Wheelman (X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – This Is Going To Hurt

– How the fuck do you want me to react, you’re a fucking bounty hunter?

He sounds scared. You find that funny.

– Listen Mr. You stole MY car. You could’ve chosen any other car in that parking lot. You chose this one. Now face the consequences!

– I didn’t have that much time to chose and This. Was. The. Fastest!

– Do you always chose cars where people are trying to sober up?

– Not usually, no!

Something hits your car from behind. He turns around.

– Fuck! Speed up!

You clamp the gass down. The car behind you follows.

– I can’t shake them off!!!

He gets his gun out. Change the magazine. When he’s about to lean out the window to shoot at them. You stop him.

– Do you want them to mess up your car?

– I’ve got a better idea. Hang on!

Again you drift the car around, so you’re front to front with the car behind you.

– Now, will you shoot them??!!

He leans out the window, and empties his magazine on the other car. The car skids, before hitting the
roadside crash barrier, flipping over on its roof, before landing in a fountain.

You drift the car around again. He puts one hand on your dash, grabbing the door with the other.

– You drive like a fucking maniac you know that?

– Shut the fuck up will ya! They just wrecked my BMW!!

You say while stopping the car on the hard shoulder. You exit the car,, and walk to the back. He follows you. Someone hit you, that’s for sure.

– Fuck! You couldn’t leave my car alone, could ya…

You look at the broken taillights and the bumps on the back of your car.

– You owe me 200.000. You know that right?

– I offered you 230.000! You explicitly said that you didn’t want my robbery money!

You kick your car, and scream out your frustration. Before opening your back door, and fall stomach down in the back seat. He stands outside the door, looking at you.

A car engine roars down the street. Then everything happens so fast, you don’t even have time to think.


He yells, as he drags you down on the floor in the car, and gets on top of you. Then the bullets fly over your car. You feel it will never end. He takes a hit in the shoulder. You can feel it. But you’re facing down on the floor, so you don’t see anything.

Then there’s quiet…

He gets up, holding his shoulder. You turn around.

– Are you OK?

You ask. Before there’s a sound coming from the hood of the car, before flames shows.

– Fuck!

He says again, before dragging you out of the backseat, runs back to the trunk, kicking it as hard as he can. The trunk flies open. He yanks out the bags, and gives you one. You don’t say anything, you just take it. Might as well make some money out of this fucking mess. And your car is wrecked beyond repairs.

You start to walk down the street, he follows.

– Hey, where the fuck are you going?

– Relax will ya. I’m not gonna run away with your fucking robbery money.

You turn around, look at his shoulder.

– We need to get that fixed. I know a place. We’ll be safe there.

You say, while picking up your phone. He yanks it from you. Throws it away.

– Hey! What the fuck dude? My car AND my phone? What the fuck is wrong with you??!!

– They can trace it. As long as you have that, we’re not safe anywhere.

You start to walk again. He continues to follow.

– So, where are you taking me?

– It’s a safe house. We use it for stakeouts sometimes. Everything we need is there. Including first aid kits. I’ll fix your shoulder, and then we can sleep for a bit.

You walk the rest of the way in silence. It’s not like you haven’t been shoot at before. It’s just that usually you know who you’re dealing with, and usually you have the upper hand. Now, you don’t even know if the guy walking beside you is one of the good guys or one of the bad guys. Amazing sex though.

It’s not that far of a walk. The safe house is an apartment downtown, with a view that can take anyones breath away. It costs a small fortune, but your fathers firm can afford it. He’s the best bounty hunter around. And you’ve been helping him out since your early teens. By now, you know every trick in the book.

You unlock the door, and let him walk in front of you.

– Go sit down in there!

You point to one of the bedrooms. Before you go to get the first aid kit. And a bottle of liquor.

When you return to the bedroom. He already removed his jacket and his shirt. Exposing his broad shoulders and perfectly toned upper body. Fuck! How can you not look at that?

– Do you really think drinking is the right way to go right now?

He gestures to the bottle in your hand. You sniff.

– It’s for the wound!

You put the first aid kit down on the bed, before you start to pull out the things you need. You look at the wound.

– It doesn’t look too bad. Thankfully. I think I can get the bullet out without it hurting too much.

– What? Are you a doctor too?

– Oh, please. I’ve been doing this since I was like twelve years old!

He takes a breath. Looks at you.

– You really ment it, when you said you didn’t live a quiet life.

You don’t answer. Instead you lift the bottle. And get ready for the task ahead of you.

– This is going to hurt!

– Listen. I’m sorry about your caaaaaaa.. FUCK, lady!!

He yells at you when you pour the liquor over his wound.

– Oh, jeez.. Keep your fucking mouth shut. I’ll have the bullet out before you know it. Look away if it bothers you.

– Bothers me? Trust me, I’ve been through worse than this.

You start to remove the bullet. The whole time he’s looking at you. You can feel it, although you don’t look back.

When the bullet is safely out, and the wound closed up. You wrap a bandaid sound his shoulder.

– It’s just to keep it steady, so the wound can heal.

You say, letting your fingers slide down his arm. He clears his throat.

– Do you by any chance have a shower in this place?

You smile at him.

– Yeah.. It’s right through there.

You point to the master bathroom. He gets up. But then he stops. You look at him.

– The towels are in the closet right next to the shower.

He extends his hand to you.

– You’re not gonna join me?

You smile at him.

– Sure.. I can do that..

Then you take his hand. Walk with him into the bathroom. Your clothes falling to the floor almost right away. He turns on the shower. Make sure the temperature is good. Before he grabs your behind, lifting you up, and pushes you up against the wall.

– Legs around my waist!


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