Escort To The Multiverse (X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Jack Rollins & Brock Rumlow

– I’m not going there! I’ve been there once, and those guys… I’m not going back. You can fire me if you want to, but I’m not going!

You can hear angry voices the second you enter your workplace. Nothing new with that. In your line of work there are always someone who doesn’t want to go on different jobs. The escort service isn’t exactly sunshine and roses. You have also been on jobs you didn’t like too much. But, it was easy money. And it helped you to live comfortably in the City.

– Then who am I suppose to send? They specifically asked for you!

The madam speaks. You don’t call her that officially, but that’s what she is. She answers the phone, delegates the jobs, and make sure you are treated good. If customers treats you bad, or anything like that. They are blacklisted. Of course, there are always things you don’t like to do. But you are allowed to say no to a job. And by the sound of it that’s exactly what is happening in there right now.

– No one. Those guys are insane. They should have been blacklisted a long time ago. You only keep them on your list because of the good money they pay!

Oh, so she is talking about the agents. Those guys all dressed in black, totally jacked, and crazy as fuck. You’ve never actually met any of them. But you’ve seen pictures. And although most of them looks really good. The stories you’ve heard about them, makes you not want to go there.

– Fine, I’ll send YN! She needs the practice. And we need the money. If I can’t send a girl tonight, they’ll go to the competition, and I can’t afford to lose them as customers.

Fuck. No, not you. You’ve only worked here for a couple of months, and it’s only because you have to make rent, and you have to eat once in a while. You turn around to leave, you could always call in sick. But the second you turn around, the door to the office opens. Fuck! You can’t call in sick now. You take a deep breath and calmly walk into the office.

The madam looks at you. She is beautiful, despite her age. She could probably be your mom. And she has been through a lot in her life. She started at the bottom, just like you, and worked her way up. Now she is the madam, don’t go out anymore, just sends you girls out. You are 12 girls, working for her. You all have your regulars, but sometimes you do stuff like bachelor parties, or other small events. You do feel safe when you work, but this.. You don’t know if you want to go to this place. Are you allowed to say No? Maybe you could ask for more money.

– YN, fantastic that you’re here. I have a job for you tonight. Jenna couldn’t go, so you have to do a job at the SHIELD building tonight.

You clear your throat. Fold your arms over your chest.

– What kind of job?

– Alexander Pierce called me. Two of his best agents just returned from a successful mission, and he wants to reward them. So he wanted a girl.

– T…Two?

You swallow. Truth be told you’re a little surprised that none of your work have included two guys at once. But you don’t have much experience, maybe that’s something they wait with, until…

– Yes, two of his best. Wait a second. I got their names. They are regulars, and they pay a lot of money. I can’t afford them going to the competition.

You clear your throat again.

– Why didn’t Jenna go? She’s been there before. I thought they were pretty clear on what they wanted. I mean, I’m not blonde, and I don’t have silicone. Why are you sending me?

The madam finds the paper she searched for, and looks at you.

– How long are we going to keep this sherade up? Pretend you didn’t hear what we said to each other? You know why Jenna didn’t want to go. And, yes, I’m not going to lie. They can be a little bit rough. But they will never hurt you physically, outside the job. They know better than that. They know the rules of blacklisting customers.

You still don’t know what to say. Jenna has been working here for years. She knows every single trick in the book. If she don’t want to go. It must be something very wrong.

– What is it then? What do they do? If I’m going to say yes to this. I have to know what I’m walking into!

The madam take a breath. Reads over her paper. Then looks back up at you.

– Listen, YN! I know you’re new to this line of work. But sometimes we deal with people like these. They are rough, into BDSM, degrading, stuff like that. But they are not dangerous. You know I would never send any of you into something dangerous.

– What are their names? If I’m going to do this, I want to skip the formalities. I just want to get it over with. And am I getting extra pay for this?

The madam opens a drawer in her desk, takes out a card, and gives it to you. You look at it. It’s a credit card. And you understand that you now have your very own company card. Only the best girls gets these. And although you’re not in love with your job, it makes you feel special.

– Buy a nice dress, from the store we use, and get your hair and make up done. This is your extra pay. Use this to upgrade your wardrobe, and visit some beauty saloons. This is high end customers, and if you meet them off duty, you have to look your best. Understand?

You nod, and turn to leave the office. When you’re halfway through the door. You once again hear the madam’s voice behind you.

– Be there at eight. Oh, the guys names are Jack Rollins, and Brock Rumlow. Regulars, treat them right!

Great Jack and Brock, sounds like serial killers. Maybe all those self defence classes you took, is actually coming to good use tonight.

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