The Roommate (AU Rumlow SlowBurn X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Afterparty!

You can hear them shouting long before they reach the house.


No surprise there, they won. By a landslide, totally running over the other team. No wonder they praise their star player.

Thank God, you brought snacks up to your room, the second you got back. They’ll probably keep this going all through the night. And you do not want to be a part of it. Those blond girls are probably going to be there, and you really don’t want to answer any more questions about why Brock gave you his shirt. Besides, you won’t fit into that crowd anyway.

You can hear them entering the house, and not long after, the music blasts from the living room. Great. Now you won’t get anything done.

You walk over to your door, to make sure it’s locked. Before putting your air pods in your ears, turning your music to max, and open your computer. You need to at least try to write something down. You can still feel the music from downstairs, but at least you don’t hear it.

You start to write about the game, and how the praising of young adults, could go to their head. And how the persona of who they are can be difficult to uphold, when they’re entering the world outside university.

It takes longer than you thought. And you don’t even realise that the bass from downstairs are gone. You take out your air pods, and listen. Did they leave? No, they entered the pool. Great. You walk over to your window.

You can’t see anything, but you can hear Brock’s voice, by the sound of it, he sits right under your window. You don’t know why, but you listen in on his conversation. He’s talking to someone. A girl probably.

– It’s my first party here…

The girls says. So freshman, you think. Guessing she is over the moon, talking to a senior, and the star quarterback, Brock.

– Well, I’m glad you chose my party..

Smooth, Brock.. You think for yourself. Real smooth. Does anyone ever fall for that?

– I mean, you’re here…

The girl says. You hold in a laugh. Jesus. That shirt with his last name on, and his ability to throw a ball, really gets him everything.

– You’re free to spend the night, if you want to…

Brock says again. Oh God, you think. Sleep with your music on tonight, YN. That is something you don’t want to listen to.

You’re about to close the window, when Brock speaks again.

– Or, I can drive you home…

Haha.. Think again, Brocki.. You think for yourself. Carefully closing the window. There’s no way in hell, you’ll be driving tonight, Brock. If he gets caught D.W.I. again, that’s on you. So that’s not going to happen. Naha..

You unlock your door, and hurry downstairs. The party is still going strong out by the pool. You quickly find Brocks jacket, and fish his car keys up, before you hurry back to your room.

Locking the door. Before putting on a movie on your computer.

You’re almost half asleep, when there’s a loud banging on your door.


– YN! Where did you put my car keys?

You sit up in the bed, rubbing your face.

– YN!! You better not be asleep in there!

You get up from the bed, and walk over to the door.

– What do you want, Brock?

The door shakes, as he kicks it.

– My car keys. I need to drive Felicity home!

You lean your forehead against the door, take a breath.

– I’m surprised you even remember her name!

Another bang on the door!

– Stop messing around, YN! She needs to get home.

– Then get someone else to drive her!

Yet another bang.

– They left, YN, Come on!

You don’t answer. And he kicks the door again.

– YN! Open this damn door, or I swear to God, I’ll kick it in!

– Well, then I hope you can pay for the damage! You’re not driving tonight, Brock!

– Fuck you, YN!

He yells, as he kicks the door one more time.

– I’m sure she can give you a good head!

You say, to lighten the mood a bit. And you can almost see him turning around and looking at your door. But he doesn’t answer.

You sit down on your bed again. Looking at Brocks car keys, resting safely on your nightstand. Maybe you were too harsh, you could have offered to drive “Felicity” home.

Nah.. You push the thought away. It’s time for Brock to learn that life comes with responsibilities, and he needs to learn how to be a grown up. Football alone, won’t get him trough life. You just hope that he’s not too mad at you. Because you need to get him to write that assignment, before Monday.

You’re about to put your air pods back in, and turn on another movie, when you hear Brock and Felicity out in the hall.

– I’m really sorry. My roommate.. Thinks she owns me…

He says, as he throws something at your door. You take a deep breath, and force yourself not to yell back.

– I don’t mind spending the night.

You can hear Felicity say, before there’s a thump in your door, from Brock pushing her up against it. You can hear Felicity laugh sheepishly. God. How stupid can you be? You know, that he’ll probably never even look her way again after tonight. Another nick on the headboard, that’s all she is. And you really hope she knows that too. Or else this will be painful for her.

Fine, Brock is good looking. Tall, dark, handsome. Muscular, strong facial features. You could fall for him. But he’s an ass. These blond girls probably don’t care about that. Just as long as they earn the bragging rights, of spending a night in his bed. And of course Brock uses that to his advantage. Any guy of his calibre would. He has a reputation to uphold. But a freshman, a newbie. She probably haven’t figured out how the hierarchy works yet. How many has he actually been with? STD, much?

A few kissing noises, and some movements, before they leave for Brocks room. You put your air pods back in, and turn on the movie. And pray to higher power, that “Felicity” isn’t a screamer. Or well, that Brock will treat her well. Don’t sleep with her, Brock. You say to yourself. And if you do, please treat her with respect.

You fall asleep almost before the starting Credit is finished. The game really took it out of you, and you realise that going out, to these kind of things, is something you need to learn how to do. This is essential to finishing your doctorate. So you need to learn how to do this. And even more important, you need how to keep Brock in check.

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