Strangers With Memories (Original Story X Rated) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – I Have Epilepsy!

A bit too much wine last night. Lizzie sleeps in. Weekend, no kids to take to school. Lie in bed all day, Reading a book maybe. Watch some TV. Lizzie turns to her side. He’s still there? Christopher is still there, right beside her, sleeping. He didn’t leave? Why didn’t he leave? Isn’t that what he’s supposed to do? Lizzie can’t hide her smile. Although she’s not entirely sure why he didn’t leave in the middle of the night. She is happy that he’s still there. He looks so beautiful. Semi blonde, messy hair. A grown up, yet playful face. Lizzie just looks at him for a while, before he starts to wake up.

Christopher yawns, and stretches. Lizzie follows his movement with her eyes. Studies his upper body. Just enough chest hair to make it sexy, and just that little hint of muscles. Not too much, just enough. Lizzie takes a breath.

– Good morning!

Christopher finally opens his eyes. Gorgeous blue eyes. Brown was always Lizzies favorite eye color. She can’t remember for how long she wished her eyes were brown, and not the stupid green/grey they were. She even contemplated colored contacts for a while. But never started. Her eyes was the color they were. Why would she lie about that? But these blue eyes. They are absolutely amazing. Like a clear blue sky.

– Good Morning to you too!

Lizzie gives Christopher a smile. It’s absolutely not hard to smile at him. It’s actually harder not to. Lizzie don’t know if it’s because of the sex part, or if it’s because he’s still there. Either way, it feels good to smile a genuine smile.

– You got coffee?

It’s definitely a question. Lizzie laughs a bit.

– I’m a single mom, with three kids. Of course I’ve got coffee.

Christopher sits up in the bed. Lizzie does the same. She doesn’t even bother to cover up. Even though she always was ashamed of her body. She didn’t even liked going to the beach in the summer, due to her complexes. She always felt fat, even before she became a teenager. But in a weird way, Christopher kinda takes it all away. And he doesn’t seem to mind the streachmarks or the momboobs. And he spent the night. He didn’t leave. That means something. Doesn’t it? Usually she wakes up alone after a One Night Stand. Not that she’s had a lot of those lately.

Lizzie starts to get dressed. Christopher follows. He’s not ashamed of his body at all, as it seems. Getting up on the floor, butt naked. Searching for his clothes on the floor. Giving Lizzie some of hers in the process. Lizzie looks at him while she’s getting dressed. He looks good. Looks like he takes care of himself. And his…. is just the right size. Lizzies belly cleches when she thinks back on last night. Will she experience it again? Or was this really just a One Night Stand?

When they’re both back in their clothes, they walk together up to the kitchen. Lizzie prepares two cups of coffee, and both Christopher and Lizzie sits down on the couch. Sipping the coffee. What is normal to say in a situation like this? Lizzie haven’t woken up with a guy, since her marriage. And, well. She has absolutely no clue what to say.

– So. Next weekend I’m visiting a friend. But I really want to see you again. So, let me know if you want to, and we can meet up.

Lizzie looks at him. Meet again? Another new thing. How do you respond to that? Say something, Lizzie, or else he’ll think you don’t want to.

– This friend, does he live far away?

– A couple hours bus drive!

– Oh, so you don’t have a car?

Christopher looks up at Lizzie. This is the first time she sees insecurity in his face. Is he embarrassed about not owning a car? Lizzie knows that they don’t know each other very well yet, but he doesn’t have to worry about things like that. Lizzie won’t look at him differently. At lot of people down own their own cars.

– Err.. I don’t have a drivers license.. I mean I did.. have one.. I lost it..

Oh, so that’s the reason.

– D.W.I?

Lizzie don’t understands how she dares to ask a question like that. Is it rude to ask about stuff like that? Even though Lizzie knows, she won’t look at him differently, he doesn’t know that.

– Err.. No. I have epilepsy. And I had an attack while I was driving, a couple of years ago. Went off the road, down in some bushes. When I woke up. I thought I just fell asleep. So I tried to start my car up again. And the next thing I remember is a firefighter, jumping up on the hood of my car to get me to stop.

Lizzie looks at him. Epilepsy? She doesn’t know a single thing about that. Well some of course. But never stuff like this.

– Wow. That’s intense.. I… I don’t know what to say.

Christopher takes another sip of his coffee.

– You don’t have to say anything. This is something I have to live with. And although I don’t have my drivers license. I can still work, and travle. I just have to plan my travles before hand.

Lizzie doesn’t say anything. What do you say to something like this? Again, they don’t actually know each other. But this was a lot of information to get. And with Lizzies motherly nature, it’s hard not to think about taking care of this guy. He’s being really nice to her. And Lizzie wants to return the favor.

– And I was lucky. Had the attack happened a little before, or a little after, my car would have ended up in the water. And then…

«No more Christopher», Lizzie doesn’t say it out loud. But both of them knows.

– Wednesday’s are good days for me to meet up. If you want to.

Best to talk about something else. This whole epilepsy thing. Lizzie needs to know more about it, before she can go into a conversation about that.

– Great. Wednesday. I can come by then.

Nothing more is said. They just drink the rest of the coffee in silence. Looking at their phones. When they’re done with the coffee. Christopher gets up.

– I asked a friend to pick me up. I, would liked to stay longer. But I need a shower and I need to do some laundry and shit. See you on Wednesday?

– Sure. You don’t have to say you’re sorry. You stayed the entire night. And Wednesday is not so far away.

Lizzie smiles at him. And Christopher smiles back. Before he gives Lizzie a hug, with the words «See you later».

When the door closes behind him, Lizzies smile grows bigger. Does he like her? He must at least like her a little. Staying the whole night, scheduling another meet. That means that they like you. Right?

God, Lizzie. Stop over analyse everything. It’ll only get you in trouble. Just be in the moment. Enjoy this while it lasts. And call Janet. She’s probably dying to know what happened last night.

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