Wheelman (X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Heating Things Up!

– You just ran away with their money? What did you think they were going to do?

You ask, you’re still mad that he stole your car. But since you’re already in this messed up situation, you might as well make conversation.

– Did you see the biker?

He asks, as he gets out of the passenger seat, and lies down on his back in the backseat instead. Casually putting his hands behind his head, revealing a pretty distinct V shaped lower body.

– Yeah! I saw him..

– Well, he showed up out of fucking nowhere. Took a shot at me. So I got the fuck out of there.

– Understandable! Why didn’t you shoot back?

– It was either that or my money. I chose the money! And how did you know I was packing?

You sigh and sit down in the back seat. Back against him. You can feel that he’s looking at you. Suddenly you feel cold. It isn’t exactly warm here in the middle of the night, and your hangover isn’t helping.

– Are you cold?

– Eh.. Just my hangover messing with me. No big deal.

He sits up. Takes off his jacket, puts it over your shoulders. Before he puts his arms around you.

– Here! Does this help?

– A little bit.

– Come here!

He drags you into the backseat, before leaning over you and close the door.

– Let’s get you sobered up.

He pulls you close, and rubs your back.

– I’m sorry for taking your car, alright. I needed a fast car. This one is. I can reimburse you for the rims.

– I don’t want your fucking robbery money!

He looks down at you, resting your head on his chest. Looks like he didn’t expect your outburst.

– Hey, I’m just trying to help out.

You sit up. Take off his jacket.

– Do I look like a person that needs help with money?

He looks you up and down. Your Gucci dress hugging your body, complementing all the right curves. Your Louis Vuitton purse. The Diamond necklace around your neck, and the jewellery in your ears. And of course there’s the car.

– You’re well off!?

You’re unsure if it’s a question or a statement. So you don’t answer. You look down, he leans over you, to get his jacket back over your shoulders.

– I don’t want your fucking jacket!

You look up. And your face collide with his. You don’t know if it’s intentional or not. But his lips meets yours. You both stop. Look at each other for a second. Before you collide together again. Hands roaming each others bodies like your lifes depended on it.

His hands finds the zipper on your dress, dragging it down. Before pushing the straps down from your shoulders. You pull his shirt over his head. Then you take his gun. Tucked down the back of his pants. Placing it on the floor.

He drags you up in his lap, you strattle him. Your dress pushed up around your waist. Without wasting any more time. He unbuckle himself, before pushing your underwear to the side and entering you. Grabbing your lower back, pushing you on to him.

– Fuck!

He gasps. Following your movements. You wrap your arms under his arms and over his shoulders to steady yourself. Pushing yourself down on him over and over. Breathing together in the intensity that is this situation.

The fact that you both know what kind of situation you’re in makes the whole thing all that more exhilarating.

– Move your arms! Let me see you!

He hisses. You let go of his shoulders, instead you lean back and steady yourself on the tunnel console. His hands moves up to your breasts cupping them both. Squeezing gently. Before travelling down your stomach, grabbing your hips, then he ups the pace. Fucking you raw in the back of your car.

– Shit! Fuck me!

He lets go of your hips again. Moving his hands up to your breasts.

– Start to move. Ride me!

He commands! You slowly start to move. Fuck! The angle he’s pushing inside you makes you tense up. You’re shaking moving up and down on top of him.

– Faster!

He commands again. You try to pick up your pace. But it’s impossible. Every time he hits that spot inside of you, you tense up.

He looks down, watching himself glide in and out of you, every time you move. He sits there for a while. Marveling your wetness, glistening all over him.

Then he wraps one of his arms around your waist dragging you into him, and mercilessly fucks you as hard as he possibly can. Breathing heavily into your skin, his body tenses up, his arms pulling you even closer, before he leans back and look up at the headliner. You lean into him, and place some soft kisses on his neck.

– That was fucking fantastic!

He says while pulling you into a kiss.

– Are you sobered up yet?

– My headache is gone!

– Good! And do you feel cold at all?

– No. I’m all good!

– I did my job then.

He says with a smirk. Before he kisses you. You sink into the kiss, but then you hear a noise outside. You quickly lean back, grab both his and your gun, that you hid under the passenger seat, before you blast six rounds out each of your backdoor windows.

When you’re done, you quickly untangle yourself from each other. Put your clothes back on. The whole time he’s looking at you, shocked.

– What the fuck, lady! How did you know how to do that?

– I don’t exactly live a quiet life!

You say, while pulling your straps back on your shoulders. Give him back his gun. You exit the car on different sides, walk over to the persons lying on the ground. You look over at him.

– Is he dead?

He looks down at the biker. One of your bullets went straight through his visor.

– Definitely! How about him?

He gestures to the guy lying on your side of the car. You look down at him for a while, before you put a bullet in his forehead.

– He is now!

You get back to the car. Get in the drivers seat. He keeps looking at you. Still shocked.

– What are you waiting for? They know where we are. Let’s move!

Finally he gets in the passenger seat. He still looks shocked, but at least he’s coming with you.

– Want to see what this baby can really do?

You say with a smirk, starting the car.

– Go for it!

You put the car in reverse clamping in the gas, turning the wheel, drifting the car around. He puts one of his hands on your dash.

– Damn girl!

– This side of the table is actually quite fun! Usually I help catch people like you!

He looks at you. Narrowing his brows.

– You’re a cop?

You laugh, while driving out of the parking garage, and speed up, down the street.

– Not really. My part of the job is way more fun… And pays much much better..

He sits back in the passenger seat. Slowly moving his head so he can look at you.

– Fuck! You’re a bounty hunter?!?

You send him a little smile.

– Well. My father is. I sometimes work for him. Undercover stuff mostly.

He keeps looking at you, nervous.

– Relax, I’m not gonna turn you in!

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