Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight – Set It On Fire!

You jump in the shower the second you get inside. Eager to get out of your sweaty clothes, and to clear your head. Jess’ words still sounds deafening. “God, just do it already”, “This is your time, YN! So go do it!”. What is he waiting for? You’ve slept in his bed, next to him for three nights now, and all he’s done is having his arms around you. Underwear still on. Is he really waiting for you to make a move? Could Jess be right about that? Should you. Make a move. And how do you even do that? Sleep naked doesn’t sound like a statement that’s strong enough. And you did say that you were ready last night. At least in some ways. Should you just tell him? That you want him? That you don’t want to wait anymore…

When you dry off, you hear him coming home. You hear him opening and closing the door to the guest room. You stand in front of the mirror for a while, looking at yourself, your body. You ARE ready. More than ready. You want this. You want HIM! You close your eyes, trying to feel how it’ll be. Trying to push back the fear that it’ll hurt so bad, you won’t be able to. Do it, YN! You say to yourself, before you put your robe on, and walk into the guest room.

Brock turns towards you, when he hear you coming in.

– YN!

He says, smile to you.

– How was your day?

He continues, before he sits down on the bed. You swallow. Before you let your robe fall to the floor. He looks at you, swallows.

– YN…

He says, nervous.

– Get undressed, Brock!

You say. You have no idea how you manage to deliver that line with a straight face. But you do. His eyes moves up and down your naked body, before he comes over to you. Slowly lifts his hands, and lets them glide up your sides.

– You look devine!

He says, before he kisses you.

– Get undressed, Brock!

You say again. A tiny bit more unsure this time. What if he doesn’t want to? What if he puts your robe back on you? What do you do then? He looks at you for something that feels like an eternity, before he takes your face between his hands.

– Are you sure you’re ready for this, YN?

He asks. Intently looking into your eyes. You nod, slowly. He slowly removes his shirt. His eyes never leaves yours. You swallow again. Is he really getting undressed? Is this really going to happen?

You lift your hands and touch his abs, let your palms feel every bit of them, as Brock unbuckles himself. When the last of his clothes hits the floor, he gives you a kiss that is so intense you almost lose your balance.

He gently takes your hand and walks over to the bed. You lie down. Look up at him. You take a breath. Is this real? He looks at you for a second, swallows, before he lies down next to you.

– Put your hands on me, Brock.

You say. Again you don’t understand how you manage to say the words, you just do. You look at him. He kisses you again, and let his hand slide up your side, up to your breast, gently glides his hand over it. You gasp. You never had anyone touch you like this before. Your heart is beating out of your chest.

– Are you sure, YN?

He asks again, again you nod. He gently gets on top of you. God, you feel all of him now. His arms glides in underneath yours, up to your face, caressing your hair. You let your hands glide up and down his arms. Another intense kiss. It almost takes your breath away. Or maybe it’s the whole situation that leaves you breathless.

– You are so beautiful…

Brock says, then he gives you another kiss. Before his lips moves down to your neck. You moan. This is so fucking amazing. Why haven’t you done this before?

He lifts himself up on his arms. Looking down on you, before he leans down again and lets his lips touch your neck, slowly moving down to your collar bone, placing soft kisses. His hands gently moving down to your breasts, feeling them both. He moves his lips further down, letting them brush over one of your nipples.

– Brock!

You gasp. He stops right away, looks up at you.

– Are you OK?

He asks, almost scared. His eyes. Searching yours. Looking at you. God those eyes.

– Don’t stop!

You say. That’s the only words you manage to get out. You’re almost out of breath.

He leans down again, kissing your breasts, before moving down your stomach. Just as careful and considerate as always. Looking up on you from time to time, as to make sure you’re fine with what’s happening. He moves slow. Slow and passionate.

You spread your legs when his lips touch your lower stomach. Brock sits up between them. Puts his hands on your knees. Looks at you. You nod.

He slowly lets his hands glide down on the inside of your thighs. You’re shivering. He leans down, and places a kiss on the inside of your thigh. You grab the sheet. Shit, this feels good. You let out another soft moan. He looks at you, smiling, before he places a soft kiss between your legs. You gasp. Fuck!

His hands so soft on your skin. You never want him to stop touching you. You close your eyes.

Brock lets his tongue glide over you, slow, soft, careful.

– Oh. My. God!!

You feel like you’re almost screaming. Grabbing the sheet harder. Fuck, this feels good! His hand touches you, he lets it slowly glide over you, before his tongue is there again, slowly gliding over your clit. You can’t make any other sounds than “mmmmm”, as he continues to let his tongue slowly glide over you. Slow and careful, over and over. His hands so gently on the inside of your thighs. You almost don’t dare to open your eyes. Afraid that the feeling will go away if you do.

He adjusts between your legs, Moving one of his hands between your legs, lets it glide over you again, before he closes his lips over your clit. Still slow and careful.


You scream his name. Grab his hair. Bucking your hips. Fuck! This is amazing. You’ve NEVER felt ANYTHING like this before. Ever!

His tongue so soft, warm and wet, gliding over your wet flesh, like it was ment for just that. Like you two were built for each other. You arch your back. Moaning like crazy. It feels like you’re about to die, like your heart is pounding it’s way out of your chest. You didn’t even know you were capable of making these sounds. It feels like you’re leaving your own body.

– Shit! Brock!

You scream again, as your lower belly clenches in a way you’ve never felt before. It’s like your whole body concentrates on that one spot, and sends every single feeling in history there. It’s like all the blood in your body suddenly changes direction, and moves down to your lower stomach. Then it’s like fireworks exploding inside you. Taking over your entire body. Every single muscle you have is working. Your toes curling, your back arching, your hands grabbing Brocks hair so hard, you’re afraid you hurt him. You buck your hips, and lean your head so far back you’re afraid you’ll strain your neck. You have no control what so ever. Your body is moving on it’s own. And the feeling is euphoric. Unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. You didn’t even know that it was possible to feel this way. Will you ever come back down?

When you finally start to relax again, and open your eyes. Brock is leaning on his arms, looking down at you, smiling.

– Are you, OK, YN?

He asks, and let one of his hand glide over your hair.

– Yes… That was… Totally.. Amazing

You say, trying to catch your breath. Brock leans down, and kisses your neck again.

– Brock!

You say. He looks at you again, before he reaches down in his bag by the bed, taking up a pack of condoms. You follow his movements. He sits up, between your legs again. You look at him, as he gets the condom out, and puts it on. You take a breath. God! This is it, isn’t it? It’s really going to happen. Now. Here. With him.

He slowly makes his way up to your face again, kisses you.

– Sure?

He asks again. You can’t form words anymore, so you just nod.

He guides himself to your entrance, his eyes not leaving yours. The second he carefully starts to enter you, your face shows that it hurts. You don’t want to, but it does hurt. God, how is this possible? What he just did was so fucking good, and now..

He stops. Looks at you.

– No, Brock! I want this!

You say. He slowly moves again. You clench your face, but you hold him in place with your hands. You want this, you need this. You’re ready for this. He leans down, and kisses you. Slowly pushing himself further in. You take a breath. It hurts, sure. But it’ll pass. Jess told you that.

Brock is careful, and he takes his time, constantly making sure you’re OK. Continuously looking into your eyes. And you look into his. Your hands gripping his sides, for every new push inside. His eyes searching yours, his lips meets yours in soft kisses, again and again. His breath, his strong arms on each side of your face. Biceps flexing. You’re doing it. You’re actually doing it. This is insane!

The whole experience is so intense, your mind is spinning like crazy, but there’s no thoughts, and your heart still beating so fast, you’re afraid it’ll pop right out of your chest.

Brock lies down on top of you. Kisses your neck. You let out a new moan.

– Does it hurt?

Brock asks, lifting his face.

No, it doesn’t hurt anymore. You shake your head. Brock carefully moves his lower body.

– Does this hurt?

He asks again. You look at him, smiling. Shaking your head again.

– Good!

He says, slowly moving his lower body again. You can feel him inside, every time he moves, you feel him massaging your walls. To be this close. As close as you can possibly get. He’s INSIDE of you. Fuck!

– So good!

You say, leaning your head back. Brock kisses your neck again. Continuing to move himself in and out of you. Letting his arms glide in underneath yours. Forehead to forehead, intently looking into each others eyes, his body moves on top of yours. Your lips meet from time to time, the sounds your bodies make every time they hit each other. The feeling of having him inside. His breath, his moans. He’s enjoying this just as much as you. You never thought you’d ever be able to make another human being feel like this.

He leans down again, into your neck. His moans intensifies, and his muscles working hard. His breath tickles your neck, it feels amazing.

– Ahhh…Mmmm

He murmurs into your neck, before his whole body relaxes again, on top of yours. He lies there for a while, just breathing into your neck. His breath is so warm. And you just take in the feeling. You did it, you actually did it. And it was so so amazing. You never want to stop doing this.

Brock lifts himself up on his forearms, looks at you, before he leans down, and kisses you. Slow, intense.. When he pulls back. He looks at you. Intently. Lets his hand glide over your hair again.

– I love you!

He finally says. Leans down and kisses you again.

– I love you, YN!

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