Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – Nobody But You!

Your dad’s car is already in the driveway when you get home. You take a deep breath before you exit your car. Concentrating on telling your dad that you stopped by Brock’s garage on your way home, with a straight face. You feel that you have “I’m in a relationship with Brock” written all over you. You just hope your dad doesn’t notice.

It’s quiet inside, maybe your dad is in the shower or something. But, no, no such luck. He sits on the couch, looking at you when you enter the living room. He doesn’t say anything, so you move towards the stairs.

– You’re late!

Jack says, just as you start to walk upstairs.

– Sorry!

You try to brush him off with a short answer. Then you can take a shower, and hopefully wash Brock off you before you talk to your dad.

– What happened to your shirt?

Jack asks.

– Huh?

You stop, look at your shirt to figure out what’s wrong with it.

– There’s an oil stain on the back of it. It’s going to be a nightmare to get that off. What happened?

Jack asks in his fatherly concerned way.

– Oh, yeah.. I almost forgot. I went by Brocks on my way home. My car had a strange sound, and I wanted to check it out.

You say as fast as you can. Did he believe you?

– Was he able to fix it? Did you pay him?

Jack asks, as he gets up from the couch. You didn’t exactly expect follow up questions. What do you answer?

– Err.. Yes. It was only a small thing, it’s fixed now.

You answer, before you continue up the stairs.

– YN? Did you pay him for the job?

You can hear Jack’s voice behind you.

– He didn’t want any money!

You answer, as you close and lock the bathroom door. Shit, why did you say that? You should’ve just told him yes, that you did pay him. Stupid.

You know how your dad is with money. You don’t even think Molly’s dog, Kilo, could do a job for your dad without getting payed for it. Every half hour started counted, even if it was just ten minutes. For your dad, started was started. It wasn’t like he couldn’t afford it. You came from a long line of wealthy people, on both sides of your family. But just because you HAD money, didn’t mean that you had to USE money. At least that was a motto you lived by. You knew that your dad would force money on Brock for the “job” he did. And that would be extremely awkward, and embarrassing. Almost like prostitution. Why didn’t you say that you did pay him? Should you tell Brock? Give him a heads up?


You take your time in the shower. Letting the warm water relax you. Making sure the only smell left on your body is from the soap. Stupid oil stain. Did it form like a hand? You remember how Brock’s hand felt on your lower back, pulling you close to him. How it felt when he entered you. How his breath felt on your neck. It’s almost like you can feel him there, in the shower, holding you close. You can almost smell the comforting scent that is him, and feel his chest hairs against your bare skin. “You’re so beautiful, so beautiful”. His voice echoes in your head. No one has ever said the things he says to you before. Then again, you’ve never been in this kind of relationship before. Relationship? It feels strange.

You close your eyes, and try to feel the feeling of Brock’s lips on yours. Soft, warm, intense, romantic. Forbidden. You know it will probably be impossible to keep this a secret forever. And you’re scared out of your mind when you think about what’ll happen if and when your dad finds out. The friendship between him and Brock will be over for sure. But what’ll happen to you, and your relationship with your dad? Given his overprotectiveness, your guess is that this’ll not end well. And you wish you could look into the future, so you could see how this’ll go down in the end.

A knock on the door yanks you out of your thoughts.

– YN! I forgot something at the store. Brock is already on his way, I’ll be right back.

Your dad says from outside. Your heart beats a bit faster when you hear Brock’s name.

– Sure. I’m almost finished.

You answer, as you turn off the shower, and wrap a towel around you.

When you hear the door close, you walk out of the bathroom, and into your room. You look at yourself in the mirror, let your towel fall to the floor. Taking a good look at your body. Nothing special about it. Nothing like that Taylor woman. Yes, Brock said that he stopped loving her, but still. How can you go from that, to you? She was perfect, like really perfect. And you… Well, let’s just say you’re not. You sniffle again. If this is how it feels to be in love, you’re unsure if you want to be. Is this what your dad has been trying to shield you from? This feeling of inadequacy.  The feeling of not being good enough. You’re afraid of losing him, losing Brock. You are. And what will make him stay with you? He’s 26 years older than you, and your dad’s best friend. This whole thing is forbidden. But will you be able to stop? Will you be able to let Brock go? Is it selfish of you to want him to tell you that it’s over, that he doesn’t want to ruin the friendship he has with your dad? 

A knock on your door, soft this time.

– YN? Are you in there?

Brock’s voice sounds from outside. You quickly wrap the towel around you again. You don’t know why, but suddenly you’re very self conscious about your body.

– Yeah. Come in!

You answer, checking the mirror once again. Stupid body.

Brock carefully enters your room.

– Look, YN. I’m sorry about earlier. I….

Brock stops, when he sees you.

– Err.. You could’ve told me you were in your birthday suit..

You look at yourself in the mirror again.

– Why? So you didn’t have to look at it?

You answer, desperately trying to hold your tears back. What is this? Isn’t love supposed to make you happy?

Brock comes over to you, stands behind you, looking at both of you in the mirror, before placing his hands on your shoulders.

– If I knew she’d come here. I would have told you.

Brock says, looking down on his hands on your shoulders. You still look into the mirror.

– What difference would that make, Brock? I mean she’s your age, gorgeous. And I’m just me…

You say, your voice shaking. Brock leans down, and places a kiss on your left shoulder.

– Well, as it is. I happen to love just you.

He almost whispers into your skin. You move your head, and let the corner of your lip touch his. The soft touch turns into a deep kiss almost right away. You forget about the towel around you, and let your hands touch Brock instead. The towel falls to the floor. Brocks hands soft on your skin.

– Bed, Brock!

You say, between kisses.

– Jack can get back any second.

Brock replies, but he sits down on your bed.

– Ten minutes!

You say, as you straddle him. He instantly puts his arms around you, and flips you around, so he’s on top of you in the bed. Looking into your eyes, before he slowly lets his hands glide over your breasts.

– You’re the only one I want!

He says, softly, as he leans down and lets his tongue play with one of your nipples. You answer his move, by slowly dragging his t-shirt over his head. Your lips meeting the second Brock’s shirt hits the floor.

– We should stop. Jack can get back any second!

Brock says, between kisses.

– I know. Just one more..

You answer, almost out of breath. To have him close like this is the most amazing thing ever. You never want him to stop.

His lips move down to your neck, and then further down, stopping by your breasts for a while, you try to hold your moans back, and slow your breathing down to listen for your dads car, but the intensity of what’s happening makes it almost impossible.

Brock keeps moving further down, placing soft kisses down your stomach. Stopping at your lower stomach, placing a long soft kiss there, before his hand softly glides over your pussy. He looks up at you, you look back. Then he leans down, you let your head fall back on your pillow, feeling his breath on you.

– YN! Brock! You here?

Jack’s voice from downstairs. Shit, how did you miss him coming in?

– Fuck! Not good, not good, not good!

Brock says, getting up in a hurry, frantically searching for his shirt. You get up as well, grabbing his shirt, and give it to him. Brock walks backwards out of your door, giving you a quick kiss, before he trips on the bathroom doorstep, and almost falls into the bathroom. You manage to close your door, just as you hear your dad’s footsteps up the stairs.

– Brock? YN?

Jack says again. You grab the towel, just as your dad yanks open your door.

– HEY!

You yell at him!


You yell, as you cover yourself with the towel.

– Sorry, sorry. Where is Brock? His truck is here.

Jack asks, looking away from you.

– I think he went to the bathroom. Now that you know he’s not in here, can I please get dressed before dinner?

You say, angry. Your dad doesn’t answer, he just closes the door. You sink down on your bed. Damn, that was a close call.



He splashes some water in his face. Fuck that was a close call. He has to learn how to keep his hands off you. But he has no idea how. He can’t get you out of his head either, so his erection is like glued in place.

Fuck, go away. He thinks for himself. Tugging his pants. But then you enter his mind again. How your lips felt around him. How it felt when you pulled his pants down. How soft your skin feels against his. Fuck, think about something else, Brock.

Work, think about work. How you had her on your couch earlier today. No, fuck. More water in his face. This BBQ is going to be one of the most awkward he’s ever been a part of.

Your hands gliding up his abs. No, Brock. Stop this. Think about something else, anything. Taylor, think about Taylor. Brock sinks down on the toilet. Hey, it’s working. Slowly he gets back to normal. Just keep YN out of your head for the rest of the night, and you’ll be fine.

Brock drags his hand over his face, before he calmly walks out of the bathroom.


When you finally dare to walk downstairs Brock and your dad are already at the BBQ making food. You sit down, and just look at them. Your eyes keep moving towards Brock’s behind. You can’t help it. He is really good looking. Not only his face and his personality, but his body too. God, you can’t stop looking at it. And with it, the sensation of his hands on your body, and his lips on yours takes up your whole head. It’s like you’re back there in the pool, the kitchen, the couch and lastly your bed, with him. The whole world around you disappear.

– Guess who?

A pair of hands over your eyes, along with backing from Kilo.

– That wasn’t so hard, Molly. Kilo kinda gave you away!

You laugh.

– Yeah, I know. Will you help me get the food inside?

Molly asks, following your eyes over to your dad and Brock.

– Yes, anything that can get me away from this.

You say, as you get to your feet, and follow Molly out to her car.


– God, I can’t wait to see the look on your faces during dinner!

Molly says, as she puts the salad into your fridge.

– Please don’t make it worse than it is. It’s bad enough that my dad almost caught us again just now.

You answer. Taking a breath.

– Jesus, again. You guys should really know how to tone it down.

Jess’ voice behind you, before she puts a six pack down on the counter.

– Yes, please, and thank you!

You say, as you take one, and take a sip.


Your dad shouts from the back yard. You take a breath.

– Yes! Let the fun begin!

Jess says, as you grab the food Molly brought, and walk outside.

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