Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen – What We Started!

You turn to face Brock. For a second or two, you just look at each other. Then he carefully lifts his hand up to your face, lets his fingertips touch your chin, before his lips brushes over yours. Warm, soft and careful. You lift your hands up,and let them rest on his hips, carefully let your fingertips glide over his skin by the lining of his boxers. Brock lets his hand glide from your chin and up into your hair, still just as careful as before. Then he lets his other hand rest on your lower back. 

– I love you!

He softly says, as he keeps kissing you. You can’t help yourself, so you wrap your arms around him, pulling him close. 

– Mmmm

He moans, slowly moving his lips down to your neck. 

– Want to go to bed?

He whispers into your collar bone. 

– Mhm..

You answer, before you intertwine your fingers with his, and let him follow you into his bedroom. 

His bedroom is nice. The walls are painted in a dark blue color, dark curtains covering the one window, a king size bed, with matching bedside tables. Closets covering almost an entire wall. In here there’s also some diplomas on the wall, some medals on display. You recognize the Distinguished Service Cross right away. The medal Brock was awarded for saving your dad’s life. You remember the story. It’s been told to you more than once. More than ten times even, when you come to think about it. “Distinguished Service Cross A medal awarded to those who show extraordinary heroism in combat”. His family must be so proud of him. You knew a lot of U.S. citizens, and those in other countries saw the United States’ involvement in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars as unnecessary. But you were raised in conservative Texas, in a community where almost every young man, when old enough, enlisted fresh out of high school. Regardless of your personal feelings on the matter, you are proud of your dad and Brock for their service. And would forever be in debt to Brock for saving your father’s life.

– Now, what’s going on behind those beautiful eyes of yours?

Brock asks, sitting down on his bed in front of you. 

– You’re decorated. Good soldier!

You answer. 

– Yeah, and I have the anxiety, PTSD and the scars to prove it.

Brock says. Then he gets up and takes down one of his medals, and gives it to you. It’s not the Distinguished Service Cross, so you take a good look at it. The pin is almost two inches long, it has purple material with white trim, and hanging just below the pin is a gold heart deep purple background with the silhouette of George Washington in the center of the heart and his coat of arms above. A white shield with two thick red strips and three stars between sprays of green leaves, engraved on the back it reads For Military Merit. 

Holy fuck, it’s the Purple Heart. Your heart almost stops beating. You know that this particular medal is awarded to those who get badly injured or even killed in combat. Your dad got it. But you never knew that Brock was injured as well. No one ever told you that. You swallow, as you give the Purple Heart back to Brock. 

– How.. I mean..

You start, but you can’t seem to find the right words. Brock puts the Purple Heart back in place. Then he comes over to you. 

– When I came to, after the explosion. I didn’t even feel the pain. Adrenaline I guess…

He says, as he takes off his t-shirt. Gently take your hand, and lift it up to a scar on his lower stomach. You carefully let your fingertips glide over it. 

– The only thing on my mind was helping my friends. Finding Jack. Make sure he came home to you. 

Brock continues. You lean your face into his chest, close your eyes, taking in his scent. Brocks hands rest on your hips for a bit, before he slowly lets them glide up your sides, dragging your shirt up. You lift your arms, and let him take your shirt off you. He lets his fingertips trail down your collar bone, over your breasts, and down your stomach. 

– So beautiful…

Brock breathes out. You reach behind your back, and open the clip to your bra, before you let it fall down to the floor, you look down on yourself, then you look up at Brock. 

Your lips meet again. Brocks hands on your back, pulling you closer to him. Chest to chest, tongues softly playing with each other. The scent of his perfume, and his strong arms around you. It’s the most amazing feeling ever. 

– I want you, Brock!

You say, as you lie down in the bed. Brock looks at you for a second, swallows, before he starts to remove his pants. You follow his every move. How he removes his belt, and unbuttons his pants, how he gets them off, and then, how he gets in the bed, placing soft kisses on your stomach, as he slowly makes his way up to your face. 

He slips his arms gently underneath yours, carefully caressing your hair, while passionately kissing you. 

– Mmmm…

You let out, as you let your hands glide up his sides. Brock’s lips move down to your collarbone, before he lets his tongue gently brush over one of your nipples. 

– Undress me, Brock…

You breathe out, looking into his eyes when he lifts his face. You send each other a smile, before he leans down again, letting his lips move down your stomach, and then he slowly takes your pants off. 

When he gets on top of you again, you can feel him through the soft fabric of your underwear. You buck your hips up against him, and move your hands down to his boxers, tugging them. To tell him that you want him to take them off. 

– You’re so beautiful..

Brock whispers into your skin. His lips kissing your neck, the sensation of his breath on the sensitive skin on your neck, pushes you over the edge. You need him naked. You lift up one of your legs, truck your big toe into Brock’s boxers, and pull them down. 

Brock lifts himself up on his forearms, looks at you. 

– Resourceful!

He says, with a smile, before he gives you a deep kiss. You part your legs more, to really feel him against you. 

Brock moves down on you again, carefully placing soft kisses on your skin. He stops between your legs, leans down, placing a kiss on your underwear. 

– Brock..

You moan his name. His soft movements, and his hands oh so gently on your skin. It makes you feel… alive. 

The last of your underwear hits the floor, and Brock places a kiss on the inside of your thigh, before he gently lets one of his hands brush over you. You bend one of your legs, to give him better access. Brock lets his hand glide from your ankle up to the back of your knee, before slipping your leg over his shoulder. 

– Is this OK?

He asks, looking at you. 

– Mhm…

You answer. Then he dips down, and his tongue glides over you. 

– Ahhhhh…

You breathe out, clenching the sheet. Fuck, this is even better than last time. 

– You taste so good!

Brock murmurs into your wet flesh, as his tongue trails over you again. You answer his move by lifting up your other leg, placing it over his other shoulder. 

Brock moves his hands up to your breasts, cupping them both, and carefully closing his lips over your clit. 


You moan out, loud, bucking your hips. Brock lets out a soft laugh. Lifts his head, and looks at you. 

– So, you like that?

He teasingly asks. 

– Don’t stop!

You say. 

– As you wish…

Brock answers, dipping down again, giving you a slow lick, before he once again lets his tongue glide over your clit. 

– Nghhsh..

You can’t make out any real words. Brock carefully slips one finger inside of you. Joining in with another, as soon as he’s sure that you like it. You look down on his head between your legs. Fuck. His fingers inside of you. It’s even better than last time. 

– Ahhha.. Yes!

You moan again, as you let your head fall down on a pillow, closing your eyes. Solely focus on the feeling of Brock’s fingers inside, and his tongue gently gliding over your clit, again and again. 

– Mmmmhmm.

He breathes into your wet slith. 

– Brock..

You say, sucking in a breath. Brock stops right away, looking at you. 

– Don’t stop!

You breathe out. Unsure if he really gets what you’re saying. Brock slowly makes his way up to your face, lingers over you for a second. 

– Touch me, Brock!

You say, looking at him, desperate to feel his hands on your bare skin. 

– Shhh.. Sweetheart.

Brock replies. Before he lets his lips tease your neck. 

– Your skin tastes so good, princess.

He moans into your neck, simultaneously bucking his hips into yours. 

– I want you, Brock!

You answer. Following his movements. Brock looks at you, before he carefully starts to enter you. Eyes locked with yours, searching them. Still making sure you’re absolutely fine with what’s happening. His hips are shaking a bit, as he slowly starts to move on top of you. He caresses your hair again, this is becoming like his signature move. His hand gently over your hair, and his hazel brown eyes, looking into yours. You feel like he wants to lean in for a kiss, but he doesn’t do it. 

– What?

You ask, giving him a smile. 

– Are you OK?

Brock asks, steadying himself on his forearms. 

– Yes, Brock. I’m perfect!

You say. Touched by his gentleness and compassion. He really wants you to feel secure and taken care of. 

– Let me know if…

Brock starts. But you cut him off. 

– I’m absolutely fine, Brock. Now kiss me!

You say, wrapping your arms around his neck, pulling him in for a kiss. Brock starts to roll his hips against you. 

– Ahhh..

You moan into his lips. 

– Yes!

Brock moans out, as he continue his movements inside of you. You faces as close as they can be. His breath on your skin, his lips desperately trying to find yours, as his body moves in a steady rythm. You wiggle your hips, trying to follow his movements. The way he moves, feeling his breath on you, how his muscles flex, and how his eyes looks at you when he’s horny like this. It makes you all warm inside. It feels unreal that you get to experience this with him. It’s Brock. And you’re sleeping with him. 

– Your skin is so soft, princess.

Brock breathes into the skin on your neck, as he ups his pace. 

– Ngggsh.. Fuck!

You moan out, when Brock hits something inside of you, that sends a lightningstrike of pleassure up your spine. You clenche your muscles. Gripping your walls around him. 

– Ahh.. Yes! Keep doing that!

Brock murmurs into your neck. You can’t help but smile. You make him feel good. That is an amazing feeling. You grip your walls around him again. Flashing him a little smile, when he lifts his face and looks at you. 

– Feels good?

You teasingly ask. 

– You have no idea!

Brock answers, before giving you yet another kiss. Ups his pace again, and you can’t hold back. You lift your legs up, wrapping them around him, pushing him down on you. Desperately trying to follow his movements. 

The pleassure bubbeling up in your lower stomach feels like a tsunami is about to hit. And Brock’s moans and grunts of pleassure into your neck keeps pushing you towards that sweet release. You can feel your legs gripping around him even more, and your lower body feels like it’s levitating off the bed. 

– Brock!

You manage to breathe out, before the bomb of pleassure explodes, sending that euphoric feeling out into your entire body. Brock takes a firm, but soft hold of your shoulders, to ground you, as he brings himself to climax. Breathing heavily into your skin, as you both slowly come back down from the high. 

Your legs slowly falls down on the bed, releasing the grip you had on Brock. He lifts himself up on his arms, looking at you, before he gives you a long sensual kiss, letting his hand glide over your hair again. 

– I love you, YN!

He whispers, leaning in for yet another kiss. 

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