My Brother´s Best Friend (Romantic Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – We Need To Talk!

It feels good to have him beside you. And you feel safe that he won’t make a move. That’s why you decided to sleep in your underwear, and he did the same. Your back against him, and his arm around you. His breath on your neck. God, what will Jack say about this? Does he need to know? Will he find out? Will he be mad? At you? At Brock? You’re not really sure, but your best friend should probably not make a move on your little sister. How many days until you reach New York? One? Two? You should probably come up with a plan together. If the sexual tension between you two doesn’t go away, it could be hard to keep this a secret.


You wake up from Brock moving. When you turn around he sits up. Smiles to you.

– Morning! How did you sleep?

He asks, as he gets to his feet.

– Good! You?

You say, still a bit nervous.

– Better than last night.

He smiles again. You keep looking at him. His smile give him som wrinkles around his eyes. You never noticed that before.

– I’m gonna take a shower!

He says, walks over to his suitcase and takes out some new clothes. Before turning towards you again.

– Want to join me?

The question catches you completely off guard. Join him? In the shower? You clear your throat..

– Err….

– Don’t worry about it, YN! I understand.

He says, before the bathroom door closes behind him. You sigh. You do want to join him. And you’re old enough to do so, you both are. And… Well, Jack… He can’t decide who you’re going to be with. He can’t. Even if he is your big brother.

You can hear Brock turning on the shower. He behaved the whole night. Even after those hot kisses, he didn’t make a move. He just held you, the whole night. Maybe he did change. You should take a shower before breakfast. And well.. You could take it with him, you could.

GO FOR IT YN! What do you have to lose?

You slowly get up from the bed, and open the bathroom door. Let your bra fall to the floor, before stopping outside the shower. It takes some time for him to notice you. But when he does, he smiles again, opens the door. Looking down at your bare breasts, before swallowing.

– YN? What are you doing?

You take a breath, looking into his eyes.

– I changed my mind!

Again he smiles, no words, just that smile, and a hand extended to you. You quickly remove the rest of your underwear, before taking his hand and walk into the shower.

For some time, you just look at each other, before you slowly let your hand glide down his abs, he follows your movements with his eyes, stops you before you reach for him. Again you just look into each others eyes.

– Not now, YN! I want to, but not now. And I think we need to talk first.

WOW! He stopped you! You didn’t expect that move. Maybe he ment what he said, about him not knowing? You don’t know what to say, so you just nod. He tilts your head a little, and places a soft kiss on your lips.

– I’m sorry, YN! I just don’t want to disappoint you again.

– Err…

You have absolutely no idea how to respond to what he’s saying. He kisses you again.

– Let’s have breakfast, and then we can talk. You kinda dropped a bomb on me last night.

You did do that. It was never your intent to drop it on him like that. In fact you never intended on telling him at all. But, well. Now that it’s out in the open, you probably should talk about it.

– OK!

You answer. You don’t know what else to say.

He looks at you, and then he rests his hands on your hips. His skin against yours feels warm, and his hands are big.

– You look amazing, YN! And there is nothing I want more than to have you, all of you. I just…. I need to talk about this first.

Again you just nod. This is a side of him you’ve never seen before. And to be completely honest, you didn’t think he had it in him.

You exit the shower, and dry off. When he’s about to put his clothes back on, his phone rings. He picks up the phone, shows the caller idea to you “JACK”, before he puts his finger over your lips, gesturing for you to be quiet. Then he answers the phone, puts it on speaker.

– Hi, Jack!

This feels strange. You’re standing in his hotel bathroom, completely naked, the both of you, with your brother on speaker phone. Brock winks at you.

– Busy?

God, this is so wrong…

– No, I just got out of the shower! What’s up?

His eyes trails up and down your body. Does he think this is funny?

– Do you know when the car will be ready?

– Can’t wait to see us, huh?

You turn towards the door, but Brock stops you, shakes his head, as he smirks at you.

– Is she still giving you a hard time?

– It’s not like she’s my best friend, but I’ll manage..

– Let me know when the car is ready, OK. I’ll get us a table so we can have dinner when you get here.

– Dinner, huh? Do you want her to kill me?

– That bad? Want me to call her?

– I don’t see how that will help, but, hey. I’m not gonna stop you.

– I’ll talk to her, she’ll come around!

– I won’t hold my breath. I’m gonna eat some breakfast, and then I’ll check on the car. I’ll get back to you.

Then they hang up. You look at him. Tilt your head a bit.

– I’m not your best friend?

He laughs a bit.

– So you think I should have told him that I just took a shower with his little sister? That would be a short phone call.

You get your bra back on. He looks at you the whole time. It’s almost like he eats you up with his eyes.

– Do you think he’ll be mad?

He laughs again.

– He’ll beat the living shit out of me, YN! Little sisters and exes are off limits.

You wrap a towel around your lower body.

– We should probably stop this then…

You say, as you reach for the door. Brock stops you again.

– What if I don’t want to stop?

He says, as he puts his hand on your chin.

– I don’t want to be the reason you two fall out…

– He’ll come around! Eventually.

Brock says, as he leans down, and kisses you.

– And you’re worth it, YN! You are…

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