’s tone when he talked about this James dude; there’s no doubt that he wants you to hire him. So why do you need to interview the guy? Couldn’t your dad just hire him. Stupid. You kinda understand that your dad wants you to learn. But even when you take over the company, you have no intentions of hiring. At least not local. You had your own plans for this company, and those plans definitely did not include hiring orphans off the streets, like you ran some sort of charity business.

A determined knock on your office door brings you back to reality. You quickly put your papers down on the table. Hoping that this James dude won’t notice how nervous you are.

– Come on in!

You say, as you’re standing up. In some ways you wonder how this guy is. He can’t be more than maybe 10 years older than you. Maybe not even that. Your mom and dad were very young when you were born, and you knew that people usually waited 10 or 15 more years before they started a family.

You watch the door open, and then you take a good look at the guy entering your office. A bit taller than you, with thick dark hair, a tiny bit of facial hair, just enough for him to maybe look older than he is. He’s wearing a dark suit, with a matching tie. At least he knows how to dress for an interview.

– Mr. Barnes I presume!

You say, as you extend your hand in greeting.

– Please. Mr. Barnes is my step dad. Call me James.

He replies, shaking your hand. Firm confident handshake.

– I was expecting to see Mr. Rollins!

He continues.

– Yeah. I understand. I expected you to do that too, actually. Mr. Rollins is my father. He asked me to take care of this. Please sit down!

You say, gesturing for him to sit down in the chair by your desk.

– I’m so sorry. Mr. Barnes, err.. James. I’m YN Rollins.

You say, when you sit down in your chair. Then you look across your desk, at the guy sitting there. His eyes are as blue as the ocean. Now, Brock’ll always be the sexies man alive in your eyes, but this guy comes in at a really good second place.

You really don’t know what to say. It’s not like you planned on hiring him, but; well, you don’t have that much experience with this. And you should at least try to ask some questions. Even if it’s just for show.

– Thank you, for this opportunity. I’m hoping for a fresh start.

He says, still as confident as before. It could be just for show. But if it is, he should get an Oscar for his performance.

– Err.. Have you worked in the delivery business before?

You ask. If he can be confident, so can you. You are after all the one holding all the cards here.

– Not really. I was at my last job for 9 years. And I loved it. But that was a desk job. I’m looking for something more…

He stops mid sentence. Searching for the right words.

– Giving.

He adds, with a little smile.

– Reason for leaving your last job?

You ask again. You didn’t write that question down, but you saw it on a TV show, and since the topic came up.

You pick up a pen, and a piece of paper, before you start to write. His name first, then you stop. Look up at him, waiting for him to answer.

James clears his throat, nervously drumming his fingertips together.

– Well. I was working in a firm owned by my ex’s dad. Needless to say, when we broke up, I was no longer hired.

He replies, clearing his throat again.

– I’m sorry Miss. Rollins. I was hoping this wouldn’t come up. I’m not looking for any charity.

He continues. You look at him again.

– Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?

You ask, to get the conversation away from his last job. Then you grab your pen, and start to write again.

– Well. My name is James Barnes. I was born March 10th 1994. I grew up in the military life, same as you. Until my father died in Afghanistan in 2008. Life kinda changed after that…..

He stops talking, with a deep sigh. You clear your throat. What is wrong with you? Can’t you ask a single question that won’t lead this guy to spill his gut.

– Reason for applying to this job? What do you think you can add to this company?

You ask, trying to focus on the pen and paper on your desk, instead of the guy in front of you.

– Err.. I am a people person. I am meticulous. I am loyal and I am a fast learner. But well…. I needed a change of scenery.

James replies, folding his hands on the table in front of him.

– Well. Mr. Barnes. I think I know all I need to know at this point. You’ll be hearing from me.

You say, as you get up from your chair. James slowly gets up as well. Looking at you.

– You really don’t want to hire me, do you?

He asks, or it’s more a statement than a question. You kinda feel bad for him. But at the same time. He’s 29 years old, has worked at a desk since he was 20. And he has absolutely NO knowledge of the delivery business. And the whole company would cash and burn if you were to hire everyone you felt bad for.

– You’ll hear from me Mr. Barnes.

You repeat yourself. But what more can you say? He saw right through you. And you can’t exactly deny his statement. He’s a thousand percent right; you really don’t want to hire him.

– Thanks anyway Miss. Rollins. For your time.

James ends the conversation, as he opens the door, and walks straight into Jess and Molly. James narrow his brows a bit, turning towards you.

– Other applicants?

He asks. You send him a little smile. That’s the least you can do. You probably hurt his feelings, and you made him waste his time. Well, to be fair. Your dad was the one who made him waste his time.

– No, no… These are my friends.

You reply, looking at your friends.

– What are you doing here?

You add, gesturing to the clock, showing that it’s way past lunchtime.

– We postponed lunch today. I almost had to kill my boss…

Jess says, before she really notices James.

– And if I actually had killed him, it would have been for a very good cause.

She continues, as she extends her hand towards James.

– Jessica Grayson!

Jess says, in her own confident way. You’ll never understand how she manages to deliver her lines with a straight face.

James hesitates for a split second, but then he takes her hand.

– James Barnes. Nice to meet you.

He replies, still with confidence. But it also looks like Jess’ outburst caught him at least a bit off guard.

Molly stands quietly beside Jess. James extends his hand towards her.

– James Barnes

He says, voice rough and deep.

Molly shifted her gaze from his captivating blue eyes to his outstretched hand.

Jess observed the interaction between them and then turned her attention to her befuddled friend. In a hushed whisper, she advised.

– Tell him your name.

After a few blinks, Molly finally managed to stammer as she offered her hand.

– Molly… Molly

James responded with a confident, grin, giving her hand a firm shake.

– Hello Molly-Molly, nice to meet you.

Molly’s face turned a deep shade of red, and she shyly tucked a curl behind her ear.

Jess struggled to hide her urge to roll her eyes at the awkward yet endearing encounter.

James then turns back to you.

– Thanks for your time Miss. Rollins. I’m looking forward to your call.

He says, before he leaves your office. Closing the door behind him.

Jess can’t hold her laugh in any longer. She bends over, slapping her thighs, and laughs so hard, tears are forming in her eyes.

– OMG! I nearly DIED!

She manages to push the words out between her laughs.

– YOU nearly died? Jeez, I’ve never been so embarrassed.

Molly says, sinking down in one of the good chairs in your office.

– Oh, really? How about that time in…

Jess starts. But Molly stops her.

– DON’T say it…. Don’t even think it!

Molly lifts a warning index finger towards Jess.

You shake your head a bit. You remember the incident Jess was about to describe. Sex-Ed class. And the guy Molly then had a crush on asked the teacher if you’d get a practical test in this class. Then he had put his arm around Molly, and asked her in front of the entire class if she wanted to team up with him for the test. It wasn’t that it was bad for Molly’s reputation or anything. The guy was one of the more popular ones. But Molly still turned as red as a tomato. Hell, you even turned red.

– Well. I think we have a winner!

You say, as you catch the bag Jess throws at you.

– Are you going to hire him?

Molly asks, looking at you with her “please” look.

– Eh…

You reply, scratching your forehead with your thumb.

– Why not?

Molly continues, before you even have a chance to answer properly.

– He’s worked at a desk for the last nine years. He has no knowledge of this side of things.

You answer, before you take a big gulp of the drink Jess hands you.

– He can learn, can’t he?

Molly’s really not backing down this time. This is so unlike her.

– And, did you see him?

Jess adds.

– I can’t hire people just for their good looks.

You reply.

– Can you at least think about it…. Please!

Molly keeps looking at you.

– Yeah.. I’ll think about it. Anyway, my dad will probably decide this anyway.

You say, with a sigh, before you take a bite of your burger.

– Because, did you see him?

Jess adds again. Finally Molly starts to laugh.

– Molly-Molly.. Jeez.. Please don’t let that be a thing.

Molly says, before she joins in on the lunch.

– He might think that’s your real name. People call their kids all kinds of weird things these days.

Jess says, before she starts to laugh again.


When you finally close the door to the office, by the end of the day. You’ve already changed your mind about hiring James, like a million times. But no matter what kind of argument you use, the outcome is always the same. You can’t hire him because he looks good. You can’t hire him because he’s had a rough life. You can’t hire him because he lost both his parents at a young age. And you can’t hire him because Molly is in love with him. Because she definitely are.You don’t think you’ve ever seen Molly that frazzled. And you’re happy for her. But you can’t hire him, just because Molly wants to see him more. You could maybe slip her his number instead. Anyway, you have a tingling feeling that your dad will hire him anyway. So Molly might get her way.

Molly in love with an older man. Well, he’s just 9 years older. But still older. Maybe you’re all starting to grow up.

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