Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen – Ready To Comply!

Rollins drags your head so far back, you feel like your spine is about to break on two. You try to follow his movements. In the hopes that he will finish soon. He puts one arm around your waist, and the other around your throat, drags you up, as he continues to fuck you raw. It hurts. This time, he has absolutely no intention of making you finish. This is soley about him. You try to hold your whimpers in. But the pain from before is still there, and combined with this. This can’t at all be normal sexual behaviour. Not that you know too much about that. Doing what you do, on a daily basis.

Finally Rollins finishes. But he keeps his grip on you. Rumlow takes a couple of steps towards you.

– You want to have a go at her?

Rollins talks behind you.

– Please…

You pleade. You need a break. If Rumlow is going to be as rough as Rollins, you need some time to breathe. Rumlow smiles triumphantly to you.

– I get to her later. I think she’s ready now. Don’t you?

Your mind spinning like crazy. Ready? For what? Aren’t they done yet. You feel like you’ve been fucked for a year. What are they going to do to you now? Rollins pushes you down on a chair.

– SIT!

He points his finger at you, while he talks. You don’t dare to do anything. And you need the time out. So you fold you hands in front of you, to show him that you won’t move.

Both Rumlow and Rollins get dressed again. You look at them. Putting on all the stuff they have. You see handcuffs, knives, Guns. Please don’t use that on me. You think to yourself. Suddenly scared, for what happens next. Is this about that third agent they were talking about? Who is he exactly? Oh, please don’t let it be that old grumpy guy. Who knows what these guys do together after a fight. Shit! Is this really worth an extra 20% on your pay check?

Rollins and Rumlow comes over to you. Take an arm each, and drags you up.

– What do you say, we take a little walk?

Rumlow sounds exited in a way. What the fuck is their plan? What have you gotten yourself into?

Their grip of your arms hurt, and they’re almost carrying you. Your feet hits the floor once in a while. But you’re not walking. Out in the hallway, towards the elevator. You look around. You’re not allowed to leave the SHIELD building. You should tell them that.

– I ca….

You don’t get yo say anything else, before Rollins cuts you off.

– Don’t worry, we won’t leave the building. We know the rules.

In the elevator, Rumlow pushes the button for the very bottom. What the? This must be a really disloyal Agent. You’ve heard about the hierarchy inside SHIELD. The farther up the better. And now, you’re on the way to the very bottom. Who the fuck is this guy? You swallow. Suddenly very aware that you’re still completely naked. You look around the elevator. Security cameras in every corner. Fuck. You swallow again.

– Ha, she noticed the cameras, Rumlow.

Rumlow looks at you, laughs at you.

– We should put on a show!

Rumlow doesn’t even finish the sentence before Rollins has a grip of your throat, and turns you back against him. Uses his knee to spread your legs, and Rumlow lets one finger glide over your clit. Before he slips two fingers inside you. Rollins leans into you, talking into your ear.

– I thought we had to get you wet and ready for The Soldier. But given the sounds your cunt are making, it sounds like you already are.

Rumlow massages your clit with his thumb, whilst finger fucking you as hard as he possibly can in this position. You make a sound, not quite sure what kind though. Fuck!

– Don’t make her come, Rumlow. Let’s see if he can do it.

– Given how wet she is, I don’t think that’s gonna be a problem. Fucking slut! You’ll take just anything, won’t you? Fucking dirty whore, enjoys being used.

You don’t know what to say. The getting wet Part isn’t exactly a voulentary thing. It kinda just happens. And in this situation, you wish you weren’t. Soldier? Did Rollins say Soldier? What does that even mean?

– DON’T YOU??!?

Rumlow spanks your pussy, you jump.

– Y.. Yes..

You just answer. You’re so scared of what’s to come, that you don’t even know what you just said yes to. And it doesn’t matter anyway. Because they’ll just make you. If you say no.

Finally the elevator stops. And they go back to holding your arms, dragging you with them. The cold basement air hits you like a knife. You’re completely naked, and worn out. The cold concrete floor burns under your feet, and you can’t help to feel like this is where they keep the nobodies. The prisoners, the outcasts. The ones that doesn’t exist. Why the fuck are you here?

At the end of a long hall, with dim lights hanging from the ceiling, you reach a new door. Rumlow punch in a code on a panel by the door, and the door opens. You swallow. It’s even worse in there. Colder, darker. It’s like you reach the end of the world. Involuntarily you hold back. It’s not like they can’t throw you over their shoulders and force you. But instead Rumlow pushes you up against the concrete wall. The cold wall on your back makes you suck in a breath.

– What? You don’t want to? You think I care? Fucking slut! Give me what I payed for!!

You swallow. You’re so scared, tears are falling from your eyes. What are they going to do to you down here? People know that you’re here. They can’t kill you down here, can they? It’s like Rumlow can read your thoughts. He lets his tongue glide over your lips.

– Don’t be afraid. The Soldier is here for your enjoyment. Nothing bad is going to happen to you. Only good things.

He turns to Rollins.

– I hope…

Rollins laughs. You breathe heavily. You want to scream, for help, scream no. But by the looks of it, no one will hear you down here. Will you ever get out of here. Didn’t they say something about a shower later. «Who says we can’t inflict pain in the shower» wasn’t that what Rumlow said?

– Who knows what he’ll do, once she’s strapped down.

Rollins talks as if you weren’t there. You swallow again.

– She probably have toys. Metal isn’t that different..

– How the fuck, do you know, Rumlow? It’s not like you tried it.

Again they laugh. Are they doing this to scare you even more. Toys? Metal? What are they talking about?

– No.. I’m all into this….

Rumlow lets his hand glide over your pussy. Then he turns his attention to you.

– Let’s go meet him, shall we?

You don’t answer. You know it’s a rhetorical question. You have no choice in this.

Down at the end of the hallway. Rumlow opens another door. You look inside. At first you don’t see anything. Just darkness. But then you can see the contures of a person sitting by the wall. Back against you. All black clothes, black hair. That’s why you didn’t see him. Rumlow says some words, in a language you can’t place. And the guy stands up. Turns around, and walks over to Rumlow. It looks like he’s sleepwalking almost.

You take a good look at him. Black around the eyes. Some sort of uniform. All black, some red details on it. Who is this guy? You let your eyes search every bit of him. His left arm looks like metal. Is that what they were talking about? Is this guy going to rail you with that metal thing? This is going to kill you.

You turn around. Rollins stops you, yanks you around again.

– Ready to comply!

The guy talks to Rumlow. His voice is almost… You can’t find the right words. It’s like he’s dead. Do they still brainwash people? Is that still a thing? Rumlow turns to you and Rollins. Looks at you.

– Oh, this is almost too good to be true. Little bitch want’s to say no.

You shake your head.

– Too bad…

Rollins lets go of you.

– Keep an eye on them. I’ll get the room ready.

You can’t move, you’re too scared. Rumlow grabs you, and drags you in front of him. You’re now face to face with the person they called The Soldier.

You swallow…..

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