Strangers With Memories (Original Story X Rated) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – Eurovision 2019!

For the next couple of weeks Lizzie and Christopher continue their relationship. Every Wednesday, and almost every weekend. He comes by, and well. Stuff happens. The sex is beyond great. And for the first time in years Lizzie feels like she matters. Like she’s something more than just “mom”. The feeling Christopher gives her is something her ex husband didn’t even manage to give her. And she was with him for 8 years. How is it possible for a guy to give her this feeling in under two weeks?

Even her everyday life is easier. Christopher makes her feel sexy. Like she’s good looking. Like someone want’s her. That’s something she haven’t felt in years. He ex husband used years bringing her down. Every single day he found reasons to tell her how useless she was. Pointing out every mistake she made. Totally ruining her self esteem and self worth. Lizzie was completely broken, when she finally found the courage to leave him. The last three years, she worked on building herself back up. And then, Christopher came along. Basically saving her. Giving her that boost she needed. Christopher was so different than her ex. Christopher used his time with her to tell her how great she was. How good she looked. Lizzie can’t remember any guy doing this for her before. Maybe that’s why she liked Christopher so much?


About three weeks into their relationship, Christopher invites Lizzie for a sleepover, at his place. To watch Eurovision, eat good food, and of course some drinking. There’s only one problem. Lizzie has three kids. And a babysitter isn’t exactly easy to find. But, Lizzies dad steps up, and offers to babysit for the night. It’s been a long time since Lizzie had a weekend to herself. Being just Lizzie, and not “mom”. And to get to spend this weekend with Christopher, makes it even better. Is she in love with him? No! She can’t be. They both agreed to this being a physical relationship. Nothing else. Friends with benefits. No commitment, no feelings. She can’t mess this up. Push them away. Push the feelings away.


Christophers apartment is nice. A small hallway, kitchen and living room in one, a nice bathroom, one small bedroom for his boys, with a bunk bed, and tons of legos, and a bigger bedroom for him, with a big bed, and aot of space for clothes and other stuff. By the looks of it he has a lot of hobbies. Such as model cars, engines and things like that. All in all a typical single guys apartment.

A big TV, a TV stand, with a Play Station and a couple of other things and two big speakers takes up the whole wall in front of his couch. His couch is grey, and big. Lizzes first thought about the couch is “how the hell did he got that in her?” It’s like Christopher reads her thoughts.

– This one, we had to take it on through the window. Had to pop the whole frame off. It’s actually way too big. But it’s good to sit on, and sleep on. And it works for other things as well…

Lizzie laughs. She’s never been with a guy who is as open about his sexuality. Who dares to say that he wants her. It feels liberating. Like she can open up about that as well. And the sex is better than anything she’s had before. Maybe this “relationship” can actually help her to open up a bit more. It’s not healthy to be as closed off as she is. She knows that. It’s just hard to open up, after everything she’s been through in life. It’s still hard to trust people.

The evening is good. Good food, some beers, and well.. Sex. That is kinda what they do. Lizzie and Christopher. It’s like they can’t keep their hands off of each other, and Lizzie feels sexy when she’s with him. She feels like he actually WANTS her. And that is something she has never felt before. And although she has no idea how to react to that feeling, she likes it. She likes it a lot.

The fact that they were supposed to watch TV, is forgotten, the moment, Chrostophers hands roams Lizzies body, and his lips meets hers. Clothes hits the floor. Lizzie lies down on her back in the couch, with Christopher on top of her. Kissing her all over. It feels magical. Never have she had sex any other place than in the bed. But this couch thing is amazing. Totally amazing. And Christopher really knows what he’s doing. Hitting all the right places. All the right spots. Lizzie didn’t even know it was possible for sex to feel this good. With Christopher it only gets better and better. More and more intense each time. And it’s not embarrassing to have an orgasm, like she used to think. Christopher is actually enjoying her orgasms just as much as she does. Telling her how amazing it makes him feel, and how beautiful she is when she’s coming. She doesn’t need to hole back anything, when she is with him. How is it possible for someone like her, to meet someone like him?

They sit back up again. Lights a cigarette, takes another beer. No even bothering to get fully dressed again. Doesn’t matter. He already saw her entire body. Lizzie is really self conscious about her body. Never liked it. Hated it even. But not with Christopher. He makes her feel sexy.

Lizzies phone beeps, with a message from Janet. A picture of a finished plate with food. Something that looks like some kind of beef and potatoes. A caption saying “Following the show!” and a smileyface. Lizzie takes a picture of her bra, lying on the floor. With the caption “Yep, us too!” With a laughing emoji attached to it. She hasn’t felt this genuinely happy in years. It’s like she’s flying. And she can’t stop smiling. Finally, it’s her turn to be happy. Finally.

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