Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten – Our Story!



Jack runs as fast as he can. The dry dirt under his combat boots creates a dust cloud, following him all the way from the barracks, over to the makeshift football field the soldiers set up for recreation. Jack looks down on his phone again, the picture of that little human, sleeping comfortably in her mothers arms, makes him almost ecstatic.  

Finally he spots his friend, amongst all the other soldiers. 


Brock runs over to Jack, and the two men bump fists, before Jack shows the picture on his phone to Brock. 

– 4.42 am this morning Texas time, ten fingers, ten toes, 5 pounds 11 ounces and 19 inches. 

Jack says, beaming with pride.

– Wow, congrats man! 

Brock says, patting his friends back. 

– Look at her, Brock. She’s perfect. I promise you man! I’ll spend the rest of my fucking life making sure she’s safe!

Jack says, continuously looking at his phone. Brock gets up. 


It doesn’t take long until the two men are surrounded, and Jack once again tells about how perfect his newborn daughter is. Showing the picture to whoever wants to see. 


Jack shouts over and over again. And Brock smiles at his friend. This is a moment Jack’s been waiting for. And even though the two men are far away from home, Jack still gets to take part in this joyous day. With pictures and everything. 


– Hello! I’m home!

Brock hears you shout from the hall. God! What the fuck is he actually doing? Sleeping with his best friend’s daughter. He almost feels like a criminal. He should’ve probably never started this. But that night in the pool. You looked so fucking good, and he just wanted to touch you, feel you. And then, when you kissed him back…. It would’ve been easier if you’d slapped his face, and screamed “What the hell are you doing?”, or something like that. And now he was too far in, way too deep in to stop. He slept with you for fucks sake. And not only that, you were a virgin. What the fuck did you get yourself into, Brock? He asks himself, before he gets the food out of the oven. 

When he turns around you stand there, looking at the food he made. Brock can’t help but smile. You are without a doubt the most beautiful woman he ever laid eyes on. 

– YN! Right on time! Hungry?

He asks. Still smiling, and when you smile back, he almost loses his breath. That stunning smile. He wants nothing more than to wrap you in a hug, and never let you go. 

– You made this?

You ask, walking over to him. He wants to kiss you right away. But he holds back. 

– Yeah, well, since I made you burn the bread last time. I thought I’d make it up to you. Hungry?

He asks. Now he can kiss you. He just needs to be able to stop kissing you again, so you can eat something. Your lips are so soft. And you smell like a fresh summer day. Stop, Brock. You need to eat. And you can’t do it on the kitchen floor. He wants you to feel absolutely safe every time you do this. So he already made a decision to keep it in the bedroom for now.  

– Starving. I can’t believe you used my recipe.

Your voice is like music to his ears. He could probably listen to it for hours, fall asleep to it even. He knows this is wrong, so, so wrong. But he just can’t stop. He knows he can’t, so there’s no point in even trying.



– Fuck, I can’t wait to get out of this plane!

Jack says, nervously rubbing his thighs. 

– Nervous?

Brock asks. Jack had been on edge ever since they entered the country and switched planes. 

– What if she doesn’t like me, Brock? I mean, she’s 5 months old, and she’s never met me. 

Jack says, looking at the picture in his hand. Brock looks at it as well. Smiling. 

– She’ll love you, Jack. You’re her father. Of course she loves you!

Brock says, placing a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder. 


Your body feels so good against his, when he’s there, on top of you on the couch. Your lips so so soft. And your hands dragging his shirt up. Take it off, Brock! Feel her! He grabs his shirt, and pulls it over his head. He kisses you again, even before his shirt hits the floor. He can feel your legs spreading, ah fuck. This is never going to work, Brock! He wants you, like right now. 

He needs to feel your skin, taste it. He moves his lips down to your neck. Fuck this girl smells so good. And her skin. Fuck, Brock. You want her. He thinks for himself, as he feels you bucking your hips up against him. Your hands on his body. How your fingertips are teasingly gliding back and forth by the lining of his boxers. He can’t possibly hold back anymore. 

– Want to go upstairs?



– This is my last tour. I’m telling you!

Jack says, as the convoi drives through the desert land, sending up clouds of dust, as they make their way. 

– You’ve said that for the last two tours, Jack!

Brock states. 

– This time, I mean it, Brock. YN is five years old, and all she knows about me is that I’m constantly leaving to fight someone else’s war.

Jack says, looking at his friend, and touching his right jacket pocket. Brock knows that’s where he keeps your picture. 

– Two more months. Two more months, Jack. Then we can both get out. Now, focus on the mission. And don’t get us killed out here!

Brock states. Looking out of the window. They could get attacked at any moment, they both know that. This open space is not a safe place to be.


Your lips locked with his, almost before the door to the guest room closes behind you. He just wants to push you up against the wall, and have you right there, standing. But he knows he should tone it down. At least for a while longer. So instead of yanking your clothes off right there, he walks over to the bed. Lies down on it. To his surprise you don’t lie down next to him, instead you get on top of him, sitting up. Looking down at him. He has no hesitations with leaving you in control. But at the same time he’s a bit scared that you do this because you think this is what he wants. 

He takes a deep breath, when your hands glide up his stomach, exploring every single part of his upper body. Your eyes seductively look into his. 

– Ahhh.. Mmmm

He moans. Lifting his hands, letting them rest on your thighs. Fuck, he so shouldn’t do this. Having you like this. Feeling these things for you, and around you. This is a fucking rabbit hole he’ll never ever get out of. 

He looks at you, as you lean down to place a kiss on his stomach. Fuck he should stop you, stop THIS. But, fuck it feels too good. Way too good. 

– YN!

He lets out, when he feels your hands reaching for his belt. It’s not that he doesn’t want this. He absolutely does. But, well. This whole situation is beyond what you can call forbidden. It’s way, way worse than that. 



BOOM!! Intense sounds all over. Bullets hitting every surface of the vehicle.

– MEDIC!! 


– HELP! 



A loud BOOM and then everything goes dark. 


He feels you taking off his pants, throwing them to the floor, before you let your hands glide over his erection outside his boxers. Fuck, what are you doing, Brock? Why do you feel this? She’s Jack’s daughter! His fucking daughter! Your best friend’s daughter. He feels conflicted beyond belief. He wants to stop, but he can’t, he knows he can’t. And…No.. He doesn’t want to stop. He wants you. So bad! So instead he lifts his head, watching you, as you remove his boxers, letting his erection break free. Fuck! Touch me, YN! He thinks to himself, as you lean down, and let your tongue glide over his balls. 

– Ahhh.. Fuck, YN!

He moans, moving his hands closer to your head, but he doesn’t touch you. He really doesn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, so he gives you total control. Control yourself, Brock! He tells himself. She’s unlike anyone you’ve ever been with before. She’s young, unexperienced. Behave yourself!

It takes all he has, to not put his hands in your hair, when you carefully close your hand around him, letting your lips touch his tip. Let your tongue carefully touch it. 

– Mmmmm..

He says, trying to hold back. Solely focusing on not grabbing your hair. Fuck, what I want this girl to do to me. He thinks for himself, as you slowly close your lips around him, and carefully move down on him. 

– Fuck! Ahhh.. YN

He moans, it’s almost impossible to hold back. Shit this girl knows how to do this. Even though she’s never done it before. Brock thinks for himself, before you carefully take his hand, and move it up to your head. 



Brock opens his eyes. Look around. His ears are ringing like crazy. JACK! Where is Jack? He looks over to his side. The sand is red from blood. Some body parts scattered around. Please don’t let any of them be Jack’s. He thinks to himself. Brock keeps looking around. THERE! 


He yells, but because of the ringing in his ears, he can’t even hear his own voice. And Jack isn’t moving. 

Brock crawls over to his best friend. When he reaches him, he can see why he isn’t moving. Blood gushing from a shrapnel wound on the side of his face. Thankfully Jack is still conscious. 

– It’s going to be OK, buddy! You hear me?

Brock tells Jack, trying to apply pressure to the wound. 

– MEDIC!!!

He screams. Two others from their team make their way over to them. 


Brock screams again. Looking down on Jack, who’s about to close his eyes. 

– NO! Don’t you dare! You hear me! Stay with me! You have a daughter waiting for you at home! Jack, don’t you dare! Stay with me, Jack! JACK! WHERE’S MY FUCKING MEDIC!??!!??


He takes a soft hold of your hair. Contain yourself, Brock. Don’t push. The way you press your lips together around him, sends waves of pleasure through his whole body. 

– Fuck, YN!

He moans, letting his head fall down on the pillow. He wants to watch you, to see your every move, to look at your lips pressed around him, but fuck. 

– Ahhhhh… Mmmmmm..

He lets out yet another moan, and he can feel that he’s close. He should probably let you know. Tell you to stop, before he… He gently tugs your hair. 

– Hey, YN! You need to stop. I’m… I’m about to…

You lift your eyes up, just so he can look into them, then you slowly shake your head. Shit! Don’t do anything you’re not ready for, YN. He thinks, before his head falls back on the pillow again. 



The helicopter touches down, sending up wave after wave of sand, as the three surviving soldiers make their way over, carrying the badly wounded Jack on a makeshift stretcher. 

– Stay with us Jack! Stay with us! Get home to your daughter alive! You hear me! I’m NOT bringing you home in a coffin. You hear me, Jack? Stay with us!

Brock keeps talking to Jack. 

– Don’t you dare die on me, Jack! Don’t you dare to fucking die on me, you hear!!

Brock says again, sitting down in the helicopter, when it finally takes off, he can’t hold back anymore. Tears running down his cheeks, he puts his face in his hands. This is it, he thinks. After this he’s out. He’s never going back to this. 


When that sweet feeling of reaching climax, runs through his body. He lets go of your hair, clenching the sheet instead. But you don’t hesitate. Let him release in your mouth. Slightly lifting your head, looking at him, as you swallow. Fuck! He thinks, as you make your way up to his face. He gently takes a hold of your face. God, her eyes, Brock! So fucking beautiful. 

– YN! Are you OK?

He asks, still afraid that you only did this for him, and not because you actually wanted to. Then you send him one of those amazing smiles, that he loves so much. 

– I’m totally fine, Brock! I wanted to do that!

You answer, and he can see it in your eyes, that you’re telling the truth. And that makes him feel a bit safer. 

– Don’t push yourself, YN! Don’t do that for me. OK?

He says. He knows he said this before, but this is so important for him, so he’ll gladly repeat it until the end of time. You just smile at him, and lean in for a kiss. But then you stop. 

– Hey? Where’s that kiss you were about to give me?

He asks. Why did she stop? Did he say something wrong? 

– I…. I just…

Gesturing with your hands, to show him that you just had your lips THERE! And again he gets this amazing happy feeling in his whole body. His smile grows wider. 

– I don’t care. I want to feel your lips!

He says, putting his arms around you, and carefully flipping you over on your back. To feel your body against him like this, makes him grow hard again. He lets a hand caress your hair. 



Brock sits by Jack’s bed at the military hospital. 

– Wh…Where am I? What happened?

Brock gets up the instant he hears his friend’s voice. Dragging his chair closer to the bed. 

– Jack! Welcome back. There was touch and go there for a while. Glad you’re back.

Brock says, as he sits down by his friend’s bed. 

– What happened?

Jack asks, clearing his throat. 

– They ambushed us. Sergeant Peters didn’t make it. Only four of us did. Including you. 

Brock says, swallowing. They lost good men, young men, fathers, husbands, friends of his. Friends of Jacks. 

– You were hit by shrapnel, got a pretty nasty wound. They had to put a metal inplant in, to keep it all together. Thankfully you’re a mean motherfucker. 

Brock states, tapping his friend’s shoulder. 


Your walls feel so soft around him, your moaning and your breathing in his ear, the way your fingernails scraping his back, as he grabs your shoulders, not hard, just enough to ground you both. 

– Fuck, Brock!

You moan his name. It takes almost all he has, not to whisper sexy phrases in your ear. But he’s not sure if you’re ready for that yet. So he should probably hold back. The last thing he wants is to scare you, or make you feel bad in any way. 

He won’t last much longer now. He can feel that. Fuck this feels so good. Too good! It’s better than anything he’d felt before. Being close to you like this. Making you feel like this, make you moan his name like this. 

He ups his pace a bit, letting his lips find your neck. He knows that you love that, and he wants you to feel good too. His cock throbbing, when you lift up your legs, and wrap them around him. 



The plane goes in for landing. Jack looks out the window. 

– I’ll probably scare the shit out of her, Brock. Fucking scarface!

Jack states, touching his face. 

– You’re alive, that’s all they care about. Both YN and Gen!

Brock says, friendly bumping his fist against his friend’s shoulder. 

– Genevieve doesn’t care about me at all. The only reason she’s happy I’m alive is because she’ll get her child support payments. 

Jack says, his jaw tensing. 

– I know, Jack. Just focus on YN, all right? You can try to get 50/50, now that you’re home for good. Wasn’t that what you wanted?

Brock tries to be supportive. But he knows Genevieve, 50/50 will be almost impossible to get. Genevieve would hire the best lawyers, to make sure that wouldn’t happen. 

– I’ll be able to see her more, that’s about all I can hope for. But I will try, Brock. I will. That little girl is my whole life. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love her. She is my pride and joy. You know that.


You both try to catch your breath again. He carefully lies down next to you, wraps you in a hug. That was absolutely amazing. He’s almost shaking. This girl is amazing. He plants a kiss on your shoulder. Lifts a couple of hairs away from the side of your face, before he leans into you, whispering in your ear. 

– I love you!

He can feel that you’re smiling from his words. But you don’t say them back. And as much as he wants you to, he’ll never push. He’ll just continue to say it to you, until you’re ready to say it back. If you’ll ever be. 

You lift your head, he instantly turns his attention to you. 

– Brock?

It sound like a question. Is there something wrong? Fuck, he should’ve held back. He took it a step further tonight. Maybe he scared you? He looks into your eyes. Searching them for answers. They’re as beautiful as always, looking into his. 

– What kind of sex do you like?

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