Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve – Now, Let´s See If We Can Make Some Magic!

It’s Rollins who opens the door. He looks the same as last time. Hair held in place by hair gel, all black clothing, and that hard, intimidating look. You swallow. How is this night going to end? What are they planning on doing with you. After what you heard outside, you feel a little nervous.

– Welcome! How has this week been treating you?

You look up at Rollins. What the hell? Are you suppose to make friends with these guys? Or is this just a part of one of their twisted plans to BDSM you into the next millennium?

– Pretty good actually. You?

– Well, you know how it is. Work, all work. Come on in!

Rollins puts a hand on your back and guides you inside. You look around. Rose petals, candles. What the fuck is this? What are they up to? Is this some kind of twisted sex fantasy? You’ve seen some BDSM porn, most of it during this last week actually. To sorta prepare you for what you could expect from tonight. But none of the videos you saw online looked anything like this. You swallow again.

– You don’t like roses?

Rumlow finally talks. You look over at him. But you don’t say anything. He laughs a little, and gives you a half smile.

– I want you to help me live out a fantasy I have….

Including Rose petals and candles? This rough agent guy have a fantasy including roses? Yeah, right! It’s not like you haven’t gotten requests like this before. In fact a lot of your clients wants you to live out their fantasies with them. But that’s usually romantic stuff. Lonely guys, who wants to live a 9-5 life, with wifes and all that. It could be dinner at a fancy restaurant and later sex at the hotel, stuff like that. Romantic, cosy stuff. And you have a feeling that THIS is not that kind of fantasy.

– Lose the clothes!

Rollins comes up behind you. Talks in a firm, demanding tone. You start to turn around, but Rollins stops you. Holding your shoulders, keeping you in place.

– I didn’t say turn around! I said lose the fucking clothes!

You remove your dress. Rollins still stands behind you. His hands now in your hair. You look at Rumlow, who is taking a couple of steps towards you. Suddenly Rollins takes a firm grip of your hair, yanks your head back.

– Everything!

You lift your arms to remove your underwear. But Rollins’ other hand grabs them before you can start.

– Too Late slut!

Rumlow is now all the way up in your face. Looking at you. Just like last time, he takes a grip of your chin

– You didn’t learn to listen last time, did you? You think flogging is the worst thing you can experience? Think again, fucking whore!

– I’m sorry! I’ll listen. I’ll take it off. I… I want you to do stuff to me…

Rumlow takes a hold of your throat. Just like last time. Holds just tight enough for you to get some air. Then he lets his lips touch yours. It’s not a kiss, not really. He just kinda talks literally all the way up in your face.

– Shut Up!

You don’t say anything. With Rumlows hold of your throat, you’re not even sure if you’ll be able to.

– That’s a good little slut! Keep your mouth shut, until we tell you to open it!

With that he lets go of your throat. And Rollins lets go of you as well, and moves so both of them stands in front of you. You feel like you’re on display.

– What did we tell you to do?

You don’t dare to answer. You don’t even dare to open your mouth. So you just remove your underwear. They’re not moving, they just looks at you. Even after you’re completely naked, they’re still just looks you up and down.

Rumlow turns away from you, goes over to the desk, and picks up two roses. What’s with these fucking roses? Rumlow then comes over to you, and hands you both the roses.

– Hold them!

You take the roses, carefully between your thumb and index finger, so you don’t hurt yourself on the thorns. Rumlow looks at you, and shakes his head.

– I said HOLD THEM!

You swallow. You still don’t dare to speak, so you can’t ask what he means by that. But, you don’t have to. Rumlow takes the roses from you again, and gives them to Rollins. Then he turns back to you.

– Open your hands!

You look down on your hands. Oh, so that’s what he ment. This is going to hurt. You’ll bleed for sure. These guys are even more crazy than you thought. You swallow again, but you don’t dare to disobey Rumlows orders. If you do they will overpower you in milliseconds, and probably hurt you even more than the roses will do. You open both your hands, then they both put a rose in each of your hands. The thorns digging into your skin right away. You try to hold back the whimpers of pain. But you’re not sure if you managed.

– Now close them!

You take a breath, before you close your hands. Fuck this hurts. You can feel the blood dripping from your hands. How long are they going to have you do this? You look from one rose to the other one. You try to stand still. The pain makes you want to let go of the roses, but you don’t want to know what the punishment for doing that will be. So you keep your hands where they are.

– Spread your legs!

Rollins again. Thank God this show is moving forward. They can’t possibly have you hold on to these roses the entire night. Please have me do something else. Anything.

Romlow comes over to you again. Puts one hand on each of your thighs and forcefully spreads your legs. He’s so rough you almost lose your balance. Rumlow then lifts your arms a little higher.

– Keep them there! DON’T move!

Fuck. You’ve seen this in some of the porn you watched. Well, not with roses, but trays, glasses of water or other things. The deal is to hold a specific position while getting an orgasm. What are they going to use to give you one?

You don’t have to wait long. Rollins opens a bag, and takes out something, gives it to Rumlow. You can’t see what it is, because they’re facing away from you. Rumlow turns around and comes over to you. Holds a magic wand in front of your face.

– You know what this is?

You nod. They told you not to speak, so you don’t.

– What is it then?

– It’s a magic wand…

– Ever used one before?

You nod again. Of course you have. Are these guys so high on themselves that they think they are the only clients you have? There is a million people who uses these kinds of things. You included. You have one at home. You look at Rumlow, holding the device. You know what it does. So you already know you’re going to come. Does he also know that?

Rumlow sits down in front of you. You follow him with your eyes. Rollins still just looks at you. You try to tell if they’re turned on by this. But you can’t tell through their tactical gear. You can hear Rumlow turn the magic wand on, so you look back down on him. He laughs at you. Knowing they have complete control over you. You swallow. I have to keep my arms up. I have to keep my arms up.

– Now let’s see if we can make some magic, shall we!

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