Bound & Brockened (Dark Rumlow X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Play

Brock turns away from you gets his phone up from his pocket, and puts it to his ear. You follow his every move. Too scared to look away from him.

– Yes. Large number 7.. Hang on a sec..

He turns to you.

– What do you want, sweetheart?

He’s talking unusually loud. Like he want’s the person on the other end to think that you’re his girl.

– Err.. Anything you want.. But no pineapple..

Maybe you shouldn’t have said that… What if he is a sucker for pinapple?When you think about it you’d probably eat the pizza no matter what was on it. You haven’t had a real, warm pizza in years. Dumpster diving for food, mostly. Some of the stores threw out surprisingly good food. If you were lucky you sometimes even got cake. But for the most part, you ate what you found, because you were dizzy from hunger.

He laughs a bit. This isn’t real either. Who is he playing? You? Or the person on the phone?

– Stop messing with me, sweetheart. You know we never do pineapple on pizza.

Still talking unusually loud.

– Yes. Large number 7 then. Yes, drinks would be fine. Double it this time.

Then he hangs up. Facing away from you, not turning around. His broad shoulders, the way he stands there. Almost like he could jump at you any second. You swallow. Look down at your feet.

He moves over to his bed, kneels down, looking through that trunk thing again. What is he going to do next? You follow his every move, don’t dare to look away.

He finds what he searched for, gets up, and turns towards you again. Slowly walks over to you. You don’t dare to look down. So instead you just look at him.

He has some kind of toy in his hand. You’ve seen sex toys before It’s not like you’re a virgin or anything. This particular design, you haven’t seen before though. It has a bright red color, almost throughout. And something that looks like little nobs. Either to inflict pain or pleasure. You kinda hope it’s pleasure.

He walks all the way up to you, the toy still in his hand, by his side. He isn’t presenting it to you this time, like he did back at the auction house. And you don’t know how to respond to this. You look down again, partly to study the toy, and partly to look away from him. He feels threatening. And you’re tied up, imobilised.

Suddenly he grabs your chin. Holds your in a thight grip, you can’t move your face at all. He lets his tongue glide over your lips.

– Whenever I’m on the phone, or I have people over, no matter who it is. Your answer will always be “Yes, Darling” to my questions! Got it?

You swallow, your eyes moves up and down and back and forth, to not look directly into his. He want’s you to call him “darling”?

– Let’s try!

He says again, his voice stronger. Demanding that you say the words to him.

– Y…. Ye…. Yes… Darling…

You say, as steady as you can possibly manage, given the state that you’re in. And the fact that you almost can’t move your jaw, due to his grip. You’ve never been this scared before. And you used to live on the street.

His hand hits the side of your face again. Tears starts to form in your eyes. It hurts when he hits you, and you can’t do anything about it, other than trying to do what he tells you to do. And you have no idea what that’ll be.

– Say it like you FUCKING mean it!!

He almost screams to you, when he grabs your chin again. You whimper.

– Yes, Darling!

You answer. Letting the words roll over your lips, as fast as you can. And you hope that he’ll accept this, for now!

He looks at you for a while again. Still holding your face in a thight grip. You’re forced to look at him.

– That’s right, sweetheart! And when we’re alone….

He lets the sentence stop halfway. Searching your face for a reaction. Does he want you to be afraid?

– ….. When we’re alone. Your answer will always be “Yes, Master”!

You gasp from his words. Master?

– I always wanted to be called that!

He says, as he once again lets his tongue glide over your lips. Again you whimper.

– Let’s try, shall we? “Yes, Master” Say it!

You swallow. You’re shaking.

– Y…. Yes, Master?

You try, but it sounds more like a question than an answer. He lets go of your chin, and clears his throat.

– I’ll get better, I promise!!

You say, as fast as you can. Scared out of your mind, about what he’ll do. He looks at you again, for a long time. You blink a couple of times. Mostly to keep the tears away, but also because you are scared to look at him.

– Eh.. That’ll do for now!

He says, as he lifts up the toy, placing it under your chin, and tilts your face up. Why is he so adament about looking into your eyes? Is it to keep you in submissive mode? Does he know that you find it extremely uncomfortable? And on top of that, you’re scared. You have no clue what his next move is going to be, and he already hit you. He could probably do worse too.

– Stick out your tongue!

He commands. You don’t dare to do anything other than to comply. Sticking our your tongue.

– More!

He commands again. His voice so strong that you’re afraid he’ll grab your tongue and rip it out if you don’t comply. So you stick it out, as far as you manage. Till the point it hurts. Trying to slow your breathing down, so it will be easier to breathe through your nose.

Now he lifts ut the toy. And place the little nobs on your tongue, before turning it on. The little knobs is like a million small tickles on your tongue. So it wasn’t to inflict pain. Thank God! 

– Feels good, doesn’t it?

He asks. How does he manage to be so calm? If he’d been anything like any of the other guys you’ve been with, he’d fucked you senseless up against the wall 20 times already.

– Doesn’t it?

He asks again.

– Ilnsk

The only sound you can make, with your tongue sticking out of your mouth like this. And you don’t dare to move it. Saliva is now dripping down your chin.

He turns around, looks at the clock, hanging over the opening out to the hall. Then he turns back to you. Remove the vibrator from your tounge, slides it around your mouth and chin, to pick up the saliva, running from your mouth. Then he moves it down, and lets it rest between your legs. You suck in a breath.

– We have about 15 minutes left. Think you can hold it for 15 minutes?

You don’t even get to answer, before he pushes the vibrator inside you, moving it around, continuously looking into your eyes. You can tell by his look that he’s enjoying this. But you don’t know if it’s because he’s horny, or if it’s because he enjoys your helplessness. Could be both.

Your eyes widens, as the little nobs hits that sweet, sensitive spot. He notices, and leaves the vibrator right there. Before he starts to set the table, so you can eat. He sets it for the both of you, so maybe you can actually sit down.

That’s the only thought you manage to think, before the nobs and the vibrating makes it impossible to think. You let out a moan.

– Hold it!

He says.

Another moan escapes you. You clenche your muscles. It only serves to push the nobs even deeper into your sensitive spot.

He comes over to you again, turns the speed up a little.

– Noh…

Is all you manage to say. He looks up at you.

– Oh, yes, my sweet little toy! Keep holding it!

Your legs shaking. Moan after moan escaping your lips.

He sits down on the bed, looking at you. You desperately try to hold it. What will he do, if you’re not able to? You look down at your feet, curling toes. Fuck! You desperately try to calm your breathing down.

Then the doorbell sounds… Thank God! He needs to stop this now. You are clearly visible from the hall, so the delivery guy is destined to see you. Maybe he should. Maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe he’ll understand that there’s something wrong, and call the cops. Owning people like this, usimg people, make them into some sort of sex slave, can’t possibly be legal, no matter if you have proof of ownership or not.

He comes over to you, all the way up in your face. Putting one of his fingers over your lips.

– Shhhh…

He says. You don’t dare to open your mouth, afraid that you’ll scream. So you clenche it shut. Looking at him, pleading. He smiles back. Gives you a couple of gentle slaps on your cheek.

– Keep on holding it..

He says, before he walks out in the hall. You desperately trying to calm your breathing down, when he opens the door. You shut your eyes. If the delivery guy sees you, you don’t want to look at him. You can hear him taking the pizza, and the drinks he ordered.

– Hang on, while I get my wallet!

You hear him say, before he comes back into the living room. Putting the stuff down on the table. When he walks past you on his way to pick up his money, he whispers to you.

– You can let it go now!

When the fear of disobeying him gone, your whole body relaxes, and the orgasm hits you like a tsunami. You scream, yanking the handcuffs, so the chains rattles. Your legs can’t even hold you up anymore. You can’t even see anymore, everything around you is blurry.

You don’t even realise that he comes back, not until you open your eyes, looking straight into his. Breathing heavily, and you can still feel the small nobs massaging your sensitive spot. He smiles triumphant to you, before he slowly removes the vibrator. You let out a releaved breath, and you can feel your wetness running down your thighs.

– Good girl! He left… You got us free pizza…

He says, before placing a kiss on your lips. A real kiss, none of that tongue over your lips thing.

– You might even have earned yourself a night in the bed…

He says, as he gets your hands out of the handcuffs.

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