Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – I Think She Likes It!

After Alexander leaves, the room goes quiet. For a while the two guys just look at you, before the tallest one takes a strong hold of your hair, yanking your head back, and look you straight in the eye.

– What the fuck is wrong with you? Are you just going to stand there the whole night?

They look at each other again, and the shorter one takes a few steps towards you. You don’t know what to do. You don’t know what they want you to do. Should you make the first move? That’s not what usually happens. You’re used to getting instructions, and then execute them. That’s kinda your job description. You have no idea what to do in this situation.

– Maybe she’s having a One Night STAND!

Both of them laugh a little bit, before they turn their attention back to you.

– What do you think, Rollins? Should you or I go first?

Ok, so the tall one is Rollins, and the short one is… Name, what was the name? Raw..? No. Shit!

The shorter one takes a hold of your throat, and pushes you backwards, until you hit the door. His hold is hard. And you’re starting to feel like you cant breathe.

– Be careful with her, Rumlow. She might break! Just look at how skinny she is!

Rumlow! What the fuck kinda name is that? He loosens his grip a little. But you still feel the need to lift your arms and try to get him to let go. Jenna was right, when she said they were insane. You’re streetsmart, and you know how to handle yourself. But there’s two of them. And they also knows how to handle themselfes.

OK. Pretend to like it. Let them take control. Breathe.

– She looks scared, Rumlow. Maybe we should treat her better.

Rollins says it in a sarcastic way. And you understand what the madam told you about the degrading part. They are talking about you, not to you. And everything is happening over your head. It’s like you’re a toy, and they are discussing who gets to play with you first.

– She needs to lose her fucking clothes first.

Rumlow still has a grip of your throat, but he’s looking at Rollins while he speaks to him. Now he turns back to you. He narrows his eyes. Threatening you with his look. It’s no question that you are the sub in this situation. And they are the doms.

– You heard me! Lose the fucking clothes!

You remove your dress. It’s only the straps keeping it on you, so when you push them off your shoulders, the dress falls down to the floor. Rumlow, who is standing closest to you, looks down on your body. You swallow. Did you pick the right underwear? He lets go of your throat. Finally, you can breathe properly again. Then he takes a hold of one of your breasts.

– At least she has something we can squeeze!

Rumlow turns towards Rollins again, and at the same time he squeezes your breast. You whimper.

– You should try the other one, Rollins. It’s just enough of this to fill the palm of my hand. Just enough flesh for me to grab a hold of.

You whimper again. It hurts. Of course you’ve had customers before that were big, and penetrated you without any kind of foreplay, but this hurts in a different way. And he is not letting go. It’s almost like he gets off by your pain, and your whimpers.

Rollins comes over to you, and grabs the other breast. Squeezes just as hard as Rumlow, if not harder. You whimper louder. Again they’re not looking at you. They’re looking over you at each other.

– You don’t need this!

Rollins looks at your bra, then he reaches behind your back, and almost just snaps his fingers, to open the clip. Then Rumlow finishes the job, removing it completely. You look down on your breasts. Just as small as you are. They are like raisins compared to Jennas. You should probably take silicone. But then you’ll be out of work for a while, and you can’t afford that. And big silicone filled breasts on your tiny body. It will surely look ridiculous.

Again your line of thoughts are cut short, when both Rumlow and Rollins take your nipples between their fingers, pulling, twisting, squeezing. You whimper again. How long are they going to keep this up? Rollins clamps his hand over your mouth.

– Shut the fuck up! Stop whimpering so fucking much!

You try to slow your breathing down. And just take the pain. You just hope they’ll finish soon. Rollins doesn’t remove his hand over your mouth. You can smell the fabric on the glove he’s wearing. It’s black, and it’s only covering half of his fingers. It smells like fire. Like the smell after a house burned down nearby. You try to focus on the smell, instead of them pulling and twisting your nipples. Fuck, this hurts!

After a while they stop. You try to look down again, but Rollins’ hand is in the way. Rumlow lets his hand glide up and down over your nipple.

– Hard as a fucking rock! I could just take this between my teeth.

He laughs, then he leans down, and bites your nipple. Not hard hard, but hard enough for you to let out another whimper, underneath Rollins’ hand. Rollins reacts instantly, his other hand grabbing your throat.

– Shut the fuck up! Whimpering, bitch!

Rumlow gets back up. Looks at you. You feel totally helpless. And they know that. And by the looks of it, they are enjoying every single second of you helplessness.

Rumlow lifts his hand, and carefully claps your chin. Not hard at all. Just like soft gently taps. Mocking you. Showing you that you can’t do anything to make them stop. Calm before the storm?

– You poor little thing…

He looks at Rollins.

– Maybe we should give her what she came here for. She’s probably aching for it…

Rumlows other hand travel down your stomach, and into your underwear. Then he laughs at you. And again, he turns to Rollins.

– You know what, Rollins. I think she likes it!

Rollins looks down. You do the same. You do consentrate on liking it, allthough it hurts. Jenna told you to try your best, and obviously it’s working. Rollins removes his hand from your mouth. Then he kisses you. You’re not used to clients kissing you. Usually you don’t let them. You feel kissing is actually more intimate than the sex and penetrating part of it. You should probably tell this guy that. But given his roughness, you feel that can do more harm than good, so instead you just let him.

– Get down on the fucking floor!

They don’t wait for you to move, instead they put you down on the floor. Your head in Rumlows lap, and your arms pinned under his legs. You are imobilised. Rollins removes the rest of your underwear. Spreads your legs apart. You’re used to people doing this. This is not your first rodeo. But this is different. Not only are there two of them. But they are both rougher than anyone you have ever encountered. And you have no idea what they are going to do to you. And you can’t decide of you are turned on or scared. Maybe a bit of both.

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