Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten – A Non Disclosure Agreement!

When you wake up the next morning you feel the effects from last night on your body. Your back hurts, so you roll out of bed and stumble into the bathroom. You’re curious how your bruises looks now, but still you’re not entirely sure that you want to know. Either way, you still need your morning shower, so you remove your Snoopy PJs and look at yourself in the mirror. *Oh fuck*. This will keep you out of work for like a week. What are you going to say to the madam? You have some money saved up, but your lifestyle kinda reflects your income. This’ll be hard.

You take a shower and contemplate what you should say. If the madam knows these guys, she’ll probably understand. Maybe you could just take the easy jobs the next week. Blow Jobs, banquets and stuff like that. It doesn’t pay as much. But it’ll still be money. Anyway, you have to report in. The madam likes to keep record. For your safety. It’s not like you have to write a rapport, you’re just going to tell her how they treated you. How did they treat you exactly? They were rough for sure, and you have the bruises to prove it. But still, you came. You can’t even remember how many times. Should you tell the madam that? Is that at all OK behaviour? Is it normal?

Fuck, you should’ve never started in this line of work. You know nothing about this. You had a plan when you moved to New York. You have a degree in computer sience. You were supposed to get a job with computers. But, you didn’t, and you needed money. Argh. Screw it. Just go to work, YN!


You carefully knock on the madams door. What are you going to say? What are you going to say?

– Come in!

You take a deep breath, before you open the door.

– YN, how delightful to see you!

What? OK, you’ll take it!

– Ehh.. Good Morning!

The madam looks at you..

– No need to be shy, YN. Come, sit down. Do you want something to drink?

The madam doesn’t wait for an answer. She pours you a glass of lemon water.

– So.. How was last night?

– Ehhe.. OK, I guess. But..

Once again the madam doesn’t wait for you to finish, instead she gives you a piece of paper. You take it up. On the top of the paper in big bold letters it says » NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT». You look back up at the madam.

– What’s this?

The madam cleares her throat.

– You have to sign this, if you’ll continue to visit the SHIELD building. You can come across sensitive information, and Pierce wants to make sure that you won’t…

You look back down on the piece of paper. On the very bottom, there is a blank space for you to sign. And Alexander Pierce already signed it. Wow, this people work fast.

– Continue to visit?

The madam smiles at you.

– Alexander delivered the contract this morning. Personally. Told me how much the Agents liked you. They want you back, this Friday.

You think back on how Rollins mocked your appearance. They liked you? You look down your body. Tiny breasts, narrow hips, not at all much flesh on your bones.

– YN. Did they treat you bad?

– No.. I mean, besides from the BDSM Part, both of them were really nice.

– So, you want to go back?

You put the contract down on the desk.

– I guess I can go back. But what does this contract mean? I can’t talk about SHIELD at all. Not that I’m going to. I.. I just never signed anything like this before.

– SHIELD is a big business. They strive to serve and protect. They have a close relationship to Stark Industries and the Avengers. You understand that it would look bad, if it came out that they used our services.

– Of course. I.. I’ll sign it.

You read through the contract, and then you sign at the bottom, next to Alexanders name. You don’t know why. But signing a contract like this makes you feel special. Being in the Escort business, you’re usually overlooked, used, invisible almost. This contract makes you feel like you’re part of something.

The madam smiles at you again.

– Thank you, YN. I raised your cut to 70%, which is a lot, given what they’re paying. And feel free to use the company card to upgrade your wardrobe and your make up. Take the rest of the day off. Go shopping, visit a spa, whatever you need.

You don’t get to say anything, before the phone rings. The madam gestures for you to leave. So you do. When you close the door behind you, your brain starts to work again. Did you just sign a Non Disclosure Agreement? And you’ll get 70%, instead of the usual 50%? How the hell did this happen?

You decide not to go to a spa, if you walk around in a bathing suite, your bruises will surely get peoples attention. Some people always recognise you, from different events, and you’re starting to get used to that. But you are careful not to broadcast it. Being an Escort isn’t exactly something to be proud of.

Out on the street, you feel the need to get home as fast as possible. Your head is spinning around what just happened at the office. And you want to get home to think about it, and maybe Google what Non Disclosure actually is. You don’t even realise that you’re not looking up, before you collide with someone. You lose your balance, and fall down on the sidewalk.

– Oh, I’m so sorry mam. I wasn’t looking. Here let me help you up!

There that’s mam again. Is regular New Yorkers just really polite, or is it that you’ve only met the duchebags through work? You can see a hand extended to you, to help you up. You take it, without thinking. You get to your feet, and look up at the guy you collided with.

– Sorry.. I… I was just in a hurry.

The guy looks at you. Studying you.

– YN? From last night? Are you running from someone again? Someone after you?

You recognise the guy, but you can’t for the love of God remember his name. What is it with you and names? It’s like they never even enter your head.

– Ehh. No, I just really want to get home…..

You look at him. You feel really embarrassed by the fact that he remembers your name, but you can’t remember his.

– It’s Steve, Steve Rogers!

– Yeah.. I knew that.. Sorry I didn’t remember.

– No worries, mam! You were in a hard situation last night.

You look into his eyes. They are ocean blue. You can almost see the waves in them.

– YN? Something wrong? Want me to walk you home again?

– No thank you, Steve! I’ll be fine. Sorry, again, that I didn’t see you.

You shake Steves hand, and then you continue to walk. Not looking back. He stands and look after you for a while. You don’t know why, but he is intriguing and scary at the same time. He could be just a really nice old fashioned guy. But he could also be someone who is following you. You’ve experienced that a few times before. One of them even went to prison.

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