Strangers With Memories (Original Story X Rated) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – I Owe You Favours For The Rest Of My Life!

After showering, and changing. Lizzie calls Janet. She promised she would. Like the best friends they are, they usually exchange all the dirty details of affairs like this one. Not about real relationships, or long term relationships. That would be too weird. But random encounters, absolutely. Girls nights with drinks and dirty details, was something both of them were familiar with. More often than not, those nights ended with both of them laughing till they cried. The girls had a strong friendship. Based on a solid foundation of trust, similar “enemies” and the ability to listen and support each other. Although Lizzie missed her best BEST friend. She had no complaints about Janet.

Janet lived close to Lizzie, so about ten minutes after they hang up, there’s a knock on Lizzies door. Janet and her boyfriend. A very nice guy, but kinda quiet, opposed to Janet’s chatter mouth. The early May day, had the sun shining, from almost a clear blue sky. So the three of them decides to talk while walking in the woods.

Right by Lizzies house, there was a dirt road, leading into the woods. Nice open spaces. But not for regular vehicles. Only tractors and trucks would be able to drive there. Janets boyfriend works as a tow truck driver, and as you walk along the dirt road. He tells a story about a time a car got stuck farther in.

After he is done telling his story Janet asks about Christopher. Lizzie doesn’t say anything. Just sends Janet a teasing smile.

– Oh, come on, Lizzie! Tell me, I’m dying to know here!

– Haha.. Well.. Let’s just put it like this… I owe you favours for the rest of my life!

Janets boyfriend starts to laugh. Then he puts his hand on his ribs.

– Hey, Lizzie. Don’t make me laugh. I have two broken ribs.

His expression and his laugh with it. Only serves to make both Janet and Lizzie to laugh even more. And for the first time in years. Lizzie feels happy. Genuinely happy. It feels like she suddenly lost 20pounds. Or like the rock of Gibraltar was lifted off her shoulders. Like gravity itself can’t keep her from flying.

– Did you guys talk, or was it just regular sex?

– What? You mean like dirty talk? What is regular sex?

Janets boyfriend wants in on the conversation.

– Boring stuff. The kind you do when you’re married!

Then they all start laughing again.

– Ahha.. Don’t make me laugh?

– Then stop saying stupid shit! It was definitely not married sex. Definitely not married sex.

Janet almost can’t talk because she laughs so much. But finally, she manages to get a few words out.

– So, what did he say then?

– Oh, to me? He said that we’ll see each other again on Wednesday!

– He said that while having sex? Whoa, Lizzie you work fast!

Lizzie laughs again, and playfully nudge Janets shoulder.

– Stop it! You’re killing your boyfriend here!

Janets boyfriend looks up at her, and gives her a loving smile.

– She’s right. You actually are killing me. Let’s go back. This road gets harder to walk on with these ribs.

They walk back talking about the summer. The Eurovision Song Contest, that’s coming up. And anything else that comes to mind. Lizzie still feels like she’s flying. A guy actually likes her so much, that he wants to come back. That he wants to meet her again.

After the marriage, and everything that happened there, the divorce, and all. This is something she never saw coming. But, she welcomes it. It feels good. It’s not often she allows herself to feel happy. Usually she waits for bad things to happen, no matter how happy she is.

The three of them part ways at Lizzies house. Lizzie walks inside, and makes herself another cup of coffee.

Push it away, Lizzie. She tells herself. You can’t possibly tell if this Christopher is trustworthy, after only meeting him once. It’s just. His words sounds so genuine. Lizzie actually believes what he tells her. Usually she’s unable to take a compliment. Probably a defense mechanism. Lizzie has a lot of those. Although she wants to be with someone. She always tend to push people away, if they get too close. With everything she’s been through in her life, being alone is the safest.

Once again, Lizzie gets lost in her head. When she lifts her Coffee mug to take a sip, the coffee is already cold.

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