The Roommate (AU Rumlow SlowBurn X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – The Omega House

Your suitcases are heavy, and the staircase is long. But you’re still determined to get them both up by yourself. To show Brock that you can do this, since he told you that the he wouldn’t help you. You drag them after you, step by step, loud Bangs every time they hit the steps.

– Do you really need to make so much God damn noise? I thought you nerds liked quiet!

You don’t answer. All your energy goes into getting your suitcases up to the top.

Bang, Bang, Bang

As the suitcases hits the steps.

– I’m trying to rest my head here!

Brock yells from the living room.

With all that yelling it doesn’t sound like his head needs resting of any kind. You decide to not answer this time either.

Bang, Bang

Finally up. You stop at the top of the stairs. Take a breath. That was harder than you thought it would be. You’re sweating. You turn around to look down, instead of seeing down the stairs, you look straight at Brock. He’s taller than you, but since he’s standing on the last step, his face is right in front of yours. You jump.

– Brock! What are you doing?

He looks at you, not answering.

– Did you like sneak up here to scare me?

– I’m in Stealth mode!

He answers as he walks past you. You roll your eyes.

– I’m surprised you even know what that means..

You say, walking over to one of the bedroom doors.

– I watch movies..

He mutters, continuing down the hall.

– Of course you do…

You mutter to yourself as you reach for the door handle. He turns around.

– And that’s my room!

You don’t say anything, just walk to the next door. Reach for the door handle again.

– Also mine!

He says, without turning around. You don’t want to start a fight with him. So you continue to the next room.

– Aaaand mine..

He says, even before you reach for the handle. You feel the annoyance bubbling up in you.

– Care to show me my room then.. Brock!

He turns around, looks at you for a while, before he smirks. And opens a door.

– This one. That way we share a bathroom.

His smirk turns into a laugh. And you roll your eyes at him.

– In your dreams!

You say, harsh.

– Not really..

He answers, as he continues to laugh.

– Find an easy sorority girl, big guy. I’m way out of your league.

– It’s the other way around, sweetums!

Once again, you roll your eyes at him, before you go to one of the other doors, open it, and walk inside.

– If you’re going to be sleeping in my room, you can’t complain if I end up in your bed!

He yells from the hallway, as you close and lock the door. You take another mental note, as you start to unpack your things.

“Thinks he’s Gods gift to women”


You just finish putting your clothes in your closet, when there’s a knock on your door.

– Who?

You ask. Before you realise that you live in the Omega house now, and not in your old room.

– It’s Sasha. You’re in my room.

Brock answers with something you guess it’s supposed to sound as a female voice. He’s not doing it all too good. Besides Sasha died of an overdose. Last year, that’s what started the investigation of the Omega house, and eventually lead to it being closed.

– Cut the crap, Brock. That’s not something you joke about!

You can hear a thump on the door. Your guess is that he’s banging his head on your door.

– What do you want, Brock?

– To show you around. If you’re going to be staying here, you need to know where stuff is.

Wow. How did this happen? Is he like going to be playing mr nice guy now? Well, you’ll take it.

You unlock the door, open it.

– Show the way, Mr. Fotballstar!

Might as well humor him. Maybe that will make him be a little bit nicer to you.

You follow him down the stairs, and he opens a door. Laundry machines, dryers. And a lot of space for laundry baskets, laundry detergents and everything else you’ll need to wash clothes and the house.

– This is the laundry room. This is where you’ll be washing my clothes.

He laughs again. Instead of answering back that he’ll wash his own God damn clothes. You turn towards him, and raise your eyebrows.

– I’m surprised you even know where the laundry room is.

He smiles back to you, leans against the doorframe, and moves his face closer to yours.

– I went to a few parties here. You have no idea what happens in the laundry room, at parties.

– I can take a guess…

You say, as you push him out of your way, walk out into the hall again.

– Anything else you want to show me?

He walks into the living room, and opens a door. You don’t say anything, you just follow him. Into the kitchen. It’s big. A lot of cabinets, a big dinner table, with 12 chairs around it. Everything looks brand new.

– This is the kitchen. This is the fridge..

He opens the fridge, it’s full of beers and liquor.

– This is for beers and shit.

You roll your eyes again.

– What about food, Brock?

He shuts the fridge again.

– Ever heard of McDonnalds?

You sit down on one of the chairs, sigh.

– Ever heard of student loan?

– Nope!

He says, as he exits the kitchen. You grab your hair in frustration.

– Are you coming or not? I’m gonna show you the downstair bathroom.

You slowly get up. Follow his voice, back out in the hall. He opens another door. Into a big bathroom. With both a tub, and a shower.

– Bathroom! This is also where the action happens during parties.

– We’re not going to have parties, Brock. I’m supposed to help you graduate, remember?

He turns around, put his index finger on your chest, right between your breasts. You take one step backwards, before your back hits the wall.

– WE’re not going to have parties. I am going to have parties. If you play nice, I might even invite you.

You push him away from you.

– I live here, remember? You can’t exactly throw me out..

You say, as you exit the bathroom, and walk towards the stairs.

– You don’t want to see the pool?

He asks, still standing in the bathroom door. You turn around.

– There’s a pool?

– Yep! Outside, on the back of the house. Some rich dude, had it build to try to save his daughter when the drug charges started to rain over here.

Of course it had to be a rich dude. Didn’t work though. Every single girl in this house got charged. After that girl Sasha died, the police went through the entire house. They found a hidden stash of cocaine in the basement, and then everything happened pretty fast. The sorority was shut down in only two weeks. You still remember all the Police cars, and all the talking. You didn’t participate in the talking, but you heard, you listened.

– Sure.. I like to swim. Is it like open?

– Everything is always open to me!

He says, while he walks outside. You follow. Taking another mental note.

“Lives for his benefits!”

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