Strangers With Memories (Original Story X Rated) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Redecorate The Bathroom!

  • This Chapter contains some talk about mental abuse in a marriage. If you´re easily triggered by that. I would recommend you to NOT red this. It´s not much talk about it. Just wanted to say this before you start to read!

Messages sent back and forth. Lizzie hasn’t experienced this in a long long time. To actually have someone to talk to. A grown up. Someone who answers. Someone who want to talk to her. It’s weird. She is a divorced, single mom, to three kids. She almost thought that no one wanted her. That she was some kind of damaged goods. Too young to give up on love, but too old to find something new. Screw life.

But this Christopher guy is different. He actually talks. Not just “hello”, “yes” or “no”. He talks, with full sentences, and actual questions. Lizzie almost forgot how to respond to that, and how good it felt to have someone like that in her life.

It’s not easy to find time for a date, her kids take up most of her time. And a date with the kids home… Well, that’s not an ideal situation. Especially since the relationship will be physical. That’s what she asked for, so that’s what she should expect. Nothing more. No worries anyway. She already decided that she wasn’t ready to fall in love quite yet. To bring someone new into her kids life, was a scary thought.

Easter comes, this year as every year. Lizzie decides to use the vacation to redecorate her bathroom. Those ugly walls has to go. Do it easy, she told herself. Paint. Find new furnitures on Craigslist and do most of the job yourself. She finds the furnitures about an hour away, so once again she asks Janet for help. A road trip the last day the kids are in school before Spring Break. Lizzie lets Janet drive.

– So.. Did you speak to Christopher?

Janet asks, like it was the most common thing in the world for Lizzie to do. Talk to strangers on messenger.

– Well. Kinda! I haven’t met him yet. It’s hard to find a babysitter. And I don’t want my kids to meet him yet.

Janet smiles. God, she’s proud of this. Proud of the fact that she finally manage to find someone Lizzie actually likes.

– I told you that he would text back, didn’t I?

Lizzie looks over at her..

– Yes, you did! It’s just that I’m not used to it I guess. You know, that people actually want to talk to me. With everything that happened in my marriage. Him telling me all the time I wasn’t good enough. That I didn’t do enough. You can only hear a thing that many times, before you start to believe it.

Janet gives Lizzie a determined look.

– Don’t ever believe that. Just look at what you’re doing with your kids. Being a single mom isn’t easy. Yet you do it perfectly.

Lizzie smiles. She knows that Janet is right. The last years have been anything but easy. But she got through them. She did that, on her own. Buying a house, a car, getting her drivers license. Everything while storms were raging around her. She got through it all. Alone.

– Thanks, Janet. What would I do without you?

– I don’t know… Crash and burn..

Lizzy lets out a small laugh.

– Probably…

After a couple more minutes. Janet parks the car outside a apartment complex, and with a little help, they get the furnitures into the car.

– Sigarette break, before we drive back!

Lizzie don’t mind. The sun is shining. Nothing wrong with taking a break before they drive back home. And they have time.

Back on the road again. Lizzies phone beeps. It’s Christopher. “What are you doing for easter?” Lizzie can’t help but smile. But at the same time she knows what he wants, and she knows she won’t have time for a date the next week. And her bathroom is torn down. No water, no nothing. A visitor now won’t work. “I’m redecorating my bathroom. I’m sorry. I don’t have time.”

– Was it him? Did he make you smile like that?

– Pfft..

The phone beeps again. “No worries. Just let me know when you have time!” Yet again a smile dances in Lizzies face.

– I wish I could watch the kids, and you could go and meet him. I would have if I could, Lizzie.

– I know Janet. I’ll make it work. Someday..

– Why can’t he visit while the kids are there? He can come after they’re asleep, and leave before they wake up.

– You mean just fuck me and leave? Ehh..

Janet shakes her head.

– Girl’s got standards.. Damn..

– I’m burned, Janet. That’s all.

– But Christopher is good, and nice. You don’t have to worry about that.

– Well, in that case he’ll be the first one..

Janet gives Lizzie a quick look.

– The first to do what?

Lizzie looks down on her hands. She doesn’t like to talk about herself this way. But her experiences makes it hard not to.

– To not, leave, cheat, abuse, lie….

Janet doesn’t say anything. How do you respond to that. Lizzie looks over at her best friend.

– Changing the subject. I kinda feel that we’re gonna spend easter in a cabin. My bathroom being the way it is. No furnitures, no water. We have to fill a bucket with water and refill the toilet after we use it. And I have only two days to finish painting the walls, before the plumber comes back.

Janet laughs.

– You got your work cut out for you then. I salute you, Lizzie. I would never manage to do half the stuff you do. And with three kids on top of that. Kudos to you.

– Those walls were KILLING me. I got angry when I looked at them. The bathroom is a place to relax in the tub. I couldn’t do that with those stupid fucking dolphins on my walls.

– Oh, I almost forgot that you were getting a tub. Easier with a tub, when the kids are young. You see, there. You do EVERYTHING for those kids. They’re lucky to have you as their mom.

Lizzie looks down again. Why can’t she accept complements? Why is it so hard to believe good things about herself? Why can’t she just reply “Thank you”, and for once believe the nice things people say? Screw life!

The drive home feels shorter, it always does. Janet backs the car into the garage, and with a few fucks and hells they manage to get the furnitures out of the car. Janet lights up a cigarette.

– Will you get it from here and into your bathroom yourself?

Puff puffs from two cigarets.

– The plumber guy can manage I guess. And if he needs any help. I’m available.

They both finish their cigarettes, and Janet gets into her own car, and drives off. Lizzie picks up her phone. Looks at the time. Looks like the time ran away. Time to pick the kids up from school.

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