Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Nine)

Chapter Nine – Perfect Day!

You wake up the next morning from Brock placing a kiss on your forehead, letting you know he’s leaving for his run. And just as yesterday, you have a cup of coffee ready for him, when he returns.

– Do you have any idea how beautiful you are, YN?

Brock says, turning towards you, after putting your empty coffee cups in the dishwasher.

You’ve never had anyone tell you anything like that before, and you’re not exactly sure what to answer. Brock lets his thumb glide over your lips.

– You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.

He says, before leaning in for a kiss. His arms gently sliding around your waist when you kiss him.

– Mmmmmm

You say, when he pulls back. He looks at you, smiling. Is his smile brighter today? You smile back.

– I want to wake up to this every day?

You say, instantly regretting it. Although you’ve known Brock your entire life. This is way too soon, to blurt out something like that.

– I mean…

You start, but you don’t get to say anything else, before Brock lifts you up on the kitchen counter, and kisses you again.

– Me too, YN! Me too!

He says, before he plants yet another kiss on your lips.

– But I don’t think Jack is quite ready for me to move in..

He continues, with a little smile. But you know that he’s serious. Your dad will be gone maybe three or four more days. And when he gets back, Brock won’t be in the guest room anymore. The thought of that makes your heart sink. You look at each other, and then he lets his hand glide up on the side of your face, just like that night in the pool.

– Hey, where’s that light in your eyes, that I love so much?

He asks. You smile from his question. And he smiles back at you.

– There it is!

He says, lifting you off the counter again. Kissing you one last time, before you drive to work.

Around lunchtime, both Molly and Jess show up at your office, placing a ton of food items on your desk. But none of them are burgers.

– Hey! Where’s my burger?

You ask, as Molly and Jess sit down.

– Oh, no no.. This isn’t a burger talk! THIS is a SPICY food talk!

Jess states, biting down on a haljapeno popper.

You look over the items scattered around your desk.

– Did you like buy every single item they had?

You ask. Laughing a bit.

– I didn’t get the baked potato.

Jess answers, taking yet another big bite of her popper. You look at her, then you look over at Molly, gesturing with your hands that you don’t have a clue what she’s doing.

– Oh, she said she could eat, because you were going to talk.

Molly says, glancing over at Jess, who nods eagerly.

– Talk about what?

You ask.

– Mmhggmmsjj

Jess says, with her mouth full of haljapeno popper. You start to laugh.

– You’re going to have to repeat that. I didn’t quite get it.

You say. And then Molly bursts out in laughter as well. Jess is frantically trying to chew up, so she can talk again. That only serves for Molly and you to laugh even harder.

– I want… No, let me get this right… This is important stuff. I NEED to know how my advice worked out for you last night!

Jess finally says, when she’s done chewing.

Molly looks from Jess to you, and then back to Jess again.

– Hey! Why aren’t I in the mix here? What don’t I know?

Molly says, looking back and forth between you and Jess.

– YN slept with Brock last night!

Jess says, triumphantly. Making herself more comfortable in the chair she sits in.

– NO!

Molly blurts out, almost before Jess is done talking. Looking at you.

You roll your eyes at Jess, before you sit down in your chair, and bite down on a hot wing.

– Oh, come on, YN!

Jess says, eagerly waiting for your response.

– Look me in the eye, and tell me you didn’t sleep with him!

She continues, leaning forward in the chair.

– Did you…. Sleep with him?

Molly finally enters the conversation.

– I did….

You finally say, smiling. You don’t know why, but every time you think about it, you smile.

– YOU DID!!!! How was he?

Molly almost screams, then instantly puts her hands in front of her mouth.

– IT! I ment how was IT?

Molly continues. Red like a tomato, and desperately trying to hold in her excitement.

– No, you didn’t!

Jess states, looking at Molly.

– So… How was he?

Jess continues, turning her head towards you, and folding her hands in her lap, to show you that she’s ready to listen to you. Molly does the same.

– See? She also wants to know!

Jess says, finishing off her little “how was he” speech.

You lean back in your chair.

– He was so….

You let the sentence hang in the air. How do you explain this?

– …. Considerate

You finally say. You don’t know what other words to use. And it’s not like you have anything or anyone to compare him to.

– Considerate? You had considerate sex?

Jess says, raising her eyebrows.

– Jess, shush! This is romantic!

Molly says. Looking back at you.

– It was romantic…

You agree, leaning your head back and looking up.

– Did he say anything?

Molly asks, not taking her eyes away from you.

– I love you! He said “I love you”

You answer, closing your eyes, smiling wider from the memory of his eyes looking into yours, and those three words.

– Aaawww…

Molly and Jess say, at the same time. Looking at each other.

– Wait, what.. He loves you? He said he loves you???

Molly suddenly comes back to reality.

– Mhm..

You answer, still in the middle of your memory.

– Do you know what this means?

Jess says, her voice loud, as she sets her eyes on you.

– YN has a boyfriend! Aaawww. That’s so sweet!

Molly says, with stars in her eyes.

– No!

Jess says. Letting her hands hit her thighs.

– It means that she has no spicy stuff to tell me.

She continues. You smile at her.

– Sorry, Jess. Guess you’ll just have to wait.

You say, with a friendly tilt with your head.

– This is so romantic. We don’t need the Spice, right Jess?

Molly asks, looking at Jess, and raises her eyebrows to show Jess that she should embrace the romanse.

– I know, I know. But, I don’t HAVE a boyfriend right now. I have to live vicariously through HER!

Jess states, pointing at you.

– I do love the romance, though!

She continues.

– He really said that he loves you?

Jess asks, ending the whole spicy discussion.

– He did!

You say, still smiling wide.

– Twice!

You add, lifting up two fingers, to stress the twice statement. Halfway gliding into the memory again.

– Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

Jess yells, jumping up from the chair!

– Fuck, my boss is going to KILL me. Molly, we have to go, go, go!

Jess continues to yell, as she yanks open your door.

– I’ll never get back to work in ten minutes!

She continues, and runs out the door.

– Don’t speed!

You yell after her, before you lean back in your chair again, put your hands behind your head, and once again glide into the memory of last night.

It’s almost 8.pm when you finally park your car in the driveway. Brock’s truck is already parked. You spent a couple of more hours in the office that you originally planned on, but you had to get those orders through. Now you just wanted to spend the last hours of the day with Brock. Not worry about a thing.

When you enter your house, you smell food. Is Brock cooking?

– Hello?

You shout.

– I’m home!

You continue, and walk into the kitchen.

You can see Brocks back, he’s taking something out of the oven. When he gets the tray up on the counter, he turns to you, drags his hand through his hair.

– YN! Right on time! Hungry?

He asks. You look at what he made. Then you smile.

– You made this?

You ask, walking over to him.

– Yeah, well, since I made you burn the bread last time. I thought I’d make it up to you. Hungry?

He says, before he kisses you.

– Starving. I can’t believe you used my recipe.

You say, looking at the garlic bread, and the cheese and herb bread, perfectly cooked on the tray. Man, this guy is perfect. This whole day is perfect.

– What can I say? It’s a good recipe!

He says, leaning in for another kiss.

– This tastes a whole lot better though.

He continues, kissing you again. Slipping his arms around you. You almost can’t stand. His words, the way he kisses you. makes your legs feel like jell-o. Brock lifts you up, and you wrap your legs around his waist. His lips instantly hits your neck.

– Mmmmm.. Brock!

You say, leaning your head to the side, to give him better access.

– And this….

He murmurs into your neck.

– ….. your skin…

He continues.

– I want you, Brock!

You almost moan the words out.

– I know…

He replies, continuously kissing your neck. Placing you up on the kitchen counter again. Moving his lips so they meet yours again.

– Couch, Brock!

You say. You have no idea how he’ll respond to that. All you know is that you want him. Like right now.

He smiles against your lips. But he doesn’t move away from you. He just continues to kiss you. Moves his lips down to your neck again, before continuing up to your ear.

– YN!

He moans into your ear.

– Take me to the couch, Brock!

You say, grabbing his lower back, pushing you closer together. He plants yet another kiss on your lips, before he pulls away. Clears his throat.

– Let’s take it easy for a bit, YN! OK?

He says, giving you a quick kiss on the cheek. You don’t understand a thing. You slept together last night, and now he pulls away. And you feel that this actually makes you a bit irritated.

– You had me in bed last night, Brock!

You say, sliding yourself off the counter. Still irritated. How can he make you feel like this, and just take it away like that?

Brock clears his throat again. Before he takes a gentle hold of your face. Kisses you again.

– And let’s keep it in the bed for a while. OK, YN? I don’t want to rush you into something you’re not ready for.

He says, kissing you again. Looking into your eyes, searching for a response.

You know he’s just trying to be nice, and to take care of you. But it still bugs you. You already slept together. What’s the difference between the bed and the couch?

– So, we’re just gonna keep it in the bed, like an old married couple forever?

You ask, your voice a bit harder than you intended it to be. Brock lets his thumb glide over your bottom lip, before he gives you another kiss.

– Hey! I just want to be sure that you’re absolutely comfortable with everything that’s happening between us. I want you to feel safe and appreciated every time. And until I am absolutely sure of that. I want to have that one safe place.

He keeps looking at you as he talks. His eyes are so caring and compassionate, it almost makes you tear up.

– I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable in ANY way. So as much as I WANT to take you over to the couch.. I’m not going to. I will however, take you upstairs later. Please, YN.

Brock almost looks sad. You lean in and kiss him. Then you nod, slowly.

– I love you, YN! And I want you to feel safe around me. Always.

He says, as he wraps you in a hug. Again you close your eyes, and take in that smell of perfume and garage. Should you say that you love him too?

A while later, you sit on the couch. You really shouldn’t have eaten this much. But it was so good. And Brock made it for you. Sweet, sweet Brock. You lean back on the couch and close your eyes, just to take in the moment.

Brock pulls out a piece of the cheese and herb bread, and brings it up to your mouth. You can smell it.

– Here. Just for you..

He says, almost laughing.

– Brock. I can’t, I’m stuffed to the brim.

You say, not opening your eyes.

– Then I’m just gonna place this right here….

Brock says, before he carefully places the piece of bread on your nose. You open your eyes, removing the piece of bread.

– Brock!

You say. Looking at him.

– Now I have herbs and melted butter on my nose..

You try to make a sad face, but you feel so happy that you’re unsure if you manage. Brock gives you a little smile.

– I can help you with that. We just have to do this!

Brock says, before he kisses your nose. You let out a little happy scream again. Brock continues, placing small kisses all over your face. You continue to scream in joy.

Before you know it, he’s on top of you in the couch, looking down at you, letting his hand caress your hair, before he leans down and kisses you. Your hands instantly move to his shirt, dragging it up his back, he reaches back, grabs it, and drags it over his head, before he kisses you again. You spread your legs, so you can really feel him against you. His lips move down to your neck. His breath on you makes you buck your hips. With the way he’s lying on top of you, you can really Explore his sides, you slowly let your hands glide up and down them. Feeling every little bump. Every muscle. Then you let your fingertips glide back and forth down by the lining of his boxers. Brock moves his lips up to your ear.

– Want to go upstairs?

He breathes the words into your ear, it sends thousands of shivers down your spine.

– Mhm…

You answer, unable to use any real words. Brock gives you one more kiss, before he gets to his feet, and offers his hand. You take it, your eyes never leaving his. His hand feels even better than before. Safe and strong. You never want to let it go.

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