Home Sweet Home (Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Red Lights!

You wake up from sunlight peaking trough your bedroom window. Still hot as hell. God! When is this heatwave going to give? A cold shower, and an ice coffee, that’s what you need. And then a very long day by the pool.

You walk across the hall into the upstairs bathroom, lock the door and get in the shower. Letting the water wake you up.

Last night was so nice. You talked, and laughed, and shared a six pack of beers. You almost felt that he was your age, or you were his age. You let him sleep on the couch. He could probably drive home, but you didn’t care all that much for drinking and driving, even though he only had three. You kinda hoped that he’d still be there.

Then you start to think about him coming out of this bathroom, with only a towel on. He stood in THIS shower. Naked. Are you crazy? He is 46 years old. That is 26 years older than you. But fuck how hot he is. You suddenly feel the need to get out of this shower. Get the picture of naked Brock out of your head.

You slip into one of your summer dresses, with a bikini underneath, to be able to jump in the pool whenever you want. Then you go downstairs.

The blanket he used still lies on the couch. You take a breath. Then you hear something from the kitchen.

– Who’s there?

You ask. Grabbing your purse to get your pepperspray up again.

– Take it easy, YN! It’s just me. And don’t bother look for your pepperspray, I’m holding on to that! Want breakfast?

You almost lose your breath.

– Brock?

– No! It’s the good Samaritan, making you breakfast! Hungry?

You walk into the kitchen. He has his back against you, only shorts on, yet again he’s shirtless.

– You know those jokes were a thing when I was like five?

You say.

– Stupid questions calls for stupid answers!

He answers, as he turns around and puts a plate with scrambled eggs, bacon and a salad, along with a glass with something that looks like protein shake in front of you. You look up at him.

His bare upper body glistening from sweat. Showing off his muscles even more.

– You think it was a stupid question?

You say, putting a tomato in your mouth.

– Who did you think I was?

He says, as he sits down with his own plate and shake.

– I don’t know! My dad..

You shrug.

– Oh, yeah. He called me. Says hi!

He casually says, as he takes a big bite of his scrambled eggs.

– Well, did he say anything else?

Brock takes a sip of his shake.

– He’ll be in Chicago for two more days. I told him about the pepperspray.

He says, chuckles.

– Oh, no.. Embarrass me much?

You say, putting some more pepper on your eggs.

– Hey, I was trying to let him know the house was as safe as a fortress with you guarding it.

He says, almost laughing.

– Stupid!

You say, and nudge his shoulder. You hand wet from the sweat bathing on his skin. You rub your fingertips together.

– What is it?

Brock asks.

– Did you jump in the pool already? You’re soaking wet.

You say, not looking up, continuing to rub your fingertips together. 46, YN! He’s 46!

– I always go for a run before breakfast.

He answers, as he chugs the rest of his shake.

– And Jack wanted me to stay here with you!

You choke on your bacon.

– What did he say that for?

You finally manage to say, your voice rusty.

– I don’t know. Probably to make sure you don’t pepper down the mailman or something.

You look at him. Is he going to stay? Maybe he think he’s babysitting you.

– I. Thought. You. Were. A. Burglar!

He laughs. Leaning over the counter, closer to your face.

– I. Know!

He says. God! Is he going to stay here now? How will you get him out of your head then?

– Great.. So I have a babysitter…

You say, rolling your eyes at him.

– OK! I think you need to cool down!

He says, before he walks behind you, grabs you around the waist, and lifts you up.

– In the pool!

He continues.

– No! Brock! I’m not finished!

He doesn’t answer. Instead he walks out into the living room. Still holding you around the waist. Carrying you.

– Brock! Stop it!

You try to get out of his grip. But at the same time you find this kinda funny. And his arms around you. His breath on the back of your head.

When he reaches the door to the porch. He adjusts his grip on you, suddenly he carries you by his side, under his arm. Again you try to break free.

– I had more food on my plate! Brock!

You yell.

Your hands grabbing for something to hold on to, so he won’t get you outside. One of your hands hits his abs, instantly slipping from the sweat. Your hand gliding down his abs. Your heart skips a beat. Fuck!

When the door is open, he walks out and approaches the pool.

– No, Brock! I still have clothes on!

He continues to walk towards the pool.

– No! Brock! I have a bikini underneath! I have a bikini underneath!

Again you try to get out of his grip.

– Good for you!

Brock says, and then he lets himself fall backwards into the pool, still holding you around the waist. You scream.

The instant you hit the water he lets go. You’re a good swimmer. But now you struggle. What is up and what is down? Your hands searching the water. You hit something, feels like skin. You move your hand. Fuck! Brock’s abs again. Are they magnetic or something?

A strong pair of hands grabs you, drags you up to the surface. You take a deep breath the instant you get your head above water.

– Are you OK?

Brock asks, holding your shoulders, looking at you.

– That was funny when I was ten!

You say, splash him as you say the last words.

– Oh, come on. You thought it was a tiny bit funny.

Brock lets himself fall backwards in the water.

– You ruined my dress!

You say, as you get yourself up on the side of the pool, sit down, and put your feet in the water.

Brock swims over to you, under water. When he reaches you, he gets to his feet. Dragging his wet hair back with his hands. Looking at you.

– We’re even then. You almost kill me with pepperspray. I fuck up your dress.

You don’t answer.

– Oh, come on, YN! I’ll buy you a new one, if it’s that important.

He tries to smile to you, in a way that makes you smile as well.

– Come on! Get into the water.

Fuck it! You get to your feet, pull your dress over your head, before you dive into the pool. The water is great, and it’s a hot day. You need this.

When you get your head over water you don’t see Brock. Not before he puts his hands on your shoulders. You whirl around, and almost lose your balance. Then you just look at each other.

– I didn’t mean to upset you. Really..

He says. You swallow. He is so fucking good looking, and you’re alone. With him. In a pool. Almost naked.

He lifts his hand, to remove a couple og hairs from your face. The tension is almost smothering you.

– Hey! Room for two more?

A voice and barking from the yard brings you both back to reality. Quickly moving away from each other. Like it was illegal to stay that close.

– Molly! You’re back!

You yell, and go to greet her, Kilo, Molly’s lab jumps into the pool. Brock greets the dog, and you walk over to Molly.

– Sorry, I should’ve called first!

Molly says apologetically. Making herself comfortable in a chair. You sit down next to her.

– Hey, Mi casa es su casa! How was Seattle?

You ask, eager to know about her trip.

Molly leans back in the chair, looking up in the sky.

– Dreadful! I never should’ve left here.

You look at her. Contemplating if you should ask more. You decide not to.

– So… You’re back for good?

Molly looks back at you, smiling.

– I’m back for good!

Your face light up, and you give Molly a hug!

– Yeyy! We need to celebrate this! Where is Jess?

Molly takes a sip of her bottle of water.

– On her way with supplies.

She answers. Laughing a bit.

Jess, or Jessica is the only one out of the three of you that is 21. So she usually buys all the “supplies” you need for social gatherings.

– Celebrate here tonight then. My dad’s going to be away a bit longer, so I have this whole place to myself.

Molly looks over to the pool. Then she looks back at you.

– What about him?

She nods her head towards Brock and Kilo, playing in the pool.

– Who? Kilo? No worries.

Molly looks back towards the pool again.

– No! Brock!

She almost whispers. You don’t quite understand why.

– What, Brock? I’ll just stash him in the garage!

Molly laughs a bit, then shakes her head.

– What is he doing here?

Again, Mollys voice is really low.

– Oh, my dad! Wanted me to have a babysitter. I almost walked in on a burglar yesterday, when I got home from work.

You say, shrugging.

– Thank God, I had pepperspray.

You add, smiling a bit from the memories.

Mollys eyes widens.

– You had a break in? Here?

You can’t hold back your laugh anymore.

– Well, technically it was only Brock. But I did handle myself.

Molly almost pierces you with her eyes. So you tell her the whole story. When you’re done talking, she gives you that look again.

– You peppered down, Brock??

Again she whispers, every time she mentions his name.

– Why are you whispering?

You ask.

– It’s Brock!

She answers. Like that tells you ANYTHING!

– Yes! I know!

You say.

– It’s just that he…. He is…

Molly can’t seem to finish the sentence.

– Totally and utterly hot as fuck!

Jessica says, putting her arms around the both of you.

– But, seriously, YN! What. Is. He. Doing. Here?

You get up, and give Jess a real hug.

– I can’t even say hello first?

Jessica sits down.

– Of course! And now you have. So? What is he doing here?

Jess leans in closer.

– YN sprayed him with pepperspray, and Jack got really scared, so now he’s babysitting, apparently.

Molly shoots in.

– Aha.. I see… And that’s the short version?

Jessica says sarcastically. Before looking straight ahead, shutting up completely. You turn your face in the direction she’s looking.

Brock comes over to you, with Kilo in tow. When they reach you, Kilo shakes the water off making all of you wet.

– Cool dog. What’s his name?

Brock looks at Molly.

– Err.. Kilo!

Brock kneels down and plays with Kilo some more. Before he gets back to his feet.

– You’ll be downgraded to the garage tonight. We’re going to celebrate Molly’s homecoming.

You say to Brock. He looks at you.

– So, you’re demoting me?

– Demoting you from what? From babysitter to mechanic?

Brock sets his eyes on you. You swallow.

– Fine, I’ll be in Jack’s office, over the garage. He has a bed there. But you owe me!

Brock says, before he leaves.

– Do you need a babycall?

You yell after him. But he doesn’t answer.

When you turn back towards Molly and Jess, they look at you like you were bat shit crazy.

– You actually talk to him like that?

Molly finally says.

– Like what?

You ask.

– Have you looked at him?

Jessica asks, leaning forward.

– Err.. Yes!

You say. Sure he’s hot. Like divine hot. But he’s still Brock.

– After he got out of that horrible relationship, he really cleaned himself up.

Molly adds. Molly hates uncomfortable silences and confrontations, and she probably wants the conversation to change. But this only makes you more curious.

– Hey. Why don’t we go to the store and buy some snacks for tonight? We’ll just put these in the fridge first.

Jessica gets up, and you help her with the bags. Thank God for Jessica. She always reads a situation like an open book, and now, now she really saved both Molly and you out of a conversation that potentially could become very uncomfortable.

A horrible relationship? With who? Should you ask him? Not tonight anyway. Tonight, you party with Molly and Jess.

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