Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen – Dirty Little Slut!

You don’t move, you don’t dare to. Of course you knew that this was going to be rough BDSM, but this is beyond anything you’ve imagined. Rumlows words in your head «I want you to help me live out a fantasy I have….» This is one fucked up, twisted fantasy! Rumlow still almost sits on top of you. You can feel him, holding your hair and keeping your face down on the floor. You don’t realise that Rollins has moved, before he comes back. You only see his boots. This is worse than last time. They are rougher. They still have rules to follow. But they are bending them, like really bending them.

You hear a little smack. Before Rollins gets down to your level again, and Rumlow lifts your head up. Rollins looks at you. Holds up a whip in front of your face. You swallow, as Rollins carefully lets the whip hit the inside of his hand a couple of times.

– Now, lick the fucking floor clean, or learn how THIS feels!

You don’t answer, and you don’t move. Rollins clears his throat again. Then he places the end of the whip under your chin, and with Rumlows help, he lifts your head again.

– So? What’s it going to be?

You don’t know what to say. Licking the floor seems so degrading. But being whipped also feels degrading, and this third person they talked about before, that is… well… degrading.

You can see in Rollins face that he’s starting to lose his patience.

– Fine!

Rumlow still has a firm hold of your hair. And Rollins lets the whip glide up your cheek. Gives you a couple of soft slaps with it. Rumlow tightens his grip of your hair.

– I’ll do it! I’ll do it, OK!

You almost shout it. It feels like Rumlow is about to rip your scalp off, and you desperately want him to let go. At least to loosen his grip.

– Suddenly so compliant…

Rollins just looks at you. Not like last time. This time he’s looking at you. You look back. What is he planning to do? Is this a part of the fantasy? You feel like you’re in the middle of a porn movie. Maybe that’s where Rumlow got his fantasy from. Who knows what kind of movies these guys are watching.

Rollins picks up the whip again.

– You’ll do everything I tell you to, to escape this… Won’t you?

You swallow again, concentrate to not take your eyes away from Rollins. He is semi right. You would do almost anything to escape the whip. Even lick the floor.

– Won’t you?

His voice is harder now. He want’s you to reply. You still just look at him. Should you answer «yes»?

– Won’t. You??!?

– Yes!

Rumlow pushes your face down on the floor. Then he lets go, and Rollins takes over. You don’t know what else to do, so you stick out your tongue, and let it touch the floor.

– That’s a good little slut! Taste yourself…

Rumlow grabs your hips from behind you, and lifts you up. You’re almost on all fours, your behind up in the air, your pussy on display for him. As you’re licking the floor. This is without a doubt the most degrading position you’ve ever been in. You don’t even lift your head to look at Rollins. But you know he’s looking at your every move.

Rumlow lets his tongue glide over your pussy. Before he seizes your bottom, drags your lower body on to his face and closes his lips around your clit. You can’t hold back.

– Oh fuck!

Rollins laughs a bit, before leaning down and whisper in your ear.

– Now you’re tasting the same as he does! Taste good, doesn’t it?

– Oh.My.God! Fuck…

Rollins takes a hold of your hair, dragging your face back and forth on the floor a couple of times, before lifting it up. Your moans gets louder, when Rumlow lets his fingers join his tongue in working you. Rollins’ eyes on yours. He doesn’t have to say anything, you already know what he wants. But he does anyway.

– Good Girl! Look at me! You want to come?

– Aaaaaa. FUCK!!!

Not a sound from Rumlow, all his attention goes into working you. Pushing you closer and closer to climax.

– You want to fuck?

You can’t get a single word out. Your whole body is shaking. You desperately try to hold back. You don’t know if they want you to come or not.

– Pl… pl…. please!

– The dirty little slut wants to come? Huh? Tell me!

– Y…Yes!

Rollins lets his lips touch yours for a split second.

– You’re a dirty little slut! Tell me!

– Fu…Shit… Oh God!!

– You want to come? Want to let it all go?

– Yes! I want to come!

– Then tell me what you are! You dirty little slut!

You look at him. You don’t know what he means. Maybe your brain isn’t working properly because of the orgasm that soon will rush through your body. Rollins takes a hold of your chin.

– You are a dirty little slut! Tell me that!

– I…. Fuck! I… I’m a dirty little slut.. aaa, shit.. I.. Please. .

– Who’s?

– God.. Please.. I can’t…

Rollins isn’t giving up. It’s like he want’s you to degrade yourself. To tell him that your their slut. That they can use and abuse you, as they see fit. But if that can help them to allow you to come. Then to hell with the self respect. It’s not like you have much of that when you’re working anyway.

– WHO’S?!

– Y… Yours.. I’m your slut! Please can I co… Fuuuuck. I have.. I want… Gooood!

Rollins leans into your ear again.

– Come. Let it go. Feel it. Come for us. Yes.. Do it.

You disappear into the orgasm. Your brain shuts off completely. It’s almost like you lose consciousness.

When you finally start to come back down. Both Rumlow and Rollins takes a hold of your hair, drags you up in a sitting position between them. It takes a couple of more seconds until you realise that both of them have removed their pants, and are standing proud on both sides of your head. You look from Rollin’s cock to Rumlows before you look up at them, looking down on you.

– So.. Who’s first?

Rollins is asking Rumlow. Is Rumlow like the boss of everything? It’s like Rollins has nothing to say. Like he has to ask for permission to do things.

– Why don’t we let her decide?

They both look down at you. They’re both holding your hair, but not so tight that you can’t move. Although you have a feeling that will change when you start. Rumlow tightens his grip a bit. Not much, but enough so that you look up at him.

– Pick one!

You look from Rumlow to Rollins, then back again. Before you slowly turn your face towards Rollins’ cock, and close your lips around it. You don’t know why. Maybe because you in some ways feel bad for him, because Rumlow is the boss. If you were going to choose after good looks, Rumlow would be the obvious choice. Or maybe you chose this because you want to piss off Rumlow. You don’t even know yourself when you’re with these guys. They make you do stuff you never in your wildest dreams thought you would do, ever.

– So, you went that way… You think that was a good choice?

Rumlow voice over your head.

– I think it was a good choice. Aaa.. She’s good..

Rollins now has both his hands in your hair, and are forcing himself all the way down your throat.

– She should have gone the other way. I wanted to be the one behind her.

You have no idea what they’re talking about. And you decide to try not to care too much about it. Right now, your job is to make Rollins feel good. This is a part of the job you actually know how to do.

– Fuck! Yes! Take it.. Come on. All the way down. Yes.. Good little slut. Yes!

Rollins removes one of his hands from your hair, and forces himself down your throat again. At the same time he puts two fingers over your nose, shutting off your air supply. It’s no use trying to break free. You’ll just use up all your energy. Instead you try to relax. He’s not going to kill you. He’ll let go. Of course he’ll let go. But he doesn’t, and you’re starting to get scared. You lift your hands up, and put them on his hips. Trying to push him away from you. He has to let go soon, otherwise you’ll pass out.

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