The Roommate (AU Rumlow SlowBurn X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – The Quarterback

Brock Rumlow. The university’s star quarterback, one of the best they ever had. Bringing the team in for win after win. After Brock joined the team, the university was really put on the map. Leading to more students applying, a hefty upgrade of the buildings, the football field, the student housing, and just about everything else. Brock surely was an asset to the school and the community. Every single student knew his name. He was on everybody’s lips. With a promising career ahead of him, Brock had everything going for him.

There was only one problem! Brock’s inability to behave himself!

Ever since he started he was trouble. Drinking heavily whenever he had the chance. Getting into fights, skipping lectures. Driving while intoxicated, speeding, vandalism. The list went on and on and on. It was almost as he knew he was essential for the university, and therefore he could do whatever the fuck he wanted. Without any form of consequence.

Well, that was about to change. Dramatically!

YN YLN, psychology major. Top of your class. Spending most of your evenings studying. For all your years at university, you never went to one party. Not that anyone would let you in anyway. Being the “nerd” the only gimps you got of the frat and sorority housing, was what you could see from outside the tall trees and bushes surrounding the gardens.

It didn’t interest you anyway. But you found the psychological part and the behaviour part of it, extremely interesting. Especially the way the athletes behaved. How they trusted their talent blindly. Never even thinking about how they might get hurt. Not having a plan B. You saw it throughout every big athlete on campus. Didn’t matter if it was a swimmer, a football player or one of the other ones. Everyone living off their atlethic abilities alone. You found that fascinating.

For that reason, you decided to use that to write your doctorate. You told your professor yesterday. And today, the headmaster wanted to speak to you. Maybe you’re not allowed to. The rules about the athletes are pretty strickt. Well, for you mortals at least. After the football team started to take off, there was almost an unwritten rule about talking bad about the players.

Thankfully the headmaster doesn’t look mad at all. You walk into his office, and sit down in one of the two chairs, placed in front of his desk.

– YN!

Someone else enters the office.

– Brock! There you are. Long night?

The headmaster is talking to him like they were old friends.

You turn around. Look at the quarterback. A pair of stonewashed jeans resting on his hips, a white t shirt with some stains on it. Your guess it’s ketchup. Looks like he just got out of bed. His hair messy, and he’s rubbing his head. Is he hungover? It’s a schoolday!

– We didn’t find you in your room. Glad you finally got the message! Sit down!

Brock lifts his head, looks at you.

– Yeah.. No.. I was at… the other place..

He gestures something with his arms, as he comes over and sits down in the chair next to yours.

– Brock… YN… You two are a match made in heaven!

The headmaster speaks again. Brock looks at you, for something that feels like an eternity. Before he turns towards the headmaster.

– Nah..

Quick answer, almost condescending.

– What do you mean?

You ask.

– Brock! If this university didn’t blossom from your talent I’d have you expelled a long time ago. BUT I keep getting outvoted on that. This however. This was unanimous.

– Huh?

Brock looks like he just fell out of the sky. He probably never had someone speak to him like this.

– We’ll be keeping you on a shorter leash from now. You’ll be attending at least 50% of your lectures. Deliver the three last assignments, and still do your football thing.

Brock lets out a little laugh.

– What does this have to do with me?

You ask. Nervous for the answer.

– You’ll be tutoring him. And from today, until you finish your doctorate, you’ll be living together.

– WHAT??!!??

You and Brock speak at the exact same time.

– Come on! She’s a nerd!

Brock stands up.


The headmaster yells, and to your surprise, Brock sinks back down.

– But… She’s a nerd..

He tries again. A little less confident this time.

– I know you’re used to a certain standard with your housing, Brock. That’s why we decided to move you i to the old Omega house.

You almost choke on your own saliva. The old Omega house. It’s not exactly old. It’s just that the Omega sorority was shut down last year due to some drug thing. And the house have been empty since then. And.. Wait. Are you and Brock going to live there? Alone? Just the two of you?

– But…

Brock tries again.

– Listen, Brock! You are a spoiled brat. But your talent, if used correctly, will take you to great places. But you need to learn how to behave your age! Go and pack your stuff. I want you both in that house tonight!

Brock leaves with a sniff. And the headmaster once again turns to you.

– YN. I want you to use Brock and his fellow players to write your doctorate. This will be an amazing opportunity for you, to get first hand information for your paper.

– Seriously? You want me to live with that guy? I’m top of my class. Expected to graduate with honors. I already have jobs offers. And you want me to babysit a drunk footballplayer?

The headmaster leans over his desk. Looks at you.

– Listen I can’t expel our quarterback. I can however expel you!

You know he will. You know that Brock is more importaint to the university than you are. No matter how stupid you think that is.

– Fine! I’ll do it. I might use the library excessively though.

– You should embrace this, YN. I’m giving you your doctorate on a Silver plate!

– So I’m getting a doctorate in Brock?

The headmaster drags his hand through his hair.

– I’m afraid life is too short for that..


You don’t have much stuff. The furniture in your room belongs to the university. It’s only your books, and your clothes. You get everything into two suitcases. With a suitcase in each hand, you walk out of your room. Give it one last quick look, before closing the door.

The Omega house is big. Way too big for your liking. You’ve never even been in the gardens, and now you have a key to the house. The door is unlocked. So Brock is probably already here. You walk inside. The first room you enter is a big hall with a staircase leading up to the second floor. A double door leading into what you can only assume is the living area.. You put your suitcases down, when Brock comes down the stairs.

– Well, well.. The nerd has arrived..

You don’t answer.

– You help me graduate, you hear. Or else it’s your career on the line.

You look at him for a bit.

– Would you help me bring my suitcases up to my room?

He looks at your suitcases, then back at you..

– Hehe.. No..

With that he walks into the living area, jumps over the back of the couch lies down. You lift up your suitcases again, and walk upstairs. Taking a mental note.

“Ego centrical, thinks he’s smarter than he really is!”

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