Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight – How Does She Taste?

When you’re done in the bathroom. Rumlow again walks in front of you, back to the office you were in. Rollins pulls out a chair for you, and hands you a glass of champagne. You sit down, and take the glass. You put your finger into the glass, and study your nail polish. It’s not changing color. Not that you actually thought that they would drug you, but you always do this. That’s why you use this particular nail polish. To expose the fuckers out there. In your line of work you never know. Both Rollins and Rumlow looks at you.

– Rescue Rx?

You look up at Rollins. And put the glass down. If he knows the name of the nail polish, he probably also know how to get around the detecting part. Rollins looks at your glass, and back at you. Then he lifts your glass up, and takes a sip from it.

– Don’t worry. We’re not going to drug you. We’re not assholes.

He gives the glass back to you, and you take a sip. Look from Rollins to Rumlow, and back to Rollins again.

– Well, you never know. In my line of work you can never be too careful.

You take another sip. You don’t know what to say. And you hate uncomfortable silences. Rumlow lifts his glass in the air.

– Cheers to a fun night.

Rollins laughs a little, before he also lifts his glass. Then they both look at you.

– You didn’t think it was fun?

Rumlow’s eyes on you. You look down on the bruises forming on your arm from their grip around it.

– That’s your idea of fun?

Another sip from your glass. You try to look like you don’t care, but you’re unsure if it’s working. Thinking back on everything, this was certainly a new experience for you. And.. Well, you’ll never going to admit this. But in a secure environment, you would have liked it even more.

– It kinda sounded like you liked it.

You look down. Is it safe to tell these guys that you on some level liked that they treated you like that. That you found it exhilarating to lose control. And how the fuck do you say that, without sounding like you’re fucked in the head?

– She came twice, Rumlow. No one’s done that before.

– No one’s even done it once, Rollins. Maybe we’re too rough on them.

Again they look at you. Waiting for you to answer. You lift your glass, and take a sip again.

– Glad I could be at service!

Rumlow takes the bottle of champagne, and gets up, walks behind you. You follow him with your eyes. What’s he doing now? Did you anger him? Fuck! He slowly drags your chair backwards. No roughness is showing now. You don’t understand a thing. You’re so focused on what Rumlow is doing, that you don’t realise that Rollins sits down on the floor in front of you, before he takes a gentle hold of your hips, dragging your lower body to the edge of the chair. Reaching up your dress, and removing your underwear. Then he looks up at you.

– You’re gonna get a little soaked. I would have removed the dress if I were you.

To stress his point, Rollins pushes your dress a little bit up your thighs. Rumlow leans down, and lifts the dress up over your head. You let him. Lifting your arms, pulling them through. Rumlow laughs a bit.

– So you do like it?

You don’t get to answer before Rollins lets his tongue glide over you. You gasp. Pushing your hips forward into his face, and lean your head back. Rumlow takes a gentle hold around your throat. Not as hard as before. Infact, not hard at all. You look up at him.

– You did good! You took care of us. Now let us take care of you!

Rumlows voice almost compassionate. You’re extremely confused, but at the same time, exited and curious for what they’re about to do with you. Rollins lets his tongue play with you. You buck your hips up in his face. Fuck, this feels good. You look up at Rumlow again.

– You can close your eyes. Feel, enjoy. Go ahead!

And with that you close your eyes. Rollins closes his lips over your clit, sucking on it. You moan loud. Everything feels so fucking good.

– Oh My God! Fuck!

You can’t believe yourself. This is so unlike you. You never do this with clients. Usually it’s just fuck, swallow leave. But these guys. They are something completely different. In every single way possible.

– How does she taste?

Rumlows voice again. You don’t open your eyes. You feel Rollins lifting his head, lets his fingers glide over your wet flesh as he talks to Rumlow.

– Sweet, like fucking strawberries.

You feel something cold hitting your lower stomach, and you open your eyes. Rumlow is pouring the champagne over your lower stomach and your pussy. Rollins licks is off of you, like it was the sweetest thing he’d ever tasted. You breathe heavily. Then Rollins closes his lips over your clit again. And at the same time he slips one finger inside you, quickly joined by another.

– Fuuuuck!

You can feel Rumlows fingers twitch around your throat. But he’s not tightening his grip.

– Work her, Rollins! Make her come!

You have to grab a hold of something. So you lift your arms, and grab Rumlow. And you hold on for bare life, as your moans grows louder and louder.

– Haha. Yes! Open your eyes. Look at me when you’re coming!

You do as you’re told. But this time, you’re not afraid. This time, you want to look into his eyes. The orgasm hits you like a train on full speed. Your whole body tenses, and Rumlow have to steady the chair, so you don’t fall backwards.

– Again! Give her another one! This is fucking beautiful!

It feels like the orgasm is never going to end. Wave after wave of pleasure rushes through your body. Your hold of Rumlow makes you lift yourself up from the chair. But Rollins pushes you down again, with his free arm, and holds you in place. You feel like you’re about to pass out. You can’t even hear your screams, but you feel them. When Rollins finally stops, you need some time to get back down. You let go of your grip of Rumlow, and your arms falls down to your sides. Then you just sit there, and let your breathing go back to normal.

– Fucking beautiful!

Rollins says, before he gives you a gentle spank, and gets up from the floor. Stands in front of you, just looking at you. You’re so outside your own body that you don’t even realise that Rumlow still has a hold of your throat, before he leans down, and places a kiss on your lips.

– Fucking spectacular!

Rumlow lets go of you, and Rollins gives you back your clothes. You put them on. Then you gulp down the rest of the champagne in your glass, and go to collect your shoes.

Rumlow and Rollins follows you out to the elevator. No goodbyes exchanged. Just a nod. When the doors close and the elevator starts to move, you look at yourself in the mirror again. Shit! Your hair! You look like you were just…. Well fucked from here till the next century. You get your hairbrush out of your purse, and fix your hair.


You have no idea what time it is, when you leave the SHIELD building, but it’s dark outside, and cold. It’s probably in the middle of the night. You curse at yourself for forgetting your jacket. You could take the short cut home. But the neighbourhood isn’t exactly safe to walk in for someone like you in the middle of the night. Fuck! Why didn’t you bring a jacket? You’re tired, and worn out, which makes the cold air penetrate you.

You decide to take the shortcut. After all, you know how to handle yourself. You walk as fast as you can. Safest to get through this neighbourhood as fast as possible. As you round a corner, you hear fast, firm footsteps behind you. Fuck! You pick up the pace. Whoever’s behind you does the same. You desperately look around to see if there is someone around that can help you. Then you see him, a couple of meters away from you.

You pick up the pace again….

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