Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Shut Her Up!

You don’t try to break free. It’s no use anyway. Your arms pinned under Rumlows legs, Rollins holding your legs apart. No one is saying anything. They hardly move. You concentrate on breathing. To not be afraid. They probably won’t hurt you too much. If they want a girl another time. They know the rules. They have to know the rules.

Rollins’ hand hits your pussy. Hard. You’re caught completely of guard. You lift your head to see. But Rumlow takes a hold of you, and pushes you back down in his lap. Looking down at you.

– Ah ah.. Look at me! Eyes right here, and keep them fucking open. Let him do his thing. Look at me!

You look up at him. Continue to focus on your breathing. Do not show them that you’re scared. Calm down. Keep breathing, YN. Keep breathing.

Another spank. Another whimper escapes you. You jump. And you move your eyes to see what Rollins is doing. Rumlow takes a hold of your hair.

– Don’t look at him, he can’t help you! Look at me!

You slowly move your eyes back. What is Rollins going to do? Fuck. Why did you agree to this? These guys are clearly fucking insane. And you have no way out of this. You’re trapped!

You can hear Rollins removing his belt. Shit! Are you ready for this? You have to really concentrate not to look at him. You don’t even know how big he is. What if you can’t take it? What if it hurts? They clearly don’t like your whimpers. OK, YN, just relax. You know how to do this. Just…

Yet, another spank. Is this his idea of foreplay? What the fuck! His hand glides down your center, and then he slips two fingers inside you. Slowly working his way to your sensitive spot. Rumlow looks up, and although you can’t see what Rollins is doing, you get that they are looking at each other.

– This one is fucking fun! She fucking likes it!

Rollins laughs a bit, before he starts to make «come here» motions with his fingers inside you.

– I’m gonna glide easily into this one. Wet fucking cunt!

You are wet. Not only can you feel it. With the way he’s moving his fingers inside you, you hear it. Well, at least it won’t hurt that much when he enters you. Depending on how big he is. You’ve had big ones before. But usually you know the size before hand. These guys. One of them did ask if you gave blow jobs….

You don’t get to think anymore before Rollins roughly enters you. Rough, hard and merciless. Fuck! He’s big. And he doesn’t bother to be careful. His hands squeezing your hips, what’s there to grab a hold of. Both his grip and his thrusts hurts. You try to concentrate not to whimper in pain. But it’s impossible.

– Shut the fuck up! Stop the fucking whimpering!

His hands squeezing your hips even harder. Then he spanks one of your breasts. Before he takes a hold of both of them and squeeze as hard as he can. You almost scream in pain.

– For fucks sake, Rumlow! Shut her up!

Rumlow clamps a hand over your mouth. Holding your head in place. Gritting his teeth at you, talking through firm lips. Continuously holding your head in place.

– Fucking slut! Take it! Like it!

Rollins’ thrusts inside you, pushes your head up in Rumlows lap. Again and again. Your back hurts, and his hold of your breasts. How long is he going to squeeze them like this? Again you whimper into Rumlows hand. You close your eyes. Trying hard not to cry. The pain, the helplessness. It’s more than you can take. Rumlow tightens his grip of your hair.

– What did I fucking tell you? Fucking, whore? Look at me! Don’t fucking close your eyes!

Finally Rollins lets go of your breasts. And takes a new firm hold of your hips. Thrusting hard.

– Fuck! This bitch is fucking thight!

Rollins puts one of his hands on your lower stomach, and lets his thumb touch your clit. Before he starts to move it back and forth over it. Slow at first, then faster, and faster. No one has ever been this rough with you before, but at the same time, nothing has ever felt this good.

Your whimpers turns into moans, and Rumlow removes his hand from your mouth.

– Yes! Come on! These are sounds I like! Fuck! Tell me to fuck you harder!

What the hell? No fucking way! You’re an escort. Not a fucking porn star! You continue to look at Rumlow, as he told you. But, you don’t say a word. Quiet again. No one is making a sound. Just the continuously sounds of Rollins’ thrusts inside you. Another calm before the storm?

Then Rumlow slaps you. Not hard, just sorta a slap to get your attention.

– What did he fucking tell you?

Rumlow again takes a hold of your throat. You try to swallow, but his hold makes it impossible.

– Fucking tell him to fuck you harder!

You open your mouth. And Rumlow losens the grip, so you can talk.

– Fuck me harder!

You almost don’t get to finish the sentence before Rumlow again tightens his grip around your throat. You try to move. But you are stuck. They are way bigger and stronger than you. You don’t stand a chance. Rumlow keeps looking down at you, and Rollins continues to plunge into you, with no hesitation.

– Say please!

You know there is no use to deny them. Maybe this is what it takes to make him finish. And you’ve said worse things than this to other clients. It’s not like you’re embarrassed. It’s just the whole situation. You open your mouth again. And at the same time Rollins hits a spot both inside you, and his thumb hits your clit at an angle that makes your whole body tense. Rumlow is still holding his hand in a firm grip around your throat.

– Please, fuck me harder!

You almost scream the words, hoarse moans escaping you at the same time. Rumlows grip makes it hard to make understandable sounds. But, you get the message across. Rollins picks up the pace. Shit! Are you going to come? You’ve never done that with a client before. You’re faking it every single time. And now you’re going to come? With these two crazy, insane guys? What the fuck?

– Yes! Grip your walls around my cock! Come on! Do it for me! The fucking slut likes it! Let your juices flow around me. Fucking wet cunt!

Rollins almost grunts the words to you. His thumb wildly back and forth over your clit. You can’t hold it back. You’re coming hard. You’re not prepared at all, for this orgasm. After you started this job, you’ve even been struggling to get them by yourself. And now. Fuck!

Rollins pulls himself out of you. Gives you a couple of soft spanks. Before he gets up from the floor. You’re still shaking, from the orgasm. THAT was fucking embarrassing. You should NEVER like it that much. You try to move, but Rumlow’s still holding you in place. And you realise that they’re both looking down at you.

– Well, what do you know. I think I like this one. What du you say we take it a step further? Want another one?

Rumlow looks down at your face. Still holding his grip on you. You look back. Still embarrassed. You should so not have done that.

– I fucking loved to look into your eyes when you came!

Rumlow gets up from the floor. And now you feel your arms hurt by being held down by him. Your hands are numb. But you don’t get much time to think about that, before Rumlow yanks you up from the floor, and pushes you over to Rollins.

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