Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter – Twelve

Chapter Twelve – Ahead Of Us!

You lie in bed for a long time, when you wake up the next morning. Listening to doors opening and closing, cars starting. God, why did your dad have to get home before he said? Last night would’ve been so amazing, if you just had the time to finish it. Now Brock would move back home, and being near him would be almost impossible. Your dad said he could stay in the guest room, but that would be awkward. Of course Brock would go back home. You’re yanked out of your line of thoughts by a knock on your door. 

– Who is it?

You ask, sitting up on your bed. 

– Err.. It’s me. Jack just left. Can we talk?

Thank God it was Brock, and not your dad. You unlock the door. Brock instantly wraps his arms around you, and gives you a kiss. 

– I missed you…

He says, when he pulls back. You look at him smiling. 

– Yeah.. Me too..

You answer, still smiling. 

– What do we do now?

You ask, a bit nervous. He did say that he loved you, but when your dad came home, everything suddenly became real, and maybe he doesn’t want to anymore. 

– Why don’t you come by the garage, when you get off work today?

He says, smiling. 

– The garage? What do I tell my dad? He probably expects me home. 

You say. This is going to be really hard. And tonight is BBQ night. 

– Didn’t you have that strange sound in your car the other day?

Brock says, letting his fingertips glide up the inside of your thigh. 

– Mhmm..

You answer, swallowing. 

– I should probably check that out, don’t you think?

He continues, as his fingertips reach your underwear. 

– Aha..

You say, almost unaware of what he just said. He lets his other hand glide in under your chin, and tilts your head up. 

– So, you should bring your car by, when you get off work…

He says, playfully kissing your nose. 

– Yes! I’ll do that. 

You say. Clearing your throat, before you separate. Brock looks at the time. 

– I need to get to work. See you around 4pm?

He says before he turns around. 

– Ye….

You don’t get to say anything else, before he turns towards you again, wrapping his arms around you, and kisses you again. 

– You are so beautiful!

He says, when he lets you go again. You giggle a bit. 

– You don’t look too bad yourself, Brock!

You say, playfully nudge him. 

– Now get to work!

You continue, before you find your clothes for the day.


Molly sits down in her regular chair. 

– He almost walked in on you??!!?

She says, with big eyes, when Jess enters your office, with the food. 

– Thank God, Jess! I’m starving!

You say, as you grab your burger. 

– Who walked in on what?

Jess says, casually sits down, and puts her feet up on your desk. 

– Err.. My dad got home a couple of days early!

You say, before you take a bite of your food. 

– WHAT!!??!! What happened?

Jess almost yells. 

– Err.. We were on the couch..

You say. 

– What did you do?

Molly asks. Lifting a couple of fries to her mouth. 

– Well. We were supposed to have sex. But my stupid dad came home too early…

You answer, a bit angry. 

– No, no!

Molly says. 

– What did you do when he came in? Did you still have clothes on?

Molly continues. Jess clears her throat. 

– Well, now who’s asking the inappropriate questions?

Jess says, looking at Molly. 

– Yes, we had our clothes on, at least halfway. He…

You say, but then you stop,and shake your head. No need to share every tiny detail. 

– He what??!??

Molly asks, eagerly. Looking at you. 

– Molly! OK, you just lost your privilege to yell at me for my questions!

Jess says, folding her arms over her chest. 

– Really, Jess! You don’t want to know? Mr. Rollins almost caught them!

Molly says, before putting another handful of fries in her mouth. 

– Hehadhisfingersinsideme!

You mumble, before you take yet another big bite of your burger. 

– He what?

Jess asks, suddenly intrigued. 

– He had his fingers inside her!

Molly says, nodding to Jess. 

– And then your dad got home??! Oh my fucking God! What happened then?

Jess asks, trying to hold back her laugh, but it’s almost impossible. 

– Well, I sorta escaped up to my room. And Brock kinda had to sit there with him, and drink beers.

You say, and then Jess bursts out in laughter. 

– Haha… Poor…. Haha.. Brock.. Haha!

Jess manages to say, between laughs. 

– So he just sat there with Mr. Rollins? 

Molly asks. 

– Oh, yeah.. That reminds me!

You say, looking at them both. 

– My dad wants to have a BBQ tonight. With Brock. And you have to come too. YOU HAVE TO! Please, please, please!!

You beg. Both Molly and Jess look at you. 

– Let’s see…

Molly says. Lifting up her hands, and starts to count on her fingers. 

– Free BBQ, Beers, A pool, and the ability to see the awkwardness on your faces….

Molly holds up four fingers. 

– I’m in!

She continues. 

– Hell, yes!

Jess agrees. 

– Great, I owe you big time. 8pm, and into the night. Oh, and you can stay over!

You say, relieved. 

– Oh, my God. This is going to be EPIC!

Jess says, rubbing her hands together. 

– Want me to bring anything?

Molly asks. This is a normal routine. Molly loves to make food, all kinds of food. But her specialty is this amazing focaccia, and her signature salad, both of which were a common staple at your BBQ. 

– Did you even have to ask? God, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that you’re back. I tried, but I can’t get your salad right! What’s your secret?

You ask. Looking at her. You already know what her answer will be. But you do this every time, regardless. 

– Love, YN. My secret is love!

Molly says, giving you one of her signature smiles. The ones that always make you smile back, no matter how hopeless things might feel. Molly was truly a God sent. 

– Well, back to work. See you tonight, YN!

Jess says, as she gathers her stuff, and gets up. 

– Thank you, thank you, thank you! See you tonight!

You say to them both, when they leave your office. 


It’s almost exactly 4pm, when you park your car outside Brock’s garage. The garage itself used to be an old abandoned gas station or something. But Brock built it up, to look really nice. Great parking space inside the high fence, surrounding the building, and the cars. The green and white sign saying “RUMLOW CAR SERVICE”, and all the other signs and hubcaps hanging on the wall, by the door. Almost just like you remember it from when you were young. 

You’re about to exit the car when Brock comes out the door, with a blond lady. She’s gorgeous, wearing a black skirt, a white shirt and a blazer, a Louis Vuitton bag on her arm. It actually looks like she’s flirting with him. You follow them with your eyes. And you feel a sensation of jealousy rushing over you. You swallow. 

They walk over to a car, probably hers. A black Porsche Cayenne. Expensive car. You swallow again. Should you step out of the car, to let him know that you’re here? Or should you continue to look at them? You decide to step out. If he has something going on with this lady, you definitely don’t want to see it. 

Brock sees you right away, as you slowly make your way over to them. He clears his throat. 

– Miss Rollins! I’ll be right with you!

He says. And for some reason, your stomach sinks. Miss Rollins? Suddenly you’re not YN? You stop, turn around, and walk over to a bench to sit down. Still following Brock and that lady with your eyes. Studying her. She is literally flawless. Her attire hugging all the right parts of her body. Her breasts are the perfect size, and you don’t even want to start on the rest of her. You look down on yourself. Your skirt, also black, but absolutely not hugging your body like hers does, and your shirt. Stupid shirt. Stupid clothes. Stupid body. You sniffle. 

– So, should we go inside, and you can tell me what the problem is with your car?

Brock’s voice brings you back to reality. You look up at him. He looks back, concerned. 

– YN? Are you crying?

He sits down next to you. 

– No, Brock! I’m fine.

You answer, looking at him. 

– Want to go inside?

He asks, putting his hand on your knee. You don’t answer. You just nod, before you get up. 

– Who was that?

You ask, when the door closes behind you. Brock looks at you. 

– Who?

He asks. 

– Yes! Who was that?

You ask again, continuing to look at him. 

– Who was Who?

He asks. 

– That girl you were with. You looked kinda friendly.

You say, shrugging. Maybe you shouldn’t be jealous. But you can’t help feeling the way that you do. 

– She’s no one important!

Brock answers, clearing his throat. 

– Looked like she was.

You say. You don’t want to be upset with him, but you don’t want him to get away with this either. You turn away from him, and walk into his office. He follows. 

– Hey, YN! What is this?

He asks, as he comes over to you and tries to give you a hug. You move away. Then you look down. No, YN, you do not start to cry now! You think to yourself. 

– No, Brock! You do not sleep with me, and then go and flirt with someone else, just to brush it off like this!

You say, your voice loud, and it’s breaking up, because of your tears. Brock looks at you, then he takes a deep breath, before he sinks down on the couch in his office. You look down at him, his eyes look sad, and he’s nervously biting the inside of his cheek. Then he pats on the place next to him on the couch. 

– YN! Can you please sit down?

He asks, nervous. You don’t know what else to do, so you sit down next to him. He takes another deep breath. 

– She’s someone I want to forget. OK?

He says. You look at him again. OK? No! It’s not OK. You just saw him flirting with a beautiful girl, his age. That is not OK. And if he wanted to forget her that bad, then why was she here? 

– No, Brock!

You say, wiping some of your tears away. 

– It’s not OK! I saw you!

You say, as your voice breaks up again. Brock puts his arm around you. 

– Hey, YN. Come here.

He says, pulling you into him. You rest your head on his chest, as you cry out. He gently caresses your hair. Not saying a word. He just lets you cry. 

When you’re done crying, you sit back up. Look at him again. Clear your throat. 

– Who is she, Brock?

You ask again, your voice steady now. Brock looks at you for a second, before he drags his hand through his hair. 

– That was Taylor, my ex.

He says, taking a deep breath. You remember what Molly and Jess told you about that horrible relationship. Was it with that Taylor girl? 

– Wh…What was she doing here?

You ask, unsure if you really want to know the answer. 

– She came to give back this….

He says, lifting up a beautiful ring, with red, white and yellow gold, and three diamonds covering the front of it. You look at it, take a breath, then you look up at Brock. He was engaged? 

– What happened?

You ask, still unsure if you want to know. 

– Well…

Brock starts. Then he stops, takes a breath. You carefully slip your hand into his. 

– I guess you deserve to know…

He continues, squeezing your hand a little. 

– If you don’t want….

You start, but he gently puts his index finger on your lips, to get you to stop. 

– She cheated!

He says, leaning back, dragging his hand over his face. 

– And, well. Me being just a mechanic didn’t sit too well with her family.

He continues, looking at you. 

– She’s engaged again now. To some stockbroker in Miami. But by the way she came onto me, my guess is that she’s cheating on him too. 

He turns to you. Let his hand gently glide over your hair. 

– I get it if you want to leave. I told her not to come. I told her I didn’t need this stupid thing back.

He says, putting the ring down on the little table next to the couch. 

– I didn’t do anything with her, YN! I promise you that. I stopped loving her a long long time ago. And I’d never cheat on you!

He says, leaning back on the couch again. Without even thinking, you straddle him. Letting your hands glide up his abs on the inside of his shirt. His hands slowly glide up your thighs. 

– YN! What are you doing?

He asks, looking at you, as his hands reach your behind, grabbing it, and pulling your lower bodies closer together. 

– Making you feel better!

You say, before you lean down, and let your lips meet his, slowly parting them, letting your tongues meet. Brock takes a stronger hold around you, pulling you even closer. You let out a moan. 

– Is it helping?

You whisper teasingly in his ear, before you gently bite his earlobe. 

– Aaaahhh.. Yes! Can’t you feel that?

He moans back. You let out a soft laugh. Before he pulls you in for a kiss. You move your lower body a bit, grinding into him. 

– Fuck, YN! I want you!

Brock moans, as he puts his hand on your lower back pulling you into him. 

– Take me, Brock!

You moan, as you lean into his neck, placing a kiss on his bare skin. Your hands move down to his pants, unbuckling them. When you lift your body up, to remove his pants, he reaches for something in his pocket. You stop him. 

– No, Brock! I want to feel you!

You say. He looks at you for a while, before leaning into you. 

– We need protection, YN…

He whispers. 

– I’m on contraceptives!

You tell him, as you remove his pants and his boxers. He instantly grabs your lower back again, pulling you close. 

– Take me, Brock!

You murmur into the skin of his neck. He wastes no time, pulling your underwear aside, and carefully starts to enter you. 

– Aaahhhh…

You moan out, unable to hold back. 

– You’re so beautiful, so beautiful!

He repeats, as he slowly keeps gliding into you. You can feel him stretching you out as he slowly enters you. But it’s not enough. You want him, you need him. Without warning you let your lower body almost fall onto him. 

– Ahhhh.. Fuck!

He lets out, as his whole length suddenly inside you. Your lips find his, tongues wrestling with each other, as you move together in a perfect rhythm, breathing and moaning with each other. His hand on your lower back, holding you close, as he plunges into you, over and over. 

– Ahhh.. Brock!

You moan. 

– I know.. Fuck!

He moans back. You lean into his neck, kissing it. 

– Fuck, YN! You need to stop that, or else I’m not going to last!

He moans, putting even more strength into his hand on your lower back. 

– I can’t, Brock!

You moan into his neck. 

– You taste too good!

You continue. Smiling a bit from the sensation of him plunging upwards for the last time, before he finishes. You don’t move away from his neck, continue to place soft kisses, smelling his perfume. 

– Fuck, YN! You’re amazing, you know that?

He breathes out. 

– I love you!

He continues, as you slowly untangle from each other. When you sit down beside him again, he gently grabs your face, kisses you. When he pulls back, you just look at each other. You clear your throat. 

– D…Did you say that you’d never cheat on me?

You ask. 

– I did!

He answers, smiling. Looking at you for a while, not saying anything.

– Do you want me to not cheat on you?

He suddenly asks. You laugh a bit. 

– Are you asking me if I’m yours, Brock?

You ask, leaning into him, teasingly let your nose touch his,before you place a soft kiss on his lips. 

– I’m yours, Brock!

You say, leaning your forehead into his. 

– And I’m yours!

He answers. Giving you deep kiss.

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