Strangers With Memories (Original Story X Rated) Chapter One

Chapter One – Christopher! He´s Good!

Elizabeth or Lizzie amongst friends, leans her head against the neck support on the passenger side in the car. Looks over at Janet, one of her best friends, who is the one driving. It wasn’t that Lizzie couldn’t drive. She got her drives license after her divorce, about 6 months before her 35th birthday. A little late to buy the first car. But when you end up alone with three kids, a car is pretty essential. It was just that this was one of the first times she was going a place she didn’t know. And a roadtrip with a friend is always appreciated, when you’re a single mom, with very little time to socialise with friends.

– So, you got rid of three bags with clothing? Kids are growing fast?

Janet says, still with her eyes on the road. Lizzie sighs.

– Yeah. I feel like I just gave birth to them. And now two of them are in school, and number three have only one year left before he starts. It’s scary.

Janet looks over at Lizzie for a split second, before her eyes goes back to the road.

– I just miss someone, you know. After the divorce I’ve been so much alone. Not that I don’t enjoy my alone time. I just miss a grown up to talk to. And maybe some sex once or twice.

Janet smiles. This was a typical conversation between the two of them. Janet had tried to match Lizzie with many of her friends. But with Lizzie being selective and picky, it was a tall order to fill.

– How long has it been, Lizzie?

She asks, even though she already knows the answer. Lizzie turns her head, sighs again.

– Too long, Janet. Way too long. I actually think that my virginity is starting to grow back. And I probably forgot how to do it.

Janet starts to laugh, and the laugh is infectious. Soon the car is filled with best friend laughter.

– Want me to try to set you up again?

Janet is persistent, she just never gives up this stuff.

– Haven’t I been through them all by now? I don’t want any of them. You know me, Janet. I have to find them attractive, to actually want to sleep with them. I’m not one of those a dick is a dick people. If you’re going to find one to me this time. You have to think long and hard.

Janet goes quiet for a while. Looking at the road ahead, focusing on driving. Before she suddenly lifts her index finger in the air. Lizzie jumps in the passenger seat.

– Christopher! Yes, Christopher! He’s good!

Lizzie looks over at Janet. Frowns a bit. Janet understands, and nods back at Lizzie.

– He’s handsome. If you don’t like him. I’ve got nothing for you. And I officially give up!

– Who is this Christopher dude then? Do you have a picture of him?

Janet gets her cellphone from her pocket. Opens her Facebook. Lizzie looks at her. She doesn’t like people looking at their phones while driving. Never did. And especially after she started to drive herself.

– You know what I think about phones while driving, Janet.

Janet tosses the phone in Lizzies lap.

– His name is Christopher Stephens. He’s on my friend list.

Lizzie starts to put in his name. And his profile picture comes up. A picture of two kids, hand in hand, on something that looks like a bridge of some kind, surrounded by yellow, orange and light brown coloured leaves. A beautiful autumn picture.

– His profile picture isn’t of him. It’s two kids.

– Yeah. He has two Boys. And he is the perfect father for them. He is so good with those kids. Oh God! He is like the best father! Search his pictures. I’m sure there is a picture of him in there somewhere!

Lizzie starts to look through his profile. And then a picture pops up. A nice looking semiblonde guy, with blue eyes, and a playful yet grown up look.

– So… What do you think?

– He’s handsome… I like him…

– Yessss! Finally I found someone you like. I though that would never happen!

Janet is almost doing a little dance over on her side.

– It’s not that bad, Janet! I’ve had boyfriends you know. I was actually married once. You’ve never been married.

Janet looks over at Lizzie, frowns. That playful frown amongst good friends.

– I’d rather drink poison than to get married. You saw how your marriage turned out…

– Thank you, Janet! Just keep on rubbing it in, why don’t you!

– Eee.. You’re way better off without him anyway. And now you are free to go after guys like Christopher. And he is good! And I mean, really good!

Lizzie lets out a small laugh.

– Oh, so I’m getting your leftovers, is that what this is?

– Lizzie! Come on. Send him a message. I’ll talk to him. Tell him to answer.

– Well.. I guess I could have sex with him a couple of times. Wouldn’t hurt, right?

– If your virginity has grown back it will!

Janet sends Lizzie a playful smile, and Lizzie answers by bumping Janet playfully on the shoulder.

– Oh, shut it….

Silence follows. Until Janet slows down and stops the car at a gas station. She opens her door.

– Sigarette break! I’m dying here!

Lizzie follows. She should probably quit smoking. She did for her entire marriage. But the divorce wasn’t all that pretty, so she started again. Stupid fucking move by her part. But still, now she was hooked again. And the willpower to quit, was nowhere to be found.

Zipp zapp from lighters, and the two friends sat in the semiwarm April sun having a sigarette together.

– So, Janet. Where do you know this Christopher guy from? And when the hell did you sleep with him?

Janet smiles. A smile Lizzie knows way to good. Something mischievous is coming.

– We used to work together. And well.. Stuff happened. It was a fun summer, when I worked with him.

Lizzie can’t help but laugh. This was so typical Janet, that she should have known it before she even asked. The two friends have had countless nigths talking about past relationships, and weird places they’ve done it. This was nothing new.

– You better work, Bitch

Lizzie sings Work Bitch by Britney Spears. And Janet starts to do a little dance. Then they both start to laugh. This was a friendship with a solid foundation. They both knew they could “insult” each other in a fun way. And then just laugh at it together.

Janet looks at the time. Then she gets up and starts to move back to the car.

– Lose the sigarette, Lizzy! We have to go!

Lizzy, gets back into the passenger seat. Picks up her phone and look up Christopher Stephens. Taps the “send a message” button. Writes a short message.

– If he doesn’t reply, and I feel ugly. I’m blaming you. Just so you know!

– You always blame me, Lizzie! That’s not new. And he will answer. You look good. He’ll answer!

– Pfft.. You already have a boyfriend. It’s easy for you!


Turns out Janet was right. A couple of days later, Lizzies phone lights up with a message and a Facebook friend request from a certain Christopher Stephens.

Lizzie smiles. After the divorce, the cheating, everything. She felt betrayed, not good enough, ugly. So, to get a reply from this handsome guy. Well although she didn’t quite know what. That did something to her self confidence.

*Huh.. What do you know… Maybe I’m not that bad after all*

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