Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – You!

Two hours later, you carry the bags with the snacks into the kitchen.

– I don’t know about you guys, but I feel like we bought way too much chips for just the three of us!

Molly states, as she empties her bag on the counter.

– No worries, I’ll take this off your hands!

Brock says, and grabs a bag of chips. You look at him. He grabbed your favorite.

– Hey! That’s my favorite!

You yell, and try to snatch the bag from him. He lifts it over his head, and grabs your wrist with his other hand.

– I know. Why did you think I took it?

Molly and Jess looks from Brock and you, to each other. Not saying anything.

– Since you forced me to move into Jack’s office for the night, this is the least you can do!

Brock says with a smirk. You try to reach the bag with your other hand, but Brock is faster. Grabbing you by the waist, lifting you up. You let out a little scream, when he puts you over his shoulder, walks over to the couch, and sits you down on it. You get right back up again.

– Arrg.. FINE! Just give me my chips back!

Brock throws the bag at you, you catch it.

– Can we at least get a few hours of girl talk? Pretty please..

You ask, tilt your head, and curle a flick of your hair around your finger.

– I’m gonna go for a run!

He says, before he leaves.

– Big baby…

You mutter to yourself, when you get some stuff out of the cabinet.

About ten minutes later, you, Molly and Jess are sitting poolside with beers and chips. Feet in the water, and the afternoon sun peaking through the trees.

– You were flirting with him!

Jess suddenly say.

– I was not!

You answer, friendly nudging her shoulder.

– Yes you were. Right Molly?

Jess doesn’t back down.

– Definitely flirting.

Molly agrees.

You don’t say anything. Instead you take a sip of your beer.

– And he was flirting with you too…

Jess continues. Your heart skips a beat, when you hear her words mixed with the memory from the pool earlier. Is it possible that she might be right? Is Brock flirting with you?

– Oh please, Jess. I’ve known him my entire life. He always was like this with me.

You say, trying to deny everything, and derail the conversation.

– He was like that when you were ten, YN! You’re not ten anymore. This is flirting. And intense flirting at that.. It included touching..

Jess says, and gives you that i-am-older-and-know-better look.

– Aha.. And you’re the expert on this particular topic?

You say, and take another big gulp of your beer.

– Well, since I am the only one out of the three of us that have actually had sex….

Jess puts her hands behind her head, and lies down on her back.

– …. I believe I have the upper hand in this.

You and Molly look at each other. Great, drag virginity into it, when the topic is you flirting with an older man.

It’s not like you never had the opportunity. But every single time you got a boyfriend, your dad managed to scare them away. Overly protective, and kinda scary, if you didn’t know him. Both your dad and Brock used to be army buddies. And they both did work abroad, when you were a baby. Brock had actually saved your dads life at one point, when their convoi was attacked. Your dad still had a scar on his face from that day. And that in itself, made him look scarier than he actually was. So no boyfriend of yours ever stayed long enough for the sex part to happen.

– What you don’t know, you don’t miss! Right, Molly?

You say, and get to your feet.

– Right…

Molly answers. Her voice sounds almost sad. Jess sits back up again.

– I didn’t mean it like that, Molly? I’m sorry.

Jess looks at Molly.

– OK! That’s enough self pity for tonight, who’s up for music?

Molly says, getting up.

– Hell yes!

Jess almost jumps to her feet.

Pretty soon music flows from your outdoor speakers. The temperature is starting to drop, so you all put on better clothes, before you open a bottle of wine, and sit down to enjoy the Texas summer evening.

Kilo lies in his spot under a three by the back of the garage, you’re facing away from him, and the music is loud, but you can still hear it. Brock is talking to Kilo. “I’m just gonna play a bit with your mom and her friends! OK, buddy?” You get up, and face him. Point your finger at him.

– No, you’re not!

You say, getting Molly and Jess’ attention.

– Yes, I am!

Brock answers, coming towards you.

– No, you’re not!

You try again. He smiles, almost laughs.

– Oh, yes, I. Am!

He says again, before he grabs both Molly’s legs and waist, carrying her like a baby towards the pool. Molly desperately trying to get away. Screaming for him to stop. You and Jess look at each other. Jess getting ready to run, as it looks.

A splash, as Molly hits the water.


Molly yells.

Brock makes his way back towards you and Jess.

– Brock, we just put these clothes on!

You try.

– Then let’s hope they brought a change of clothes.

He answers, walking past you, approaching Jess.

– I did not!

Jess yells. Turning to run, but Brock is faster. Grabbing her by the waist, lifting her over his shoulder walking back towards the pool. She also yells for him to let her go. But you can hear on her voice that she at least finds it a bit funny. At least they won’t be mad at you. You hope.

You take a breath, before you walk towards the pool. Another splash, as Jess hits the water.

– Aaaarrrrg!

Jess yells when she comes to the surface again.

Brock approaches you. You lift your hands.

– Brock, don’t you dare!

You say, taking a couple of steps backwards. Brock rubs his hands together.

– You already threw me in there one time today!

You yell, as he once again lifts you up, walks the two or three steps over to the pool, and throws you in.

You reach the surface of the water, and splash towards him with all your might.

– I’m so getting back at you for this!

Brock laughs at the three of you, standing in the pool, with all your clothes still on, even your shoes.

– My shoes!

Molly says, looking down in the water.

– I need another drink. Do you have clothes, YN?

Jess says, then she starts to laugh. Dragging you and Molly along with her. Thank God they didn’t get mad.

Fifteen minutes later you’re all back outside with dry clothes on. Still laughing.

Brock is behind the bar your dad made several years ago. All three of you walk over, and sit down on the stools by the bar.

– So, how about that drink?

Jess casually asks. Brock looks at her.

– You’re a fiesty one…

He takes up a glass, and places it in front of Jess.

– Let’s see.. I think you’d like whiskey.

Then he gets up a bottle of Jack Daniels, and pours a glass for Jess.

He’s not wrong. This is Jess’ go to choice of drink. You’re actually a bit impressed.

He moves over to Molly. Takes up another glass.

– And you… You feel like a more tropical one. I bet you drink Armadillo Punch. A tiny bit more heavy on the rum.

He start to mix ingredients together, before handing Molly an orange with hints of pink drink, garnished with a slice of orange.

You know he’s right. You don’t even know if Molly knows another drink. How is he doing this?

You swallow when he comes over to your place. Looking at you. He’s smiling.

– Well, you’re just fiering on all cylinders tonight, aren’t you? And you’re a Rollins….

He takes up a small glass and a t-spoon. You already know what he’ll make. B52. And you clear your throat. When the drink is finished, he gets a lighter up, and lights the top of your drink.

– Bottoms up. This’ll bring you straight to the floor.

You put your straw into the drink, and drink it from bottom to top, just as you should. And fast, so the straw doesn’t melt.

After a bit more talking, and drinking. You say goodbye to Molly and Jess. You walk over to the pool, when Brock starts to clean the bar.

– Hey, Brock! I think there’s something wrong with the pool. Could you please check it for me?

Brock looks towards you, puts down the bottle he’s holding, and comes over.

– Down there. See?

You say, pointing down in the water. Brock leans down to see better. That’s when you make your move. You push his lower back with all your might, and he goes head first into the pool. You laugh a bit.

He reaches the surface, dragging his wet hair back.

– I let you do that!

He says. Not mad, actually he’s smiling.

– I told you I’d get back at you!

You say, triumphantly.

He walks over to the edge of the pool, extends a hand to you.

– Ok! Bury the hatchet?

He moves his hand closer to you. You slowly take it, and the instant you do, you get that this wasn’t at all a good idea. Brock drags you into the water. You let out a little scream, before your head hits the water.

You quickly get back up, your hair in a big mess in front of your face.

– What the hell, Brock!

You yell, before you lie back in the water to get your hair away from your face. When you get back up, Brock is standing right in front of you. His white t shirt sticking to his abs in the water. You swallow.

– I bet you’re still ticklish!

He says, before he starts to poke your sides with his fingers. You desperately trying to get him to stop, walking backwards, laughing from the tickling and trying to fight him off. Your back hits the side of the pool, now you have nowhere to go.

He stops. Stands in front of you. You’re still in recovery mode from the tickling, when he reaches up to your face, removing a hair, one of his fingertips brushing over your lips. You look at him. Your heart beating like crazy.

He leans in a bit closer, swallows, you can see that on his throat. He lifts his hand up and touches the side of your face, two of his fingers slides in behind your ear. You take a breath.

– YN…

– Brock…

He plants a gentle kiss on your lips. His nose lingers next to yours. You part your lips, and meet his once more. You let the tip of your tongue touch his. Let your hands rest on his hips. Your heart beating out of your chest. You’re kissing him. You’re kissing Brock.

His free hand touches your hip, and his lips finds yours once more. The darkness around you, and the lights from the pool, the noises the water makes when you move so softly towards each other. It’s the most intense experience you’ve EVER had.

Your tongues find each other again. The kisses are slow and tender. He is careful, considerate. His breathing between kisses. You’re actually kissing Brock. This is insane!

He slips his arms around you, slowly dragging you closer to him. You wrap your arms around his neck. The water makes you almost weightless, so you lift up your legs, and wrap them around his waist. Soft noises from the water, as your bodies move closer.

His strong hands so gently on your back, his lips softly meeting yours. His nose lingering next to yours every time you stop.

Your lower back hits the side of the pool again, and his hands glide farther up your back, almost up to your shoulders. You let your hands glide up to his hair. You always thought it looked like full wool, so dark and always perfect, and in a way you always wanted to be able to touch it like this.

His lips so soft on yours, you never had a kiss like this before. His movements so soft, careful and considerate. Maybe he knows that you’re a virgin…

Suddenly he stops. It’s almost like he was hypnotised. He looks at you. Lets go of you.

– I shouldn’t have done that..

He says. You swallow. You almost feel like Cinderella at midnight. What just happened?

– Fuck! I shouldn’t have done that.

– Brock…

You say. Reaching for him. He leans his forehead into yours.

– Are you OK?

He asks, gently lets his hands grab your face.

– I’m fine, Brock. Are you OK?

He let’s his thumb brush over your lip.

– I really shouldn’t have done that, YN!

He looks at you, intense.

– Why?

You ask, trying not to cry.

– Lets get out of these wet clothes.

He says, taking your hand, helping you out of the pool.

You follow him, holding his hand. It’s big, and rough. Like a mechanics hand should be. You have no idea what will happen next, or if anything will happen at all. But you know you can live off of that kiss in the pool for the rest of your life.

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