Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven – She Enjoys The Fucking Pain!

You can hear Rollins laugh over your head. And Rumlow lets his tongue glide over you again.

– She fucking loves this! I don’t even think I need to hold her arms in place.

Rollins’ voice is.. What’s the word? Condesending! He talks about you as if you were a thing. Maybe they see you as one. But Jenna said that…

– Keep her arms in place! It’s better when she’s immobilised!

Rumlows voice is deep and strong. Commanding. Is he the boss? You kinda thought it was the other way around. Rollins seems more like the boss type. But now he follows Rumlow’s orders, keeping your arms in place. He’s still standing tall, over you. Looking down on you. He scares you more than Rumlow does, so instead of looking up at Rollins, you focus on Rumlow.

After the flogging and the spanking, his wet, soft and warm tongue is a welcomed change. Although you still feel numb down there after everything, you still feel it when he slips two fingers inside you, joining his tongue in working you. Your head falls back to the floor again. That’s the only part of your body you can move at this point. Rollins still holds your arms in place, and Rumlow’s feet holds the spreader bar in place.

Rumlow lifts his head. His fingers still pumping inside of you. You lift up your head again to see what he’s doing but he’s not looking at you. He’s looking at Rollins.

– Sit the fuck down, Rollins. Help me get this slut to squirt for us.

You take a quick look up at Rollins. He complies to Rumlow’s order right away. Sits down on top of your arms, still keeping them in place. Then he leans over you, and takes both of your nipples between his fingers. Twisting, squeezing. You can’t see anything. Rollins’ upper body is blocking your view. You whimper again. He fricking LOVES this nipple playing thing.

Instead of telling you to shut up, like they used to. Rumlow starts to scissor his fingers inside you, and at the same time his tongue glides slowly back and forth over your clit. Fuck, not again. The pain from Rollins’ hold of your nipples, laced with the bubbling, burning feeling from Rumlow’s tongue and fingers pushes you up and up, until you can’t hold back your moans anymore. Rollins takes a firmer grip of your nipples, and your whimpers and your moans mixes in sounds you’ve never made before.

– She enjoys the fucking pain! She doesn’t know if this is good or bad!

Rollins almost laughs the words out. You can feel Rumlow lifting his head, his fingers still works you hard. You try to move, but it’s impossible. Even your head is being held in place, by Rollins’ upper body.

– She likes it. Fucking dirty little slut likes it!

Rumlows voice, hard. Fuck! This is like the most embarrassed you’ve EVER been on a job. Not even your first job felt like this. You know you’re going to come again. You could try to hold back, but you won’t make it. It would only serve for them to keep you in this position longer. Rumlow changes the angle of his fingers inside you, and proceeds to make «come here» motions. You gasp! FUCK!

It doesn’t take long. Your whole body tenses. You feel like you’re levitating off of the floor. Rollins has to let go of your nipples to help Rumlow to hold your hips in place. You scream. You have no control of your movements but it feels like the two of them together even struggle to keep you in place.

They waste no time. Even before you come back down, Rumlow enters you, and fucks you hard. Fuck, shit! This is more than you can handle. The embarrassment, the degrading. Fuck! You should really not be liking this so much. But with your second orgasm for the night still rushing over you, and Rumlow plunging into you, hard and rough over and over. You give in. Why not? As your moans continues, the embarrassment slowly disappeares. Let them, YN! This is what they want.

Rumlow pulls himself out of you, and Rollins takes over. Not wasting a single second. Rumlow comes up to your face, grabs your hair. And enters your mouth, without even looking at you. He holds your head in place, as he fucks your throat. As deep as it goes. His whole length deep down your throat. You have no trouble with deep throating. You’ve done it a thousand times before. But this is different. You have no control, you can’t stop him, and he is merciless. And at the same time Rollins keeps thrusting into you. Harder than last time. You feel like you don’t even have room to breathe.

None of them says anything. Just the continuous sounds of pleasure from them as both of them comes closer and closer to climax, and your ragged breaths every time you get to take one. Rollins is the first one to grunt in pleasure and decrease his pace. Then Rumlow follows closely behind. Carefully dragging your head back, exiting your mouth. Then he looks at you. No words needed. You know what he wants you to do. Every single client wants you to swallow. For some of them that’s even the highlight. For some, that’s all you do. You do what you always do. Look him in the eye as you swallow. He looks back. Still holding your hair.

– That’s a good little slut!

For maybe 30 seconds they’re just marveling you, lying there, naked, immobilised and bruised on the floor. Before they remove the handcuffs and the spreader bar. You take a relieved breath. What’ll happen now? Jenna said that they would treat you good after, if you did a good job. Did you do a good job?

Rollins walks a little away from you. And comes back with your clothes. Places them next to you. Looks at you.

– We’re done! You can get dressed!

You sit up. Swallow. Well, guess I wasn’t Jenna. They got what they wanted. And now I look like a fucking advertisement for rough BDSM. Great… Just great! You get dressed and get up on your feet. Then you walk towards the door to collect your shoes. But Rumlow stops you. You turn around.

– Do you want champagne?

What the hell? Champagne? After this? These guys really don’t know how to woo women. They know all the other stuff though. You turn towards Rollins. He’s already put out a bottle of champagne and three glasses on the desk they put you on. You shake your head a little, before you turn your head back to Rumlow.

– Sure, why not! But I should probably look at myself in a mirror first. Is there a place in this building where I can freshen up?

Rumlow doesn’t answer. He just walks over to the door, you follow. He continues to walk out in the hall and a few doors down. Opens a door.

As soon as you meet your own eyes in the mirror you laugh. You look like hell. Your make-up in your entire face after the tears and everything. You look like a goth princess who went a litte overboard. You wash off, and put on some new make up. The whole time, Rumlow stands in the door, arms folded over his chest, looking at you.

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