Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Nineteen

Chapter Nineteen – Captain Fricking America!

You don’t manage to think. And if you did, you wouldn’t have time to. Again they take one arm each, dragging you with them back to the elevator. The only thing you manage to conjure in your head is the images of the man you just left to rot down in that cell. And the fact that no matter what you do, you can’t save him. “Punishable by death” no matter what you do, that soldier guy will continue to be in prison. Probably die down there. What are they using him for?

You’re so inside your own head, thinking about that soldier guy. Trying to figure something out. Does he have a name? Did Rollins or Rumlow say anything that you could use to figure out who this Soldier Guys is? You don’t realise that you’re back on the 14th floor. Was the elevator ride back up really that much shorter than the ride down? Or is it just that you’re thinking much more now?

You’re still naked, and they are fully dressed, when they drag you into a shower. You’re relieved. After this, you really need a shower. Although, you kinda wish it was at home. Safe. Not here. Not with them. You want out. You want this to be over. You want to go home. Use your computer. Find out what HYDRA is.

– Stay there!

Rollins commands you. His voice hard. He doesn’t have to sound this scary. You’re scared out of your mind already. And even if you wanted to, you’re not able to move.

Rumlow turns on the shower. The ice cold water hitting your already ice cold body, hurts. It actually physically hurts. You’re shaking. Wrapping your arms around you. What is the meaning of this? Haven’t they hurt you enough? Is this some way of showing you how they’ll torture you if you break that contract. You couldn’t even if you wanted to. Who’d believe you? Locked up Soldier guy, with a metal arm, HYDRA, crazy ass SHIELD agents, turned into rapists. No, no one would believe you. Even if you had evidence, no one would believe you.

– Cold?

Rumlows voice. You lift your head, look at him. But you can’t make a sound.

– He asked you a question!

Rollins again, just as hard as before. You nod. Still not able to make a sound.

– Want me to turn up the heat?

Rumlow again. Are you supposed to answer that? Of course you want him to turn up the heat. It’s cold as fuck. You’re shaking. He knows that. You nod again. Rumlow turns up the heat. Not so much that it burns you. But after being cold for so long it feels like fire hitting your body. You whimper. Try to move away from the water. Rumlow grabs your arm, drags you back in place.

– Stay fucking still!

You turn your head, look at him. Your hair sticking to your face. Your body cold, even if the water is hot now. Please just get this over with, and send me on my way home. You think. Try to push the images of the Soldier guy back. You can’t cry now. You can’t cry. Just stay strong, YN. You’ll be on your way home soon.

Finally Rumlow turns off the shower. You don’t dare to move. Better to wait for them to tell you what to do. Rollins throws you a tower. You take it, and start to dry off. They’re just standing there, watching you. You try to hurry. The faster you dry off, the faster you can get out of here.

When you’re done. You give the towel to Rumlow. He gestures for you to exit the shower. When you’re out on the floor again. Rollins grabs you and forces you down in his lap. On your knees on the floor, your upper body over Rollins’ lap. You try to slow your breathing down. You close your eyes. Waiting for what to come. Then the towel hits you. You lift your head up, but Rollins pushes it back down. Tears forming in your eyes. Rumlow hits hard. It hurts like hell.

– What did I tell you downstairs?

– I….

The towel hits you again. Stopping your words.

– What. Did. I. Say?

One hit for each word. You have to answer, you have to force the words out, or else he’ll just continue to hit you.

– I’m not gonna say anything. I’m not! Please!

Finally he stops. You can see the towel falling to the floor. You take a relieved breath. Rumlow grabs your hair, drags you up.

– Get up!

You grab his arms, to stop him from pulling. It feels like he’s going to pull your hair straight out of your scalp. He pulls you close to him. Kisses you agressively.

– Not a word! Remember that! Not one fucking word!

– I won’t tell.. I promise.

Rumlow lets go of you. And Rollins throws your clothes at you.

– Get dressed!

Again they just watch you. You try to hurry. But it’s not easy when you’re shaking like this.

They follow you out to the elevator. No champagne this time. No good treatment for doing a good job. You’re fine with that. You just want to go home. Lock yourself in your apartment. Calm yourself down.

– See you next week then!

Rollins exclaims when you walk into the elevator. No they will not. You’ll never come back here. Never. But you don’t say anything, instead you force a smile, and nod your head. The hard look on their faces, when the doors to the elevator closes makes you go ice gold again.

When the doors are locked, and the elevator starts to move, you look at yourself in the mirror. Fuck! You look like hell. You search your purse. A scrunchie. You pull your hair up in a messy bun. And put on some mascara. Better! At least OK enough to walk outside.

The cold air hitting you when you walk outside, makes you decide to catch a cab. You’re already cold from the basement, and the shower. And you want to make it back home as soon as possible.

It’s not that hard to get one. Not many people out in this neighbourhood this time of night. You jump into the backseat, and give the driver your adress. When the driver starts to drive away from the SHIELD building, you take a relieved breath. Soon you’ll be home. Soon you can take a nice hot shower, have a drink and a sigarette. You can’t wait.

You look out of the window. The streets, the people walking around, totally unaware that the people set to protect them have hybrids with metal limbs in-prisoned in the basement of their building. You swallow. What did you just become a part of?

The driver misses your exit. You lean forward.

– Hey. You missed your exit! I live down that road!

He doesn’t answer. You say it again, a little louder. Still no answer. Now you’re starting to get scared.

The driver stops the car in an alley. What the fuck is happening? You try to open the back door, but it’s locked. You desperately yank the handle. But nothing. Then the driver opens the other door. Comes into the backseat to you. Sliding himself closer and closer to you. God! This is just fucking perfect. You were just fucked from here until the next century down in that basement, and now this stinking cab driver is about to rape you. Fucking perfect ending to this week. You don’t even manage to scream.

The driver takes your arm.

– A young beautiful lady, should’t walk around alone this time of night in this neighbourhood.

You try to yank your arm back. But he holds tight. Shit!

– Listen dumbass….

You yell. But you don’t get to say anything else, something hits the back window, smashing it into a million pieces. Before the driver is yanked out of the car by something or someone. Then a guy opens the door for you.

– Mam, are you allright?

You look up. Take the hand extended to you. Let him help you out of the car.

You look up at him. A dark blue mask is covering half of his face. And.. you look over his attire. Holy shit. Captain America just saved you.

– You… You’re.. Ca…

– Are you allright mam?

You look down on yourself. Swallow.

– Yes.. At least I think so.. Thank you.. Captain Am…

– Good thing I saw that cab. You want me to take you home?

Captain America just offered to take you home. Captain fricking America. The guy every girl dreams about.

– Ehhe.. Sure.. Maybe.. I live…

You look around, where are you?

– That way.. I think..

He walks with you. Thankfully it’s not far. Had you gotten out of that cab by yourself, you could easily have gotten home in a couple of minutes.

You don’t say anything. What could you say to Captain America anyway? When you reach your door, you thank him again, before you lock yourself into your apartment.

– Anytime!

He says, with a smile. Before you close the door behind you.

Captain fricking America just saved you. That will be some story to tell Jenna and the other girls at work. Captain America….

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