Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen – What The Fuck Is HYDRA?

– Noh…

A sound escapes you. Most of all you want to scream. But you know there’s no use. No one can hear you except the people in the room with you. And even if this Soldier guy wanted to help you, he probably wouldn’t even get the chance. Breathe, YN. Focus on getting this over with.

The Soldiers fingers inside you, his thumb over your clit. Does he even know what he’s doing? Poor guy….

– Is she wet?

Rollins voice from behind you, over your head. You try to move your head to see him, but with the way you’re strapped down you can’t. The Soldier doesn’t answer. And it doesn’t feel like Rollins even expected an answer. Should you answer?

– Why don’t you taste her?

Rumlow’s voice. God, please no! You really don’t want him to do that. That is something that almost always gets you there. Most of your clients don’t care about you. And that’s totally fine with you. You provide a service. You’re not there for your own enjoyment. But these guys.. Well if they actually care about you.. You don’t know. Maybe they just enjoy watching you desperately trying not to come. And this will definitely be one of those times.

– Yeah! She likes that!

Some form of condesending laugh in Rollins’ voice.

– Pl…

You don’t get to finish the word, before you feel his tongue on you. You desperately try to break free from the restraints. Yanking both your arms and your legs. It feels like rape. But you’re unsure if the Soldier is raping you, or if Rumlow and Rollins are the ones raping both of you.

– Please! Don’t do this to him!

Arms on each side of your head. You look up. Rumlow is standing over you, looking down on you.

– I do what I fucking want! You are in NO condition to tell me what to do! What are you?

You look away from him. Tears falling from your eyes. Why are they doing this to you? What can they possibly get out of this?

– WHAT ARE YOU????!!!

He screams the words to you. You have to concentrate on your breathing. You know he want’s an answer. He demands it. So you have to slow your breathing down, so you can speak.

– I’m a dirty little slut…

He moves his hands to your shoulders.

– Speak up! Fucking whore!

You feel like your voice is shaking. He probably doesn’t care. He just want you to degrade yourself. To tell him that you’re a nobody. That he, that they, can do whatever they want to you.

– I’m a dirty little slut!

He still has his hands on your shoulders. You lift your head, look at the Soldier. Still buried between your legs. Rumlow puts a hand on your forhead, pushing your head back down.

– Who’s?

– Y… Yours..

You almost don’t get to finish the word, before Rumlow grabs your throat. His hard grip makes it impossible to breathe. Again you desperately try to break free. Tears now pouring from your eyes.

– Make her come!

You try to tell them to stop, but Rumlows grip makes it impossible to speak. Your lips parting letting out a silent scream. The Soldiers metal arm on your lower stomach, pressing down, and at the same time, his fingers inside you and his tongue. Shit! Make it quick, YN! Get it over with. Think of something that turns you on, just get this fucked up shit over with!

Rumlow loosens his grip around your throat. You desperately gasp for the air you can get.

– Is he any good?

– Please!

– Fuck her!

It doesn’t take long before the Soldier follows the order. Entering you in one hard thrust. Not bothering to be careful. Roughly burying himself deep inside you. Hitting your cervix so hard you’re wondering if it hurts him too.

– Please! Stop it!

None of them reacts. Not that you expected them too.

– Yes! Fuck that dirty little whore.

You give up. There’s nothing you can do, other than try to relax as much as you can, and get this over with.

Again his metal arm presses down on your lower stomach. His other hand focusing on your clit. As he continues to plunge into you with renewed force.

Fuck this shit! Fake it, YN! Fake it, and they’ll let you both out of here. You let out a moan. Then you prepare your body for the imaginary orgasm. It’s not hard, you’ve done it a million times. You arch your back as much as you can, to the point it hurts. And at the same time you scream in pleasure. You force your whole body to tense up, and roll your eyes up in the back of your head, as you let out yet another scream. Then you relax every muscle in your body, breathing heavily.

When the Soldier finally finishes. You feel like you’re almost ripped i half down there. Rollins throws some pants over to the soldier, and he puts them on. Rumlow gets the restraints of you. God! Finally free. Rollins takes a hold of your hair, and drags you over to the door. There, he turns you around, back against him. Holding you immobile. Rumlow puts the Soldier down in the same chair you just sat… lied in. Then he starts some kind of machine. You try to see every detail. What are they doing?

The Soldier gets pinned down in the chair. You try to get out of Rollins grip.


Rumlow turns his head, looking at you.

– I…

The Soldier.. He talks? He can talk? Again you try to get away from Rollins. Rumlow slaps the Soldiers face.


You scream with all the energy you have left!


You don’t know if Rumlow’s talking to you or the Soldier. The Soldier sits back. And another set of restraints comes over his chest. You look at him. Does he look scared? Rumlow puts something in the Soldiers mouth. Looks like one of those things boxers use. Then a machine comes down on the Soldiers head.

– Leave him alone!!

Again, your desperate words echoing in the concrete walls.

– Watch!

Rollins almost whispers the words to you. Are they going to kill him? You really don’t want to see that. But you can’t take your eyes away from what’s unfolding in front of you.

Rumlow stands up. Then he presses a button on a keyboard. The machine lights up. And then the Soldier screams. You’ve never ever heard a scream like that before. You desperately try to get out from Rollins grip. Kicking and screaming.

– What the hell are you doing to him???

No use. You falter. Crying out your tears of fear, frustration and defeat. You’re never coming back here. That is, if you’ll even get out alive.

The room goes quiet again. The only thing you can hear is the Soldiers breathing, and your sobs. Rollins still has a grip on you, when you escort the Soldier back to the cell you found him in. When Rumlow closes and lock the door. You finally manage to speak again.

– You’re just gonna leave him there?

Rollins lets go of you, and Rumlow walks over to you, stops in front of you. Again he takes a hold of your throat. Pushes you up against the wall.

– THIS! What you just witnessed. That is considered a trade secret, and falls under the nondisclosure agreement. Understand?

You nod. Even if you did tell, no one would believe you.

– Breaking that contract is punishable by death!

You swallow.

– And trust me when I say. If HYDRA gets you. We won’t just kill you. We will remove any evidence of your existence.

HYDRA? This is SHIELD. This is literally the SHIELD building. It says so in big letters ON the building. What the fuck is HYDRA?

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