Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Six

Chapter Six – Listen! Don´t Fucking Talk!

When you’re finally free from the desk. Rumlow takes a hold of your hair, and drags you up. The spreader bar is still on you, so you’re struggling to find a balance. Your back against Rumlow, and Rollins walks all the way up to you. You’re trapped between them. Your body still hurts, and the fear you feel is making you nauseous.

– We should probably take it a bit slow tonight. I like this one.

Rollins is looking at you when he speaks, but at the same time he’s not. His eyes are on you, but it’s like he’s looking right through you. Then he takes a hold of your chin. Just like Rumlow did before. Digging his fingers into your jaw bones. You whimper again.

– Don’t want to scare you away now…

His other hand spanks your pussy again. He’s holding your face in a tight grip, so you cant look away from him. And given their previous reactions to you closing your eyes, you don’t dare to close them. Rollins’ smiling to you. A triumphal smile. He knows he has total control over you, and you can’t do a thing to stop him. Another hit. Harder this time. You jump, whimper again.

– Fuck, Rollins. Do it again! I fucking love when she jumps like that.

Rollins hits your pussy again, three times in a row, fast, rough movements. You whimper louder, up on your tiptoes, trying to get away from each hit. Rumlow laughs behind you.

– Your whimpers are like fucking music in my ears. I want more of them!

Is like Rollins can read Rumlow’s mind. Everything happens so fast, you don’t even have time to think. Rumlow takes a hold of your throat. Again you struggle to breathe. Rollins takes your arms, and secure them together with some form of handcuffs. Then they drag you over to about the middle of the room. The spreader bar around your ankles makes it hard for you to move your legs, and their hold of your arms hurts. They’re not exactly careful with you. Rollins lifts your arms up, over your head, and before you know it, your arms are secured to something hanging from the ceiling. Finally Rumlow lets go of your throat. At least this time your feet reach the floor. You move your toes a little. Right now they are about the only thing on your body that doesn’t hurt. Rollins looks down on your feet.

– This is too fucking easy, Rumlow!

Rumlow moves behind you, and you feel the handcuffs and your whole body being dragged upwards, and yet again, you can only scrape the floor with your toes. You whimper again.

– Please! I.. I’ll listen. Please let me down.

You look at them, pleading. You know it’s probably a stupid idea. That your pleading probably will make them more wound up, and more likely to hurt you. It’s just that the pain is almost to much for you to take, and you feel so fucking degraded. It’s not like working in the escort service was something you dreamt of as a young girl. But it was usually better than walking the streets. And more safe. But this… This feels so unsafe. You can’t read their expressions. You can’t predict their next move. And on top of that you’re completely helpless. Yes, you did show up voluntarily, but now the whole thing feels like rape.

Rollins comes all the way up in your face and laughs at you. Tears are rolling down your cheeks. Rumlow again takes a hold of your throat, and talks into your ear.

– P..P…Please! Fucking slut! Listen! Don’t fucking talk!

Rumlow gives something to Rollins, you look down to see what it is. Fuck! It’s the flogger again. Now in Rollins’ hand.

– Noh!

Rumlow lets go of your throat, and takes a firm hard grip of your hair, yanking your head back. Yet, another whimper escapes you.

– Shut the fuck up! Stop talking!

Again you can’t see what Rollins is doing. Rumlow’s hold of your hair makes it impossible to look down. The only thing you see are your arms, secured above your head, and the ceiling. Fuck!

Then the flogger hits you. You yank the handcuffs, it only serves for your whole body to jump, and Rumlow to pull your hair harder. Another hit, then another, and another. The pain makes it impossible for you to keep quiet. You scream.

– Please! It hurts! Please stop!

Rollins stops. You take a deep breath, to collect yourself. What’ll happen now?

– She can take it!

Rumlows voice behind you. The flogger hits you again, hard. Several times. Your screams of pain echoes in the walls. Finally he stops. You breathe heavily, as they get you down on the floor again. Rumlow sits down on the floor with you, while Rollins continues to stand up. Rumlow then takes your still handcuffed arms, and lay them above your head, then Rollins puts his foot over the chain holding the handcuffs together. You’re trapped again. These guys are fucking crazy insane, unlike anything you’ve ever even heart about. And right now, you are their victim. They’ll continue to do whatever they want to you and with you, until the time is up. How much time did they pay for? The whole night? You’ll never survive the whole night with them. How much time has passed, since you came here? You look up at Rollins, looking down on you. His face rough and hard. No emotions, just a hard look, and it scares the shit out of you. You move your eyes to Rumlow. What is he going to do?

Rumlow just sits there, looking at your pussy. He notices that you’re looking at him. And places his hand between your legs. Continues to look at you. Almost gritting his teeth at you.

– Does it hurt?

You shake your head. Obviously you’re lying. It hurts like hell. So much so, that you want to cry. But no way in hell, you’re going to give him the satisfaction of letting him know that.

– How about this?

He grabs what there is of flesh to grab, and squeezes it tight. You whimper. Forcing your tears back. The pain is almost unbearable.

– How. About. This?

Rumlow squeezes tighter. And you can’t hold back anymore. Again, you scream in pain.

– Yes! It fucking hurts! P…Please stop. You’re hurting me!

Rumlow lets go. You sigh relieved.

– What do you want me to do then? This?

Rumlow spanks you. You jump up again. Lift your head from the floor. Look at him.

– No! Please! I…

Rumlow finds your clit, and takes it between his thumb and index finger, and then presses his fingers together.

– This?

You try not to scream, but the whimper that escapes you, sounds more like a scream than a whimper.

– NO! God, please STOP!

Rumlow lets go again.

– I can promise you. There’s no God here to fucking save you!

– Please.. Pl…

You don’t get to finish the sentence before Rumlow dips down, and lets his tongue glide over your center. Your head falls back to the floor. Relieved that it’s no more pain.

– Now, how about this?

His tongue glides over you again. You take a relieved breath. This whole ordeal still feels like rape. But this is so much better than the pain.

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