My Brother´s Best Friend (Romantic Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Twelve

Chapter Twelve – Dancing The Night Away!

You lie in bed, thinking, for something that feels like an eternity. You look at the time. Not even midnight. God, how pathetic. Fuck it, YN, you say to yourself, as you get up from the bed. There is no way you’re gonna let him ruin your vacation. Fine, you might be stuck in a car with him when you’re on the road. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself while you’re here.

You fix your hair and make up, before slipping into your black jeans, and a t-shirt. No need to look fancy, you’re just gonna have a drink… or ten.. Enjoy your own company. Red-Wine-Drunk-Guy is most likely passed out by now. And God knows you need that drink. You need to get out of your head, for at least one night. God knows what kinda car trouble or Brock trouble you’ll face when you hit the road again.

You walk downstairs. You need to clear your head, and walking seems like a perfectly good way to do that. Did Brock really kiss you? Did he say that he didn’t know? Did he sound upset? Arrg.. Fuck it, YN! Maybe he didn’t know. He could be telling the truth. But he still didn’t talk to you after. He and Jack did hit the Town one more night, before they left, and they didn’t invite you to go with. Fuck it, fuck it, for Gods sake. STOP THINKING ABOUT HIM, YN!!

When you get downstairs, you see that the bar is closed. Perfect. Just perfect. You turn to go up to your room again, when an eployee stops you.

– Are you looking for the club, mam?

– Huh??

You turn around to face the guy talking to you. He looks young, probably only 20 or so. Blond hair, blue eyes, with a welcoming and helpful smile to go with.

– The club?

You ask. This hotel has a club? Then where is the music?

– It’s in the basement, mam. I’ll show you!

You follow the guy. He keeps talking non stop, about why they decided to open a club in the basement, titally soundproof to shield the guests from the noise, and that it was the only club in town. That he enjoyed to dance when he had time off. You get only half of what he’s talking about. You try to get Brock and the kiss out of your head, but it’s like he glued himself to your forehead. Let’s hope some drinks, and dancing helps.

He wasn’t kidding about the club. It’s beautiful. Nice sitting area, a big dancefloor, and a DJ playing all the right tunes. After Jack left, and your mom got sick, you haven’t been out much, so this is a welcoming change.

– Thank you!

You say, as you shake his hand. Not at all a hard grip. You mentally change his age to maybe late teens, before you approach the bar.

– A Warwaru, please!

You tell the bartender. As you look around the club. God, YN! Why are you looking for him? You came down here to forget about him. Remember? You came down here to clear your head. Just get your warwaru, and have a good time.

– Here you go mam! Good choice!

You take the drink, and find a place to sit, still unable to stop searching the crowd for him. Why? Just why did he have to kiss you? You can still feel his lips on yours. Those soft lips on yours. And.. NO, YN!! STOP IT!

After you finish your drink, you contemplate getting another, but decide on the dancefloor instead. It’s been a long time since you’ve danced. And even though the dancefloor is full of people, you still have room to move around. You let your body move to the beat of the music. It feels liberating. After being your mothers caretaker for so long, this actually feels good. To let yourself loose again. To do what YOU want, for a change. To be able to have a drink, without being scared you’d be called into the hospital. You close your eyes, and give yourself away to the music. The trance tune that’s playing is actually pretty good. A sexy, cool trance, that makes your body want to move. And you can’t help but smile. This is great. You don’t even think about Brock anymore.

Suddenly you feel a couple of hands on your hips, and a body behind you, moving with yours. Good moves, not at all like red-wine-drunk-guy. Perfect! Find yourself a guy tonight, YN! Not for sex or anything, just, maybe some light kissing in a corner of the club. Sounds about right.

You continue to dance, with this mystery guys hands on your hips, and his breath in your ear. You don’t turn around, there’s no need to. This feels good either way. And it gets Brock even further away. The guy behind you smells good. Masculine smell. Good perfume. Just the way you like it. You close your eyes, and lean your head back against the guys shoulder. Taking in that good feeling you get when someone finds you attractive.

– I thought I’d find you here, when you weren’t in your room!

The guy whispers in your ear, well not som much as whispers, more like yells over the loud music. You jump, and turn around to face him.

– Brock!?!

You say. Trying to catch your breath again.

– What are you doing here?

He looks down. Is he nervous or something?

– Looking for you! But, hey, if you don’t want me here, I’ll leave!

He turns away from you. You don’t know why you stop him, but you do. Those hazel brown eyes of his, has you under some kind of spell. He turns towards you again, and before you know it, your lips meet, in a kiss so intense you almost can’t hear the music anymore. His arms around you, pulling you close. Your hands on his hips, pulling your lower bodies together. His tongue wrestling with yours, like it was oxygen, and he’d been half chocked to death.

You need to stop this, YN! This isn’t right! You promised yourself that this, this particular scenario was not going to unfold.

– Not here!

You manage to say to him, before he takes your hand, and you exit the club together. Even when you out the loud music behind you, you don’t say anything. He just holds your hand, walks you over to the elevator, pushes the button, and then you wait. It doesn’t take long for it to arrive.

Almost before the doors to the elevator closes, you’re at it again. Hands roaming each others bodies. Him pushing you up agaist the wall. His lips devouvering yours.

– You’re so hot. You know that?

He manages to say, between kisses.

– Brock!

You’re at a loss for words. Should you let this happen? Should you stop him? Stop you?

The elevator stops at your floor, and again he takes your hand, guiding you to his room. You just follow. You probably should stop it. Probably. But you know, you know deep down inside that you won’t be able too.

Even before the door to his room closes behind you, you’re at it again. Your t-shirt over your head, down on the floor, quickly followed by his. His skin against yours feels so fucking good. Your head is screaming for you to stop this. But your body keeps telling you to continue.

He gets you down on his bed, lies down on top of you. The kisses continues. His lips now, not only on your lips, but on your neck and collar bone as well. Your hands feeling his bare skin. And your lips tasting his skin. Shit, you need to stop this, YN!

His hands starts to unbutton your jeans. Finally you manage to think clearly. You put your hands on his shoulders. Push slightly, to get him to lift himself up from you. He looks down on you. God, those eyes. Now, hungry, and not only hungry. Hungry for you.

– Did I do something wrong, YN?

You search his face. You don’t want to dissapoint him, it’s just that you’re not ready, yet. You want him, God, how you want him. But not here, not now. You’ve both been drinking. And you want to be totally sober if this is going to happen at all. You want to remember everything, and you don’t want to regret anything afterwards. If this is going to happen again, you want it to be real.

– No, Brock. You didn’t.. I’m just…. I’m not ready… Yet…

He lets out a breath. Gets up, and sits down beside you. You sit up. Put your hand on his shoulder.

– You didn’t do anything wrong, Brock.  OK? I’m sorry. I… I just… I want..

He turns towards you.

– Be sober? I know. And I agree. OK? I’m not mad, YN? I… I just..

You place a soft kiss on his shoulder.

– What, Brock?

He looks at you. Swallows.

– Can…

He starts. But then he stops again. You reise your eyebrows, to gesture for him to continue.

– Can you.. Like.. Stay here tonight.. Anyway?

You send him a little smile.

– I’m not gonna make a move or anything. I.. I just want you beside me. And, well. I want to hold you.

You lean into him, kiss his cheeck.

– Sure, Brock.. I can do that…

He lets out a relieved breath, before giving you a hug.

– Good… Thank you, YN!

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