Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Eleven

Chapter Eleven – I´m Not Dipping My Dick In His Leftovers!

You still think about Steve, when you close the door behind you in your apartment. You can’t quite shake the feeling that there is something special about him. Something different. You’re usually a person that figures people out quite fast. But this guy… This guy, you can’t figure him out.

You open your laptop and Google «Non Disclosure Agreement»

«A confidentiality agreement (also called a nondisclosure agreement or NDA) is a legally binding contract in which a person or business promises to treat specific information as a trade secret and promises not to disclose the secret to others without proper authorization.»

Yeah. Well, you’re not the kinda person who broadcasts that you work in the Escort business. So this won’t be hard to do. It’s not like you’re planning on going to the grocery store and be like «Hey, I’m fucking SHIELD Agents». Or, well. To be honest, they are the ones fucking you. Or, did Alexander mean something else with this contract?

You’re not working for SHIELD exactly. You just provide a service. So what is this specific information that is mentioned? And what kind of trade secrets can you possibly get to know? It’s not like you have access to their computer systems or anything. And you can’t imagine Rollins and Rumlow will ever leave you alone inside the building, other than the elevator.

You really don’t want to think about this, you’ll probably never find the answers anyway. So you spend the rest of the day, going trough your clothes and your make up. Searching on line for new stuff to buy. Deciding on what’s best to use for this high end job you just got.


The following Friday, you once again show up at the SHIELD building. This time you have a code you use on the panel by the door, and you get yourself up to the 14th floor. When you reach the door, you can hear Rollins and Rumlow inside. You don’t know why, but it’s something in their voices that intrigues you. So instead of knocking, you press your ear up against the door, and listen in.

– I don’t know Rumlow. Do you think that’s a good idea? It’s only her second time. And we’ve already scared away two of them before!

Her? Are they talking about you? You try to be as quiet as possible, and continue to listen to them.

– She is the only one who’s coming back for a second serving. She can take it. And it could be fun?

You swallow. What the hell are they planning to do to you? Should you leave?

– Fun? I thought we were the ones who was gonna have fun with her. How could this be fun for us?

What the fuck? Are they bringing in another Agent as well? How is this going to end? A SHIELD orgy isn’t exactly what you signed up for.

– Come on, Rollins! We can watch. We can hold her down. And we can have her afterwards.

– Before, Rumlow. We’ll have her before. I’m not dipping my dick in his leftovers.

You don’t understand a single thing. Are they bringing in another Agent they don’t like? Why the hell would they do that? Is it like to make fun of someone with a small dick, or someone who hasn’t done it before? Someone they know can’t make you come like they did?

– Fine! Before! We can warm her up first. Make it a bit easier for him. The mission he’s about to go on, requiers loyalty from his side. We need him back.

Aha.. That explanes a lot. A disloyal Agent, or at least an agent they believe to be disloyal. And they are going to use you, as what? Bait? Reward? Dangle you in front of his face, and threaten to take you away if he doesn’t follow orders. Can you do that? Are you prepared to let them do that to you? 70%, YN! You can do this for 70%, and a company card. 70% means you can cut off some of the sleazy clients, you really don’t like. Although these Agent guys are rough and scary at times. They are the most good looking clients you have. Yes! You can do this. You just hope that disloyal Agent is just as good looking as them.

– Do you think he’ll be able to do it?

– What do you mean, Rollins? Will he be able to fuck her?

– Yes, Rumlow! He probably haven’t had a hard on for years!

– Well if not, she can probably teach him a trick or ten. She was good, Rollins. You know that!

Wow, you were good? They actually said that to each other? You never thought about that before, if you were good or not. You usually just show up, do the stuff they want you to do, and then leave. And you always, ALWAYS fake it. But you didn’t with them. Is that why you were good? No! Most of your clients are regulars, maybe you’re always good. Or maybe they just don’t care. As long as they get a hard on, get sucked off, or a hole to put it in.

– Of course I know that, Rumlow. I just don’t get why we are going to GIVE her to HIM. What has he ever done to deserve her?

Rollins seems to have a hate towards this other Agent. And your curiosity wants to know why. Do they know you’ve arrived? Can you continue to listen in, or will they start to look for you?

– We’re not going to give her to him. We’ll be in charge the whole time. We’re not going to leave her there!

There? Where is there? There is no way in hell you’re leaving the SHIELD building with them. In fact, you’re not allowed to. The madam has strict rules about stuff like that. She wants to know where you are, when you do a job. Stories about escorts being kidnapped and killed goes around. And these rules are for your safety. If you break the rules, you can get fired. The madam is adamant about your safety on the job.

– You’re the boss Rumlow. But I’m still not thrilled!

– You will be, when you get to watch the show.

Oh, so you were right. Rumlow is the boss. That’s what you thought after last time. Although Rollins has a rougher look, Rumlow seems more like the boss type.

– And well, if you don’t want to dip your cock in his leftovers, we can always give her the reward she deserves in the shower. Wash him off her…

Jesus fucking God. They are standing in there, planning the night with you down to the teeth. Did they have a plan last time too? You’re not afraid of them anymore, like you were last time. They both turned out to be pretty nice. But this new person they’re talking about, makes you a little nervous. And you don’t know how you feel about being used like this. Like a reward, a threat…

– Shower sex is my favorite.

– Yeah? Maybe it’s hers too!

Rollins laughs a bit.

– To me it kinda looked like she enjoyed the pain we put her through last time.

– Who said we can’t inflict pain in the shower?

OK, you’ve heard enough. You already know this night will be painful. It’s not your first visit here. And it’s better if you don’t know everything. You take a deep breath, before you knock on the door.

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