Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven – Playing With Fire!


Brock wipes his hands clean on his work pants. He just did an oil shift on a car. But his head is in a totally different place. “What kind of sex do you like?”. Did you actually ask him that? “I kinda enjoy sex with you!”. That was what he answered, placing yet another kiss on your lips. Why did you ask that? Did it show that much that he held back? Did you want him to go all out? Maybe he could try tonight, at least in another room maybe. Focus on work, Brock. He thinks for himself.

– You can call Mr. Reynolds and tell him that his car is all done!

Brock tells his receptionist. Before he goes into his office. Sinks down in a chair, and puts his face in his hands.

What the fuck is he doing? It can’t possibly be any more off limits than this. You’re old enough. He isn’t doing anything illegal, but it’s still wrong. So, so wrong.



– So.. You gave him head?

Jess says, casually sitting down on the bench outside your office. You decided to have a little meeting with both Molly and Jess after work. The fact that Brock didn’t really answer your question, bothers you more than you care to admit. Both you and Molly start to laugh.

– Straight to the point, Jess. As always!

Molly states.

– Hey, when it comes to this there’s no point in beating around the bush!

Jess answers, smiling. You just sit there and look at them.

– Just how do you know stuff like this?

You ask.

– I didn’t, you just told me!

Jess states, taking a sip of her water.

– Yes I did! It’s just…

You let the sentence die out..

– He didn’t like it?

Jess blurts out. Making Molly crack up again.

– Err.. He liked it… At least I think he did…

You say, rubbing your temple.

– Did he finish?

Jess asks, in her usual “this is a totally normal question” way.


Molly yells. Looking at you.

– You don’t have to answer that, YN!

Molly continues.

– Well, that’s a pretty clear indicator if he liked it or not. So… Did he finish?

Jess continues. Still persistent. You look at her, and roll your eyes. Jess smiles back at you.

– OK, so he finished. What’s the problem?

Jess asks, leaning back.

– Err…

You start. Looking at your friends.

– You didn’t like it?

Jess asks. Narrowing her eyebrows.

– He won’t tell me what he likes!

You say, not bothering to answer Jess’ question.

– Did you ask?

Molly asks. You nod.

– Well, what did he answer?

Jess asks again. You look up.

– He said he enjoyed having sex with me…

You answer, putting your face in your hands.

– Aaawww.. That’s cute.

Molly says.

– Yes, it is, and that’s the whole problem. I want the kitchen floor sex. The sex on the couch just because you want it. You know. The kind you see in movies.

You answer. Frustrated.

– OK, now I’m afraid to ask what kind of movies you watch?

Jess says, trying to hold in her laugh.

– The same ones you’re watching!

You say, friendly nudging her shoulder.

– Ok, back to the problem. It’s just this whole situation. I feel that he treats me like I’m this fragile little girl.

You continue. Molly nods.

– Why don’t you tell him?

Jess says. Tapping her thighs.

– I did. I told him to take me to the couch.

You answer. Taking a deep breath.

– The couch?

Jess says, looking at you, cringing her face.

– To have sex, Jess!

You say, you say, gesturing with your hands.

– And…

Jess asks, gesturing that you should continue.

– And he said he wanted to keep it in the bedroom for now..

You continue. Making a little sad face.

– Rip his clothes off in the kitchen, then. Let him eat you out on the kitchen counter.

Jess says, winking to you.

– JESSICA!! OK, if you do that YN. I’m NEVER coming over for dinner at your house again!

Molly almost yells. And you start to laugh.

– Relax, Molly. I’m absolutely NOT going to do that!

You say between laughs.

– Good. Because I kinda like your dads BBQ.

Molly states. Before turning to Jess.

– Don’t ever put a picture like that in my head again! We make food on that counter, not babies!

Molly continues. Making a face to show how gross she thinks that picture was.

– Like eating someone out would make a baby…

Jess mutters to herself, before you all burst out in laughter.


You arrive home at exactly the same time as Brock. When you sit there, in your cars, he gestures for you to drive into the driveway first. Then he follows closely behind.

You make sure to keep a safe distance, when you’re outside. Neighbours do talk. And you really don’t want that to happen.

The second the door closes behind you, you’re all over each other. He grabs your behind, lifts you up, and you wrap your legs around his waist. Your back hits the wall. Brocks lips hits your neck. You’re both already breathing heavily.

– Is this what you like?

You ask, as Brock gently bites your earlobe. Moaning into your ear.

– Take me to the couch, Brock!

You almost moan the words to him. Brock does as you tell him. Walking over to the couch. Sitting down, with you straddling him. Your lips meet, as his hands glide in under your shirt. You press your lower body into his.

– I want this, Brock! I want you. Here!

Brock’s slowly placing you down on your back on the couch, before he gets on top of you. Leans into you, slowly and passionately kissing your neck. You let your hand glide up to the back of his neck, caressing his hair.

Brock lets one of his hands glide up your stomach, pushing your shirt up, revealing your bra, letting his hand slowly cup your breast. You buck your hips up against him. He answers your move by placing a soft bite on your neck. You let out a soft moan.

Then he slowly moves his lips down to your breasts, before continuing down your stomach. Slowly unbuttoning your shorts. Placing soft kisses on your lower stomach, as he goes.

– Mmmmmm

You say, placing both your hands on his head. He slowly and teasingly lets his tongue glide over your lower stomach, by the lining of your underwear. You moan again, bucking your hips.

– Shhhhh

Brock says, carefully slipping his fingertips into your underwear. You buck your hips again.

– Is this what you like?

He asks, as he puts his hand into your underwear.

– Shit! Brock!

You moan, as he lets one of his fingers tease your entrance, before smearing your wetness over your clit.

– Yes! You like this!

He says, placing yet another kiss on your lower stomach.

– Please, Brock!

You say. Bucking your hips again.

Brock slips one finger inside you. Looking up at you as he does.

– Feels good?

He asks. As he joins in with another digit.

– Aaahhhh Fuck!

You moan, as your head falls down on the couch. Your lower belly’s clenching. And you grab Brock’s arm, holding it in place, wildly bucking your hips, to follow his movements. It’s building and building and building.

– Aaaaahhha.. My GOD!!!

Then you hear someone opening the front door. You quickly sit up on the couch. Giving each other THAT look, as you frantically try to get your clothes in order.

– How do I look?

You whisper to Brock.

– Amazing

He answers. Smiling. You bump his shoulder.

– Not THAT! How do I look?

He takes a quick look at your clothes. Before he gives you a thumbs up.

– I see you didn’t burn the house down. That’s good!

Jack says, as he enters the living room. You just sit there, on the couch, not saying a word. Desperately trying to get the feeling of Brock’s fingers inside you to go away.

Your dad looks at you. Before he gestures with his arms that he wants a hug.

– You’re not gonna hug your old man? How long was I gone?

Jack says, smiling at you.

Not long enough, you think, as you slowly get up, and give him a hug. He holds you close, patting your back.

– Everything good? Did Brock treat you well? He wasn’t too strict I hope?

You don’t manage to talk. What can you say? “Yeah, he treated me real good, kissed me in the pool, grabbed my butt in the kitchen, took my virginity in the guest room and gave me a couple of orgasms! I hope that’s good enough!”? Absolutely the fuck not. Everything feels wrong to say right now.

Brock clears his throat, before he gets up from the couch.

– I…. I’m gonna go err… wash up.

Brock leaves for the bathroom, and your dad finally lets you out of the hug.

– Something wrong, YN?

Jack asks. Searching your face. You feel like you have “I fucked Brock” written all over it. You take a deep breath.

– Everything is great. Molly’s finally back home. It’s just been a rough day at work. And I didn’t sleep all that well.

Your dad sends you a smile. One of those “everything will be OK” smiles. You’re suddenly filled with guilt. What did you actually do? If your dad finds out about this, both you and Brock are in deep shit. And it will probably break your dads heart in more ways than one. Brock is after all his best friend.

Brock comes back, and moves towards the stairs.

– Hey, Brock! Where are you going? Trying to avoid me? Don’t worry, she’s only saying good things about you!

Brock calfs.

– Is she.. What did she say? I mean.. I’m err… just gonna go and get my stuff together.

Brock says, turning around again, to walk upstairs.

– You’re not even staying for a beer? The guest room is all yours, Brock. I was thinking about ordering some pizza, and drink a few beers. It feels good to be home.

Jack says, sitting down on the couch. THAT couch! Both you and Brock look at him. Embarrassed, embarrassed, embarrassed that’s the only thought in your head.

– Err.. Yeah.. Sure.. A few beers sounds good..

Brock finally speaks, going over to the couch, and sits down next to Jack. Looking at you. You take another deep breath.

– You want pizza, YN?

Jack asks. Looking at you.

– Err.. Maybe.. But I should probably go to bed. Like I said. I didn’t sleep all that well.

You are hungry, but staying in the living room right now, just feels wrong. And you feel that your dad can see it on your face what you’ve done. Brock probably feels the same way. But it’s way harder for him to get away.

– Are you inviting Molly and Jess tomorrow?

Jack suddenly asks.

– What’s tomorrow?

You ask. Suddenly your brain isn’t working at all. You don’t even know what day it is.

– Friday. BBQ night! I’ll even let you have a few beers!

Jack says, gesturing to the backyard. You take a deep breath. It would be good to have Molly and Jess here tomorrow. There’s no way in hell, you’d spend the night alone with Brock and your dad.

– Err.. Sure. I’ll ask them. We’ll be meeting up for lunch tomorrow. I’ll ask then. Could they maybe stay over?

You say. Taking another deep breath. You look at Brock. It looks like he wants to disappear into the ground. You kinda want to stay and help him. But your brain isn’t working at all, and it will without a doubt be awkward as fuck.

– I don’t mind. As long as you don’t burn the house down.

Jack says. Opening one of the beers, giving it to Brock, before he opens one for himself. Take a sip.

– Well.. I’m off to bed.. Have fun!

You say, before you almost run up the stairs and into your room. You’ve never felt this relieved to leave your living room EVER. Not even when you were grounded as a teenager, and had fights with your dad. This! This beats all of that.

STUPID.. Of course he had to get back now, right in the middle of THAT! He couldn’t have waited just one more day? How are you going to meet Brock now? It’s not like you can sneak into the guest room tonight. Or could you? You could lock your door when you left, and you could lock the guest room door. That way your dad wouldn’t find out. And it would be dangerous and hot. God! You’re making up scenarios in your head. But Brock would probably find it hot as well. You could at least try. Oh, who are you kidding? This will never work.

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