Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen – Make Her Do It!

His eyes looks dead. They’re as blue as the ocean. But they look dead. Like there’s nothing behind them. That dead look, scares you even more. This Soldier guy obviously have no conscience.

– Touch him!

Rumlows voice behind you. He lets go of your arms, and takes a hold of your hair. You are so scared you can’t move.


Rumlows hold of your hair tightens.

– Please..

You’re so scared you almost can’t hear your own words. If you get out of this alive. You’ll NEVER go back. This is too much, too insane, too sick. They’re basically telling you to rape each other, while they’re watching. How could anyone possibly be turned on by something like that?

– Fucking touch him! What are you waiting for?

You know there’s no use in denying him. They’ll get it their way no matter what. Best to just comply, and get it over with. You lift up your arms and place them on The Soldiers upper body. Although the room, and this place looks old and dirty. The clothes he’s wearing looks and feels new.

– Undress him!

Rumlow speaks again. You swallow. Look into the Soldiers eyes again. Still empty behind them.

– Wh… What??

Did Rumlow just tell you to take this guys clothes off? What if he doesn’t want to?

– Take. His. Clothes. Off!

– Can….

You don’t get to say it, before Rumlow screams at you.

– NOW!

The scream makes you jump. And you don’t dare to do anything other than to remove the Soldiers clothes. Slowly you start to unbutton his uniform. You look up at him again.

– Sorry… I’m so sorry….

Something flickers in his eyes. It could have been light from the hall. But your gut feeling tells you that this was something else. You take your time, with his clothes. You need to think, and right now, you have the time to. Should you talk to him some more? Tell him your name maybe? Does he have a name, or is he just the Soldier? Who is the person behind those blue eyes? Where did he come from?

When the last piece of clothing falls to the floor, you look at him again.

– I… I’m YN! What’s your name?

There’s that flickering again. Like something inside his consciousness is trying to break free. Keep talking, YN. If you can get him to regain consciousness, you could get out of this whole situation.

– I…

Rumlow clamps a hand over your mouth, and takes a hold of your throat. You desperately try to get eye contact with the Soldier, in the hopes that he’ll do something.

– Don’t fucking try to make friends with him. Get on your knees, slut!

Your vision blurry from the tears falling from your eyes. But you once more make eye contact with the Soldier.

– I’m so so sorry……

That’s all you get to say, before Rumlow forces you down on your knees. You don’t even get to see if he reacts to your words. Rumlow grabs your hair again, forcing your face all the way up between the Soldiers legs.

– Let’s see if you can give him a hard on, shall we?

You instinctively shake your head. There is NO WAY IN HELL that you’ll be willing to do this. This is borderline rape. And you do NOT do that. You’ll take whatever punishment Rumlow has in store for you. But you do not rape!

– Fine!

Rumlow lets go of you. You look up at him, as he turns to the soldier.

– Make her do it!

What the fuck? You don’t get to think or do anything, before the metal hand grabs your hair. His other hand on his cock, forcing it into your mouth. Now he’s the one raping you. How did this happen? Rumlow just told him what to do, and he just did it. You can feel him growing inside your mouth. Giving him a hard on, wasn’t exactly a hard job. The metal hand in your hair. You’re stuck in this situation. And there is obviously no point in trying to get into his mind. Rumlow has total control over him.

This is most definitely against every single rule in the book. This is sick, twisted and sick. Of course, doing what you do for a living, you do know that some people have strange and sometimes twisted fantasies. But this is.. This is so beyond any of that.

– Stop!

Rumlows command to the Soldier. Almost before the word is spoken. He lets go of you. You let your hands steady you on the floor, looking down on the cold concrete floor, while you let your tears of frustration fall from your eyes.

– Get up!

You feel like you’re almost brainwashed yourself. You just comply. Not saying anything, you get to your feet. You just want this to end. When you get back on your feet, you look at the Soldier again. You try to say something, but before you can make a sound. Rumlow commands the Soldier again.

– Go to the room!

You’ve never seen anything like this before. Maybe in movies. But you can’t remember. The Soldier just complies. Not even a look. He just does as he’s told. Is he brainwashed, or is he just as scared as you are?

– Follow him!

Rumlow pushes you out the door. You have no choice but to comply. If you don’t Rumlow will have the Soldier dragging you along. You know that.

The room you enter is big. And the first thing you notice is the chair. Looks like you can really be strapped down in that chair. You stop in your tracks. You really don’t want to see this through. What can you say to the Soldier To get him over on your side? Think, YN, think?

– SIT!

Rollins looks at you, and points at the chair. You shake your head. Rumlow grabs your throat and pushes you down in it.

– Please.. Don’t. I’ll do anything.. Just not this.. Please!

Rumlow talks to the Soldier, and before you know it, you’re strapped down in the chair. Immobilised. You desperately try to get into the Soldiers mind.

– Please!

Again you pleade. What are they going to do to you? What will the Soldier du to you?

– Make her feel good!

Shit.. You try to focus on your breathing. But you’re so scared it sounds like you’re hissing. Rumlow and Rollins just standing there, watching this whole thing unfold. The Soldier walking around you, inspecting your body.

Your legs strapped in, every Part of you are on display. And the Soldier could basically do whatever he wants to you. Please don’t hurt me. Please. The fear makes you tear up again.

– Please.. Don’t…

You meet the Soldiers eyes. There is definitely something there, trying to break free. But you’ll need so much more time, to break the hex they have on him. The only thing you can hope for, is that those sparks you see in his eyes. Makes him more gentle.

His right hand touches your neck, before he slides it over your collar bone, down to your breasts, carefully twisting your nipples. Down over your stomach, before stopping. You looking at him. He’s looking at your pussy. Almost studying it.

Then he slips two fingers inside you….

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