Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen – Little Slut Is Scared, You Should Be!

Finally he lets go of you. You fall backwards gasping for air. You expect to fall straight into Rumlows legs, but instead you hit the floor. You look around. Where did Rumlow go? What are they doing? Before you can finish your line of thoughts Rollins takes a hold of your hair, and drags you with him over the floor. He walks fast, and his hold of your hair is tight. You’re struggling to keep up with him.

Suddenly Rollins lets go of you, and another pair of hands takes over. Oh, so that’s where Rumlow went. You can’t finish your line of thoughts this time either. Before Rumlow forces himself down your throat.

Your knees hurts after being dragged by Rollins. You try to shift to get the pressure off them. But Rollins grabs your hips, and pulls you up. You almost lose your balance, but you manage to steady yourself on Rumlows thighs. You’re on all fours, on display for Rollins standing behind you. You have no control, you can’t even see what is happening.

Rollins puts a hand on your back, arching it, then he proceeds to spread your legs apart. Before he lets his tongue slowly glide over your pussy. Some sort of sound escapes you. With Rumlows cock down your throat it’s impossible to make understandable sounds.

Both of them laughs a little bit, before Rollins’ tongue glides over you one more time. Then he moves away. You can hear him move behind you. Then the whip hits you. You jump. Rumlow thigthens his hold of your hair.

– Stay fucking still!

Another hit. You try to lift your head to tell them to stop, but Rumlow holds you in place. Not once leaving your mouth. The sounds you’re making is totally not understandable. But you can’t help it. Yet another hit. You try to stay as still as you can. The pain, the helplessness. Fuck..

– Something you want to say?

Rollins speaks behind you, before he hits you with the whip again. You almost scream in pain. But no words can escape you.

– Focus on what you’re doing, fucking whore!

Rumlow pushes your head down on him, and holds you in place. You desperately try to push yourself back up, but he is strong. You could bite him, or you could dig your fingernails into his thighs, to make him stop. But then the punishment will be…. You don’t even want to think about that.

Rollins keeps hitting you with renewed force. You don’t even know how many times he whipped you. Tears are running from your eyes, and you have to focus not to gag. You usually don’t have any problem with deep throating. But Rumlow is so rough and merciless, and that makes it hard. At the same time, the pain is almost to much to take.

Finally Rumlow lets go of you. Yet again you fall backwards down on the floor. Rollins wastes no time. Holding you down. Handing the whip over to Rumlow. You watch their every move. Fuck, what is going to happen now?

– Spread your fucking legs!

Rumlow stands tall over you. Rollins is holding you down. You have no choice but to comply. Slowly you spread your legs apart. All the time you’re looking at Rumlow. Scared, pleading. Stupid idea, this turns him on.

– Little slut is scared! You should be!

Rumlow sits down on his knees. Quiet. He looks at you for something that feels like an eternity, before he spanks your pussy. Hard! Fuck! You jump.

– Noh! Please!

Rumlow moves his eyes up to yours.

– Still fucking wet!

You don’t say anything. What could you say? He’s probably right. In some ways, being used like this turns you on. Although it hurts like hell. It’s exhilarating to lose control.

– Does this turn you on?

Rumlow almost spits the words to you. Mocking you. Asking you to degrade yourself, by telling him you like it. You don’t answer.

– Does. This. Turn. You. On?

Rumlow lets the whip hit the inside of his hand, one time for each word spoken. Will he use the whip on you if you don’t answer? Or maybe he’ll do that ether way?

– Well?

Rumlow carefully drags the whip over your pussy. You suck in a breath.

– Does it?

– Y… Yes!

Rumlow laughs a bit. You don’t dare to take your eyes away from him. Waiting for his next move. Was it the right answer? Did he want you to say no?

– You dirty little slut!

Then the whip hits your pussy. You don’t even have time to prepare for it. You try to move away, but Rollins holds you in place. Another hit. You scream in pain. Desperately trying to get away. Yet another hit. You can’t take it anymore. The only thing you can do to make him stop, is to close your legs again.

Rollins grabs your throat.

– Spread your legs! NOW!

– Please! I… I’ll do whatever you want…

– Spread. Your. Legs!

You don’t dare to disobey. Slowly you spread your legs again. You’re shaking. Not only because of the pain. You’re scared out of your mind. Surely they won’t ruin you in any way. At least you hope so.

– 5!

– Wh… What?

– Count to five!

Fuck! Ok, YN, prepare yourself. You can take 5, after that it’s over. After that you can breathe again.

The whip hits you again. Harder this time.

– One! Fuck!

– Oh, we’ll fuck you. You just wait!

Rumlow is turned on by this, you can hear it in his voice. Another hit. Just as hard.

– Two! Please.. I…

– Hurts, right?

He whips you again.

– Three.. Yes.. Yes it fucking hurts!

– Good!

Another hit. Even harder, if that’s possible. Thank God there’s only one left after this.

– Four!

You scream. Please get this over with! The fifth hit comes almost right after the forth.

– Five! Please.. I can’t take it anymore!

Rumlow puts the whip away, looks at your pussy. Rollins still has a hold of your throat. Rumlow leans down, and drags his tongue over you. You take a relieved breath.

– Oh, so this you like?

Rumlow doesn’t wait for an answer. He lets hin tongue circle your clit. Rollins takes a firmer grip around your throat. You move your arms to make him stop. But there’s no use. Rollins pins one of your arms to the floor, Rumlow pins the other one. You’re trapped.

Rumlow closes his lips over your clit, and Rollins thigthens his grip, to the point where you can’t breathe. You turn your eyes to Rollins. You’ve only ever heard of breath play. Never experienced it. Your only hope is that they have, and that they know when to let go.

It doesn’t take long without oxygen until you start to feel dizzy. But the feeling of Rumlows tongue on your clit is magnified to a thousand. It’s a feeling unlike any other. Fuck! It’s building and building, faster than ever. You can feel your eyes rolling back. And you don’t know if it’s because of the lack of oxygen or the orgasm about to rush through you.

Rollins lets go of your throat. You scream in pleasure.

– Fuuuuuuuck! Oh my good ahaaaaa!

Rumlow doesn’t stop. Your whole body is shaking like crazy. The orgasm takes total control of every fiber in you. You feel like you’re going to pass out.

You don’t even realise that Rumlow stops. The orgasm is still rushing through you. It feels like it’s never going to end.

Rollins takes a hold of your hair, drags you up until you’re sitting on the floor. You’re still shaking. But you manage to look at him.

– Want to fuck!

You can’t speak. It’s like the orgasm took control of your brain. You can’t get a single word out.

– I don’t fucking care if you want to or not!

Rollins drags you up, by your hair. You’re only half aware of what’s happening around you. You’re being pushed over a footstool before Rollins enters you in one hard thrust. Grabbing your hair, dragging your head up. Rumlow sits in front of you. Looking into your eyes.

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