Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – I Feel The Love!

Brock isn’t there when you get home from work. You don’t know what you feel about that at first, but when you take a quick peak into the guest room, and see that his stuff’s still there. You’re happy that he didn’t leave.

After a quick shower, you decide to make some food for once. You almost always order out, when your dad isn’t home. No fun cooking just for one. But if Brock will show up in a bit, you could surprise him. Not that you have superpowers in the kitchen or anything. But what you know how to do, you really know how to do.

You get all your supplies out, and start on two different doughs, one for garlic bread, and one for Cheese and herb bread. Two of your absolute favorites, so crispy and tasty. And even better with your signature cheese and haljapeno dip. Perfect for a night in front of the TV. Usually you make this for girls night with Jess and Molly. But since this particular recipe never failed you, you could try to surprise Brock with it. Maybe there is some truth to the term “The way to a mans heart is through the stomach”. You just hope he’ll like it.

Just when you set both doughs away for rising, you hear Brock enter. A short minute later he walks into the kitchen. Looks around.

– Wow… Did a tornado pass through here that I did not know about.

He says, gesturing to the kitchen counter. Four or five different cheeses, flour everywhere, and yeah the haljapenos.

– Ha ha very funny!

You say, throwing a bag of shredded cheese at him. He catches it, opens it right away, and takes a big chunk out of it, before he puts it in his mouth.

– Hey! That’s for my cheese and herb bread!!

He puts the bag down on the counter, and comes over to you. Grabs you by the waist, and leans in for a kiss.

– YNs specialty. Are you cooking for me now?

He says with a teasing smile.

– I was…

You say, let the rest of the sentence die out. Suddenly you’re very aware of the fact that he’s THAT much older than you. He probably wants something more sophisticated.

– So.. What are we having?

He looks around the kitchen again.

– Well..

You start, and walk over to your doughs.

– This is going to be garlic bread!

You put your hand on one of the bowls.

– This is going to be cheese and herb bread.

You put your hand on the other bowl. And then you walk over to the casserole by the oven.

– And in here I was going to make a cheese and haljapeno dip.

You say, shrugging a bit, before you look down.

– Want any help?

He asks. Placing his hand on your chin, tilting your head back up again. You look at him, and then you look at his hand.

– Absolutely, but you need to wash up first. I can’t remember seeing motor oil anywhere in the recipe.

You both laugh a bit, before he goes to wash up.

Thirty minutes later, you sprinkle the counter with some flour before you get your doghs out.

– And then you just knead it like this.

You knead one of your doughs as you talk to Brock.

– Like this?

Brock asks, grabbing your behind, squeezing it. You let out a little scream.

– Not THAT!

You say, throwing some flour at him.

– Oh, so that’s what we’re doing?

Brock answers, as he puts his hand into the flour, before he again grabs you by the waist from behind, bringing his flour coated hand up to your face, smearing the flour around. You let out a happy scream, before he lets you again again.

– No need to ask who’s got the upper hand here, YN!

Brock says, as he playfully touch your nose.

– Oh, really?

You answer, as you take a big chunk of the flour in your hand, before you throw it at him.

– Oh, now you’ve gone and done it, YN!

Brock says, before he grabs one of your arms, spins you around, so your back is agains him, and your arms pinned in front of you. When you’re standing there, with his hands around you, he whispers into your ear.

– Now how will you be kneading that dough Miss. Rollins.

His breath on you, sends waves of shivers down your spine. You move your head back, and look up at him. He leans down and kisses you. When he pulls back, you smile at him.

– You taste like flour Mr. Rumlow..

He looks at you for a second before he smiles.

– So do you. And I like it!

He proclaims, before he starts to place kisses all over your face. You scream and laugh in joy. The happy feeling spreads throughout your entire body, and you don’t think you’ve ever been this happy in your entire life. When he finally lets you go, you’re almost out of breath.

– So…

He says, still looking at you.

– Say we make some food?

He turns towards the counter, and start to knead the dough you assigned to him.

– You read my mind!

You answer, and then you just stand there kneading the doughs, together. It’s nice, even a tiny bit romantic. You like this. This having someone thing.

When you close up the oven, you turn to Brock. Look at your watch.

– We have about 12-15 minutes. Any ideas for activities?

You say, teasingly biting your lower lip. Brock smiles at you, before his arms again wraps you in a hug.

– Oh, I might have some ideas…

He says, tilting your face, plants a kiss on your lips, before he lifts you up, and walk over to the couch. Sits down, with you on his lap, facing him. You’ve never been in this position with a guy before. This feels so good. His arms around you, gently up and down your back. You’re not even thinking about the age difference now.

His lips finds yours again, your tongues dancing together like they’ve been aching for that from the beginning of time. You hands glide up in his hair again. It’s so soft. His hands glide up your back, underneath your shirt, you lean your face into his neck, feeling his breath on your neck. Is this really happening? Are you really here? On your dad’s couch? With Brock? Is this even possible?

You let your lips touch his neck, tasting his skin. He taste maskuline. He smells good, like masculine perfume and garage. He pulls your body closer to his.

– Mmmmm…

You say, breathing into his neck. How far is he going to take this tonight? Are you going to sleep with Brock? You feel ready for that. And having him this close is the best feeling you’ve ever had.

He lifts his arms up, gently removing your arms from around his neck. Looking at you, adjusting his lower body a bit, before he clears his throat. Gives you a little smile.

– I have to stop, YN!

You look at him, before you get off his lap, and sit down next to him. Your stomach sinks so far down it feels like it’s about to fall right out. Why don’t he want you? Did you do something wrong? Are you no good?

He adjust his lower body again, tugging his pants a bit. Looking at you, you can feel that he does, but you’re not looking back.

– I get it, Brock!

You say, start to get up from the couch. He grabs your wrist.

– It’s not like that, YN!

You slowly turn to face him.

– No?

You ask, desperately trying to hold your tears back.

– Like I said, YN. I’m not ready for that next step yet.

He says, looking at you, compassionate.

– What if I am?

You say, leaning back in the couch. He gently lets his hand move up to your face, turning it to face him.

– And I believe that, YN. But this isn’t something any of us should take lightly. Sex should be a special act. And you…. WE should be careful who we share it with.

You put your face in your hands. Brock puts his arms around you, and pulls you into him.

– I…. I just don’t want you to regret anything. I want this to be a good thing for you.

He says, as he moves his hand up and down your back.

– So you don’t want to…. With me?

You sniff into his chest.

– Oh, I want to, YN. Why did you think I stopped? I just don’t think we’re quite ready… yet!

He says, emphasis on the “yet”. You take a deep breath. Look up at him again.

– I can give you a ton of these though..

He says, as he leans in for another kiss. His lips softly meeting yours again makes you feel a little better. The kiss is long, and tender. When he finally sits back up again, you almost can’t move, the kiss kinda knocked the wind out of you.

Brock sniffs in the air.

– Is something burning?

He asks. You instantly get up from the couch.

– The food!!

You shout, before you run into the kitchen, yank the oven door open, smoke pours out. You wave it away.

– What is it?

Brock asks behind you, as you get the burned food out of the oven.

– Well that’s my garlic bread, and that’s my cheese and herb bread.

You say, pointing to the black lumps on the tray.

– Perfect!

You say angry, kicking one of the cabinets.

– At least the cheese and haljapeno dip survived.

Brock says, still behind you.

– Arrrg.. I can’t do anything right!

You say, as you grab both the garlic and the herb bread, and throw them in the trash. Leaning on your arms on the counter. Brock comes up behind you, puts his arms around you again.

– Hey, YN. Every part of you is very, very right..

You turn around.

– Yeah? I can’t even get a fucking garlic bread right!

You say, sniffing again.

Brock again tilt your face, and kiss you.

– Well, the dip survived, and you’re lucky, because we have this…

He gets a menu down from the fridge.

– And you have a temporary roommate, that is really hungry for tacos right now. So what do you say, we order some, and dip them in that wonderful dip you made?

You look at him. He is so calm about everything. Maybe you let your emotions get the better of you. It’s just that…. You really wanted this to be perfect. This has never happened before. You always get this right. This is your signature dish.

– So… Up for tacos?

Brock asks again. You nod, and force a smile.

– Absolutely!

You say.

Brock takes a hold on the top of your head, turns it towards the couch.

– See that couch over there?

He asks, as he puts his other hand on your back.

– Mhm..

You answer, calmer now. Tacos actually sounds good.

– You go and relax there for a while, while I take care of everything. OK, can you do that for me?

He says, closer to you now.

– I can do that…

You answer. And your internal smile finally reaches your lips. Brock guides you over to the couch, and covers you with a blanket. Then he leans down, and again place one of those soft kisses on your lips. You close your eyes.

– Now you’re going to stay right there, and I’ll be right back with your tacos.

Then he leaves for the kitchen, and you smile from hearing him working in there. You can hear him ordering the tacos, and getting plates out, everything feels so good right now.

You eat, and talk about anything and everything. It feels so right, everything fits, everything is perfect.

But there’s still one thing you need to talk about. There’s still one problem that needs to be resolved. And you have no idea how to break it to him. You try to find a good way to fit it into the conversation the entire night. But you don’t manage to get the words out.

When you finally go to bed, you decide that you have to, this needs to be adressed. You need to know what you’re going to do, once your dad gets back.

You lie on your back beside him. Just like you did last night, and the night before. He must have thought about it. He must have.

– Brock…

You say, turning towards him. He looks at you.

– I know…

He says. Knows what? You look at him, asking with your eyes.

– Jack, right?

He says. Sounds like he’s thought about this quite a lot.

You nod.

– I don’t know, YN..

He says, leaning closer.

– Maybe we should not tell him?

You say. But you know that in the long run, that won’t work. If it even is a long run…

– We’ll have to tell him sometime, YN…

He answers, smiling, kissing your forehead.

– But, we don’t have to worry about that now. Come here! Let’s get some sleep.

He stretches out his arms, for you to lie down on. None of the other nights has he done that. And for that alone, you don’t continue the conversation. You just move in closer to him, and snuggle your face into his neck. And there, close to him, with his arms around you, you fall asleep, sleeping better than you have in a long long time.

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