The Roommate (AU Rumlow SlowBurn X Reader) Chapter Five!

Chapter Five – Broken Hearts!

It’s quiet when you wake up. Brock and “Felicity” are probably still sleeping. You look at the time almost 9am. It’s not your style to sleep this long, not even on weekends. You make sure that Brock’s car keys are still on your nightstand, before you find your clothes for the day.

When you’re almost done with your makeup, there is a soft knock on your door, before a note is pushed into your room from under the door. Oh God, please don’t let it be “Felicity”. You wait a bit, before you go to pick it up. You don’t want whoever’s outside the door to hear you. To them you can still be asleep, or working with your music on. You sit down on your bed, to read the note.


Oh God. Seriously. He used his assignment as leverage? FINE! This can actually be fun. After this you own him. You take another look at yourself in the mirror, before you grab Brock’s keys and walk downstairs.

Brock sits on the couch with the girl from last night. You look at them for a while. God, she’s just as shallow as him. Playing with her hair and laughing at every little thing he says. Jeez, how pathetic.

– Brock!

You say, getting their attention. They both turn and look at you.

– Oh, hi…

Brock says, before turning to Felicity again.

– Felicity, this is my roommate, YN. Pay her no attention, she’s a nerd!

He says, giving her a flirtatious smile. What is with him? He told you he wanted to get rid of her, and now he’s flirting with her. Where is the logic?

– Here’s your keys!

You say, throwing his keys to him. Then you go into the kitchen. You try to listen to what they’re saying when you prepare two cups of coffee. One for you, and one for Brock.

– You live with her? How did that happen?

You hear Felicity ask.

– Eh.. The headmaster thought I was a loose cannon. So he provided me with a “mom”!

Brock answers. Almost condescending. Fuck him. If he sees you as a mom, he hasn’t seen anything yet.

– A mom..

Felicity laughs a bit.

– How is that working out for you?

She continues. You roll your eyes.

– Well, she hid my car keys, she is forcing me to go to classes and to do assignments, she takes up half of my fridge for her food, and she doesn’t drink…. I think..

Brock answers. What’s with all the drinking and partying all the time? You go to school to learn, not to party.

– Why should you study? You have football..

Felicity says. You almost laugh from her lack of life experience. Football lasts to you’re 33 maybe 37 if you’re lucky and don’t get hurt. Like that will get him through life. You pick up the two coffee cups from the counter,and walk back into the living room.

You put the cup down on the table in front of Brock, before you get his assignment from the other table, and place it next to his cup. He looks at you.

– What?

He says. You don’t answer. Instead you look at Felicity.

– Felicity, right?

You ask, she nods.

– Look, I’m really sorry. But Brock has this assignment that he has to finish before Monday. But if you leave your phone number, I’m sure he’ll call you.

You say, smiling at her. You can see Brock’s desperate face in the corner of your eye.

– OK.. Do you have anything to…

Felicity starts, but you don’t let her finish. You give her a piece of paper and a pen, and she writes her phone number down. You laugh internally, when she gives it to Brock, and he forces a smile and an “I’ll call you” when she leaves.

– Why the fuck did you say that I’d call her??

He asks, when you hear the front door close behind her.

– Because you are!

You answer. Raising your eyebrows.

– No, I’m not!

Brock argues.

– Fine! Break her heart. Do you know how a girl’s brain works?

You say, and take a sip of your coffee. You have a feeling this will be a long long day.

– Makeup and lattes!

He answers, without even thinking.

– You slept with her, Brock. The least you can do is tell her that’s all it was! You know, she’ll probably survive that. Rip off the band aid.

You say. Jeez, now you kinda sound like a mom. Brock laughs.

– You think I slept with her??

He says, before he leans back on the couch, puts his hands behind his head. You nod.

– Jesus, YN! How shallow do you think I am?

He asks again.

– Pretty shallow!

You answer.

– How many girls have you had in your bed since you started here?

You continue. Brock opens his mouth to say something, but you cut him off.

– And how many of them have you actually dated?

Brock takes a sip of his coffee.

– I don’t sleep with them!

He says, as he puts his cup back on the table.

– If you say so…

You say, handing him a pen.

– Assignment time!

You continue, and to your surprise he takes it,and starts to write.

– I don’t sleep with them!

He says again. You don’t answer, you just sit down in the armchair, and take a sip of your coffee.


The rest of the weekend goes by without any action. You work a bit more on your doctorate, and Brock works out a lot. You don’t know if he called Felicity or what, but you decide not to nag at him. Maybe he was telling the truth. That he wasn’t sleeping with them.

Monday after lunch, you’re once again called into the headmasters office. God, what if Brock didn’t deliver his assignment, or if he didn’t show up for his classes.

– YN! Sit down!

The headmaster gestures to a chair. You slowly walk over and sit down.

– How was the game on Friday?

He asks. You look at him.

– Err.. Interesting. I have some topics to write about.

You answer. Rubbing your thighs.

– And the afterparty?

He asks again. You look at him again.

– I didn’t attend that!

You answer. Does he want you to party?

– And why is that?

He looks at you, almost intimidating.

– Look, I’m in school to learn. I didn’t sign up for no party scene. And I usually don’t drink.

You say, does he really want you to attend parties with these guys?

– YN! Your doctorate requires you to really get to know the players and their lifestyle. That means taking part in every aspect of that life. Do you understand what I’m saying?

He says, slightly leaning forward, looking at you. You nod.

– Yes. I understand. I’ll see what I can do. I can’t promise anything. To them I’m a nerd. I don’t fit in.

You say. That’s not far from the truth. Yes, you live in the house, so no one can kick you out. But you’re unsure if anyone will talk to you.

– Given the way you manage to get Brock to deliver an assignment as good as this one. I think you can manage a party once in a while as well. Don’t You think?

He says, and holds up Brock’s paper. Wow. You didn’t expect this. But you’ll take it. You should probably check your closet, if you’re going to attend a party, you should dress the part.


After a couple of hours in the library, working on your paper, you sit down on a bench with a coffee, and a book. You’re so into the book that you don’t realize that someone sits down next to you.

– YN, right? Brock’s roommate?

You jump from the voice, and drop your book. The person next to you picks it up, and gives it to you.

– Felicity!

You say, surprised.

– What can I do for you?

You continue.

– Err…

She says, looking down. Jesus! He didn’t call her. It’s not like you expected him too, but you certainly didn’t expect for you to be stuck with this problem.

– He didn’t call you, did he?

You ask. Felicity keeps looking down as she shakes her head. You take a deep breath. Felicity looks up at you.

– Is there something going on between you two?

She asks. You shake your head, but then you feel like you should say something. This girl is a freshman. She doesn’t know how this stuff works yet.

– No, Felicity, absolutely not. We’re just roommates, I hardly know him.

You say, giving her a reassuring smile.

– Did I do something wrong?

She asks. The question catches you completely off guard. How are you supposed to answer this?

– No, you didn’t. This is just the way they are?

You say, putting your hand on her shoulder.

– They?

She asks, looking up at you.

– The football players!

You answer, nodding your head.

– Why?

She continues to ask questions you don’t know the answer to.

– I don’t know, Felicity. Maybe because they can.

You say. You feel really bad for this girl right now, and you’re mad at Brock for what he did.

– I kinda thought we were friends..

She says, sniffing.

– You want me to talk to him?

You say, even though you know you won’t get anywhere.

– No, you don’t have to do that. It’s just… He was really nice, you know. So I sorta thought he liked me…

She continues, sniffing again. You feel like giving her a hug, but you decide not to.

– Hey, Felicity. Want to come to the next party? As my guest?

You ask, you have no idea why. But if you’re going to attend these parties, it would be good to have at least one friendly face there.

– You’d do that for me?

She says, looking at you, a tiny smile finds her lips.

– Sure. Here, give me your phone number. And I’ll let you know.

You give her your phone, for her to put in her number.

– Thank you. I’m happy I met you.

She says, as she gives you your phone back. You give her a little smile.

– Don’t mention it, Felicity. I’ll text you when I get home. OK?

You say, as you put your phone back in your bag. You stand up. Felicity does the same.

– Thank you, YN!

She says, before she gives you a hug. You pat her on the back.

– This dating thing isn’t easy, Felicity. But you’ll find one, eventually.

That is the last thing you say, before you part ways. God, how you’re gonna put Brock in his place when you get back to the house.


You slam the door shut, when you enter the house. God dammit, Brock. You think, as you go to the kitchen to make some food. His paper is on the kitchen table. You pick it up, look at it. Holy Fuck! A+. You read it over. Jesus, the guy is actually smart. Why didn’t he choose a different major? He can basically be anything he wants. And with this kinda intellect he could probably get into schools such as Harvard or any of the other Ivy League schools. You shake your head a bit, as you put the papers back on the table.

– What are you doing?

Brock asks behind you. You jump, and turn around.

– N… Nothing..

You say, looking down at his paper again.

– Did you read it?

He asks, almost defeated. You nod.

– Don’t tell anyone, alright! I have a reputation to uphold!

He says, picking up the papers, making it into a roll before he puts them in his pocket. You look at him for a while.

– I… I was going to make some dinner. Want some?

You ask. It’s obvious that he doesn’t want to talk about his paper, so you decide to let it go.

– Err.. I was actually thinking about McDonald’s. Want to come with? My treat!

You look at him.

– As a thank you..

He adds, when he sees the look on your face.

– Err.. Sure. I haven’t had McDonald’s food in like forever.

You say, sending him a little smile.

– Grab your shoes then. I’ll wait in the car.

He says, nudging your shoulder, before he leaves the kitchen.

You put the plates back in the cabinet, before you go to put on your shoes. Are you like friends now? This guy confuses you. Why isn’t he using his brain for better things than football? And why didn’t he go to Harvard or Yale? He’d easily get into those schools. He might even be smarter than you.

You take another mental note as you get into the car. “There’s more to this guy than what meets the eye. Need to do some research!”

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