Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen – Now, Clean It Up!

You prepare yourself mentally for what’s about to happen. To stand still, to not move your arms. The stuff they do to you is punishment enough, and you don’t want to make it worse.

Rumlow touches you with the wand. You shake a bit, but you manage to stand still. And you do your best to control your breathing. To focus on making this as quickly as possible. Again he touches you with the wand, holds it a bit longer this time. Something that sounds like a moan mixed with a fear of some kind escapes you. Rumlow takes his eyes away from the wand for a second, and looks at you.

– See? Magic!

Rollins cleares his throat, you look at him. He tugs his pants a little. Cleares his throat again. God, these guys are turned on by the weirdest things. You’re standing here, blood from your hands running down your arms. Rumlow in front of you, probably planning on keeping you on edge, so you’ll drop the roses. Think again, agent guy, think again. If there is ONE thing you’ve learned from your time in the escort business, it’s to be persevering.

You’re ripped out of your line of thoughts, when Rumlow touches you with the wand again. Holding it in place. You’re struggling not to bend your knees, and fall down on the floor. Your legs are shaking. Magic wands, are really magic. But you still have a feeling that he will keep you on edge. Maybe you could try to speed things up. Think about something that turns you on….

– Stand fucking still! Rollins! Get over here!

Rollins walks over to you. Stands in front of you for a bit, looking at your reaction to Rumlows play with the wand. Then he sits down. You feel so degraded. That’s probably what they want. Both of them still fully dressed, you totally naked, on display for them, holding two roses, and standing like you just got tagged in fucking «stuck in the mud». At least they are on their way to crawl between your legs.

Again Rumlow touches you with the wand. Fuck! He knows exactly where to hold it. Your arms are shaking. Rollins lets his tongue glide up on the outside of your thigh, and then he gently bites your butt cheek. You whimper.

– What the fuck are you doing, Rollins? Do you want her to make this?

– Fuck no!

– Then fucking do something about it. Do you think this slut has never been bitten before?

Rollins bites you again, and another whimper escapes you. Rumlow is still holding the wand in place, and right now, you’re unsure if you’ll make this.

– I don’t know, Rumlow, sounds to me like she’s enjoying this!

– For fucks sake, Rollins! Fill her up!

You don’t dare to speak. All your focus goes into holding your arms in place. The roses doesn’t weigh anything, but you feel your arms hurting.

– With what, Rumlow?

– Something from the bag, your fingers, your tongue, your fucking dick! How the fuck should I know, use your fucking imagination!

Oh fuck, this is never going to work if Rollins is going to work you as well. You take a deep breath.

– Finger fuck her, Rollins. She’s never going to make it!

As before, Rollins follows Rumlows orders without hesitation, and before you know it he slips one finger inside you, and then joins in with another. Rumlow doesn’t move the wand an inch.

– Fuuuuck!!

You moan loud. This is so much more than you can take.

– Work her harder, Rollins, we’ve got this!

You can feel and hear that they are both turned on by this. But you don’t dare to look at them. Focus on standing still. To hold your arms in place. You try to hold back your moans, but with what they are doing to you, it’s impossible.

– I have one more request!

You don’t realise that Rumlow is talking to you, before he changes the vibration on the magic wand.

– HEY! Fucking slut! I’m talking to you!

Between your ragged breathing and your moans you mange to say «yes». And you finally look down. Rumlow looks up at you. There’s that smile again. Almost mocking you. A sign that he is in charge, and that you can’t disobey him. If you do, there will be consequences.

– You have to ask permission to come!

Shit! You know what that means. And you know that he will say no. He will say no, and then work you even harder, until you can’t hold it anymore. No matter what you do from here on out, you will lose!

– Did you hear me?!?

– Yes! Yes!

Rumlow and Rollins look at each other. Did Rollins give Rumlow a little nod? What is their plan?

– Then fucking ask, little slut!

Rollins changes the angle on his fingers inside you, and instantly hits that spot. At the same time Rumlow presses the wand against your clit. It almost hurts.

– Fucking. Ask!

– Please! Can… Please can I come?

– NO!

Both of them almost yells at you. You almost scream in pleasure. You desperately try to hold back, even though you know it will be impossible.

– Please! I have to come!

– What did I fucking tell you?

– Please!! I need to! I can’t…

Rumlow ups the pace on the wand one more time, and Rollins works you hard. You give up. Your whole body is shaking. Your desperate, horse moans and screams sounds defening. Your legs gives in under you, and you collapse on the floor.

Rumlow is over you right away. And takes a firm grip around your throat. You don’t even have time to think. Rumlow comes all the way up in your face.

– What did I fucking tell you?

– S… Sorry! I’m sorry….

– Sorry doesn’t cut it! Fucking whore!

He still has a firm grip around your throat, and for a second you’re afraid he’ll cut of your oxygen supply completely. Between tears of fear and frustration, you see that Rollins gets up from the floor.

– Look at the mess she made, Rumlow!

Rumlow loosens his grip around your throat. You take a breath. This is even worse than last time. Maybe you should’t have come back. Rumlow looks into your eyes.

– So… The little slut made a mess… Let’s see shall we?

He lets go of your throat, instead he takes a hold of your hair, and yanks you halfway up from the floor, and then he presses your face down on the floor. He’s not bothering being nice. His hold of your hair is so tight, you’re afraid he’s gonna rip it out. With your hair in a tight grip, he leans down and almost yells in your ear.

– Now, clean it up!

You try to open your eyes, but your tears makes it hard to see anything. The only thing you can make out are Rollins’ combat boots. You’re so scared and it hurts too bad, that you are unable to move. Rollins gets down to your level, and Rumlow drags your head back, so you can look into Rollins’ eyes.

– He told you to clean it up! Why won’t you listen? Do you want us to hurt you?

You swallow, and look around. There is absolutely NOTHING here to clean it up with. Rollins looks at you for a bit, before he looks up at Rumlow.

– I don’t think she understands!

They laugh again. Then Rumlow sits down, almost on top of you. Still holding your hair. Then he once again pushes your head down on the floor.

– Stick out your fucking tongue!

You manage to move your eyes, so you see Rollins. He just looks at you, no emotions, just that cold hard look, you remember from last time.

– You heard him! Stick. Out. Your. Fucking. Tongue!

What the? They want you to lick the floor? What the fuck is wrong with these guys?

– What are you so afraid of! It’s all you!

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