Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – She´ll Fucking Listen Now!

Rollins takes a hold of your throat. Again you find it hard to breathe. These guys knows exactly how hard to hold, for you to just have enough room to breath so you don’t pass out. You lift your arms and grab his, but there’s no use. Rumlow is in front of you in milliseconds, grabbing both of your arms, and holds them in a tight grip.

– And what the FUCK do you think you’re doing? You don’t get to call the shots around here. Fucking slut!

Rumlow’s grip of your arms hurts. Jenna wasn’t lying when she said you would have bruises. You can feel them forming already. From Rollins’ grip on your hips and your breasts before. No amount of make up will hide those. Fuck! You’re going to look like a fucking poster doll for rough BDSM.

– Does it hurt?

Rumlow lifts up your arms, in front of your face. But he doesn’t wait for an answer. Instead he tightens his grip. You whimper again.

– Spread your fucking legs!

To stress his point, he tightens his grip on your arms even more. Another whimper from your lips. Louder this time. Both Rollins and Rumlow laughs. Fuck. You thought they were rough before. But obviously there is more to come. Rollins grip around your throat tighten, to the point where you can’t breathe.

– He gave you a fucking order! Spread your legs! Fucking whore!

You try to move. But it’s impossible. The fear makes you unable to move. And you’re starting to feel dizzy from the lack of oxygen. Finally Rollins removes his hand. You gasp for air.

– You know what, Rumlow. I don’t think this one will listen!

Rumlow’s lips goes up into a half smile, before he lets go of your arms, and takes a firm grip of your chin. His fingers digging into your jaw bones. It hurts so much, that tears are forming in your eyes. He doesn’t care. Why would he? He’s probably turned on, by hurtig you. Again he pushes you up against the wall.

– So, you won’t listen, huh? I’ll teach you to fucking listen!

Rumlow grabs your hair, and drags you over to to a desk. He is walking so fast, that you almost lose your balance, and you have to grab a hold of his arm, because his grip on your hair hurts so bad. But you don’t get to hold on to him for too long, before Rollins grabs your arms.

– Don’t fucking touch him, unless he tells you to.

Then they roughly put you down on your stomach on top of the desk. Secure your wrists with handcuffs to the table legs. Your toes scraping the floor. Trying to get some sort of stability. But you can’t. Again you’re trapped, you can’t move an inch, and you have no clue what they are going to do to you.

Rollins takes a hold of your hair, turning your head to the side, then he just looks at you. Those penetrating green eyes. Horny as fuck, and waiting for your reaction to what Rumlow is doing behind you. You can hear him opening something. But it’s impossible for you to see what it is. Then you feel him putting something around your ankle, then he proceeds to spread your legs apart, and then he puts something around your other ankle, something that’s holding your legs apart. Fuck, it’s a spreader bar. You’ve only ever heard of them. Never used one. Where the hell do they hide all these toys? Isn’t this an office during the day? Now your toes doesn’t even reach the floor. The last thing Rumlow does, is to secure the spreader bar to the desk. Fuck! Now you can’t move at all.

Quiet. Rollins keeps looking at you, and you know Rumlow is standing behind you, although you can’t see him. You close your eyes, focus on your breathing. Don’t show them that you’re scared. Don’t show them that.

– What did we fucking tell you about closing your eyes?!?

Rollins almost yells at you, and his free hand is pry opening one of your eyes.

– I’m sorry… I’m sorry.. I… I’ll keep them open. Just plh…

You don’t get to finish the sentence before you hear a loud smack, and you jump up. Fuck! It’s a flogger. Rumlow is using a fucking flogger on you. One time before have you experienced that. And that was just soft spanks. This…. This is something else. Now you’re actually being flogged. You start to close your eyes again. You have absolutely NO desire to look into Rollins’ eyes while you endure this. But of course, he wants what he wants. He drags your head back. And you quickly open your eyes, and look at him again.

Another hit. You jump again. Whimper. And the tears comes back. Then another one. He works fast. And you can hear him breathing behind you. This is fucking turning him on! Crazy ass motherfucker!

– You think she’ll listen now, Rollins?

Rumlows voice behind you. He doesn’t stop. The continuous sound of the flogger hitting you still sounds deafening. Rollins’ eyes looking into yours. Is he getting off by your whimpers, and the pain and fear showing in your face? What the fuck is wrong with these guys?

– Maybe a couple more. You should see the look on her face. It’s fucking fantastic. Beautiful, fucking suffering.

The last few flogs he gives you are harder. You feel like he is never going to stop. You’ve never been treated like this before, and you don’t know how to respond. The only thing you know, is that you can’t take this anymore. Between whimpers and tears, you finally manage to speak.

– P…Please.. I’ll listen. I’ll do whatever you want. Please!

Finally the flogging stops. You take a couple deep breaths. Rollins lets go of your hair, and gets up. Walks to Rumlow, who is still standing behind you. You can’t turn your head to look at them. But you can feel their eyes on you. The way you lie over the desk is hurting you. You don’t have much flesh on your bones, and the desk isn’t exactly soft to lie on.

– Fuck, Rumlow! You outdid yourself.

– Bitch wouldn’t listen. But, she’ll fucking listen now, won’t she?

You feel hands on both your butt-cheeks. They feel cold. You know it’s because you were just flogged, and although you can’t see it. You know that there are marks on there, and that they are marveling them.

– Won’t she?

Rumlow squeezes one of your butt-cheeks as he asks the question one more time. You whimper again. You can’t move, and it hurts like hell. He’s not letting go.

– Yes! Yes, I’ll listen!

He finally lets go, and then proceeds to untie you from the desk. You use the time out to breathe. Try to make the pain go away. Try to focus on not to be scared. Fuck! You’ve never felt so degraded before. For the few months you’ve been working as an escort, you’ve never actually felt like one. Your clientel is usually high end. You usually meet them in hotel rooms, share champagne. You, never felt like a working girl. And then these two makes you feel like a fucking gutter whore, with the way they’re treating you.

He fucking flogged you….

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