Strangers With Memories (Original Story X Rated) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – I Probably Forgot How To Do It!

Lizzie walks in front of Christopher into the bedroom. He follows closely behind. No one is saying anything. No need to, both Lizzie and Christopher knows what’s about to happen.

The room is not big. Just enough room for a bed, clothes and a desk. Lizzie stops in front of the bed. Contemplating what to do. It’s been over a year since she last had sex, and well. She wants to, it’s not that. But what if she forgot how to do it, what if she’s no good. Lizzie turns towards Christopher.

– So, well, this is my be…

Christopher stops her with a kiss. An intense one. His hands all over Lizzies body. Clothes falls fast to the floor. At least Christopher knows what he’s doing. Lizzie just follows along. And it feels fucking incredible.

It’s been so long since anyone has been this close to her, and that makes the excitement even more exiting. His hands on her body, his breath on her skin, his lips greedily finding hers. Everything is just perfect.

Christopher gets on his back, and without thinking, Lizzie gets on top of him. The heat and the tension makes all of her insecurities go away. And Christopher is good to her. This doesn’t feel like a One Night Stand. It feels like it means something.

Neither Christopher nor Lizzie is holding anything back. When he enters her, Lizzie gasps. Did it really feel this good last time. His hands on Lizzies hips, guiding her down on to him.

– You’re tight, alright!

His words reaching Lizzies ears. She never thought of that. Lizzie actually thought that giving birth to three children, messed all of that up. And now, she’s here, with a really good looking guy, who tells her exactly what she wants and needs to hear.

Lizzie looks at him. His ocean blue eyes, meets hers, looking intently into them.

– I probably forgot how to do this….

Lizzie don’t know why she says it, but if she’s no good. He should probably know that right away. It feels safer that way. His hands on her hips, as he plunges upwards, into her.

– It doesn’t feel like you have!

Lizzie moves with him. His words are like confidence bottles, emptying inside of her. It’s been so long since anyone has told her anything good about her. And this whole situation makes his words sound true.

Janet didn’t lie, when she said he was good. He really knows what he’s doing. Hitting all the right spots. Lizzie have never experienced anything like this before. Can sex really be this good?

After a while he turns Lizzie over to her back, and enters her again, waisting no time. Their eyes meet. It feels so good, so right. Lizzie usually don’t look at the ones she’s slept with. Truth be told, she hasn’t really enjoyed the sex part at all. No particular reason for it. It just never ment anything. Just sex. Nothing special. Something she just did. Like brushing her teeth. But this, if this is how sex is supposed to be. She has really been missing out.

Christopher takes a soft hold of Lizzies hair. Lizzie is unsure if it’s intentional or not. But she likes it. Should that be something you like? Is that an OK thing to like? Is hair pulling some sort of fetish? Stop it, Lizzie. Concentrate, concentrate on this moment. Don’t get lost in your head now.

It doesn’t look like Christopher realised that Lizzie went a little bit into her head. Because he continue to bury himself inside of her. No words spoken. Just eye contact from time to time, a few intense kisses, and the breathing.

If Lizzie didn’t bite her nails, Christopher would have had scratchmarks on his back. Her muscles tenses with every thrust. God how incredibly good this feels. It’s like they just fit together. Like he was made to pleasure her.

Then he stops. Lizzie didn’t realise. She was so inside her own pleasure. God how she wishes it could go on forever. It wasn’t that she expected to come or anything. She had comed to terms with the fact that orgasms was something she was never gonna get. And since she obviously didn’t know how that felt, she was fine with that. But god, the feeling of him inside her.

Christopher lies on top of her for a while, before he gets down on his back, beside her. None of them is saying anything. They just lie there next to each other. Not moving, just catching their breaths again. Lizzie closes her eyes. God how lucky she feels to be in this moment right now.

Maybe this could actually turn into something good. Not like a relationship or anything. But a nice friendship would be good to have. It’s not like Lizzies social circle was big. Just Janet actually. And it would be great to have some more friends to turn to. Life as a single mom wasn’t exactly perfect all the time.

But, he’ll probably leave soon. He finished what he came for. Now he’ll probably leave like everyone else. They did agree that this would be just sex. Nothing wrong with that. They both got what they wanted. And, Lizzie is prepared for him to get up, get dressed, and then leave. She never did expect anything else.

But he doesn’t leave. Instead they fall asleep next to each other. Lizzie doesn’t even realise that they do. She just drifts into a peaceful, safe sleep….

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