Wheelman (X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Wheelman

Shit, you’re drunk. You stumble out of the club. Why do you always do this? You’re a fucking adult. You should know how to NOT become this hammered. How did you even get here? Oh, fuck. Your car. You fish your keys out of your purse. Where did you park it? You look around, your vision blurry, and you see like 5 of every single car in the parking lot. You lift up the key, and press the button. Pip! Fuck! You can’t see shit. You press the button again. Ah.. Over there. The new black BMW M5 CS has never looked better. You stumble towards your car. Get in the drivers seat, and start the engine. Oh, come on, YN. This is never going to work. You’re in no condition to drive. Sleep it off. You shut the engine off, and crawl into the backseat. Leaving your keys in the ignition. You fall asleep almost immediately.

A sharp jolt wakes you up. You’re sliding violently to the right side of the car. Hitting your head on the door. Ouch.. You sit up in the back seat. The car is moving. The car is fucking moving!

– What the fuck, dude!?

Dude? There’s a fucking dude in your car? Are you dreaming? You rub the top of your head. Fucking headache. The guy turns around. Looks at you.

– Oh, hey!

Then he concentrate on his driving. Before he suddenly turns around again.

– Hey? Who are you? How the fuck did you get here?

What the fuck kinda question is that? This is YOUR car!

– How did I get here? How the fuck did you get here?

– I needed a car!

– You needed a car?

– Yes!

– Oh for fuck’s sake!

You rub your head again. This is a perfect situation to be in when you have a hangover. Nothing beats a hangover with a fucking crazy car thief.

– Fuck! Are you tweaking?

– What?

He quickly looks at you, before he goes back to driving.

– Are you on drugs?

– Not unless vodka is a drug…

– So you’re hungover… Fucking perfect!

– Hey! You stole MY car! You know this qualifies as kidnapping.

He takes a quick look in the rearview mirror, before he clamps the breaks in. You’re getting tossed into the seat in front of you. Then he turns around.

– You’re free to leave if you want to.

– And let your crazy ass drive off with my brand new 200,000$ car? Are you fucking delusional?

He turns and looks at you. Then he spots something. His eyes narrowing.

– Get in the front seat!

– What? First off all this i MY ca…

– Get in the fucking passenger seat! And buckle up!

Something in his voice makes you jump into the front seat, and fasten your seatbelt. Then he clamps the gass in, and in less than three seconds the speedometer shows 63mph.

– Is this how you normally drive?

– When I have a fast car, yes!

– So that’s why you stole my car? You wanted a joyride?

– I TOLD you. I needed a car!

You roll your eyes.

– Fine. You’re a part of this fucking mess now anyway. I’m a wheelman!

– A what?

– You don’t know what a wheelman is?

– Like a taxi driver?

He laughs. Shifts gear, and continue to speed up. He checks the mirror, shifts gear again. More speed.

– Not exactly.

– Be careful with my car for fucks sake. It’s brand new!

– You rather have them shoot holes in it?

He nods his head to the rearview mirror, you look. A car is following you. A car is fucking following you. Who is this guy?

– What the fuck did you get me into, motherfucker!?

– I’m a wheelman…

– YES! I know, you said that already!

– Shut up and fucking listen!

You glance at the rearview mirror again.

– We robbed a bank, OK! And then… Then they doubel-Crossed me!


– I. Robbed. A. Bank!

– And now he has my car…

You mutter to yourself.

– I gave you a chance to get out!

– Yeah.. And just GIVE you my car. Besides I didn’t know you were a FUCKING CRIMINAL!

– I’m just the wheelman!

– Great, now you can add fucking kidnapping and carjacking to your list of accomplishments!

He doesn’t answer. He just continues to drive. You look away from him. God, YN. You’ll end up in jail for sure. A fucking bank robber. You’ll never drink again. EVER!


He yells, clamps in the breaks, turns the wheel so hard the tires drifting on the asphalt. Before the car goes over the center divider. Turns 180 degrees, and then he speeds up again.

– What the fuck! I have 22″ custom made aluminum rims on this car!

– Again, would you rather have the car shot to pieces?

There goes 200,000$. Fuck! This wasn’t exactly what you had in mind when you bought this car. Being chased through the City by fucking criminals.

– Do you have a plan at all?

– No I don’t have a fucking plan! I didn’t exactly plan for this shit to go down like this.

– Shake them off!

– What?

– Speed up! Shake them off. I know a place!

He looks at you. His lips twitches, before he again makes full use of the 627 horsepower V8 engine.


– It’s not in use anymore. But someone in the neighborhoods, didn’t want it to be tored down. So now it just stands here. Doing absolutely nothing.

The parking garage have been standing there for years. Collecting dust and the occasional rave party. Totally ruining the usually nice neighbourhood. But right now, you’re glad that it still stands.

He drives a couple of stories up, before he parks the car, and turns off the engine. You take a relieved breath. He does the same, before he exits the car, and opens the trunk. You slowly follow him. Please, God. Don’t say there is a person in my trunk.. You slowly walk to the back of your car. Thank God. Not a person, but two duffle bags. He’s standing over them counting money. Stack after stack of 100$ bills. You can’t say a single word. Anger bubbling up inside of you. He said He was the fucking wheelman. Then what is all this money doing here?

– No.. No, no, no. FUCK!

He throws one of the bags down in the trunk.

– 230.000$? What the fuck?

– You have their money?

Finally you manage to speak.

– It should be 500.000 at least. Fuck!

– You have their money?

– Obviously just half of it!!

You take another step towards him.

– You have their money?

He just looks at you.

– Do they really think I’ll be going back to jail for fucking 230.000. Fuck those fuckers!


Now you’re screaming to him. Surprised by the anger in your voice you freeze up. He quickly clamps a hand over your mouth. Dragging you close to him.

– Shhhh! Shut the fuck up!

– Mmmmajjammm

You try to talk under his hand. He looks you in the eye. He is so close his nose is touching yours.

– Use your inside voice this time. Don’t fucking give up our hiding spot.

You nod. And he removes his hand.

– No wonder they were fucking following us. You stole their money.

– It’s my cut. My payment for driving!

Oh, so that’s what a wheelman does. He’s like a getaway driver. You laugh.

– You get 230.000$ for driving from A to B?

Man this guy is better off than you.

– It’s a risky job!

– If it’s your money, then why are they following you?

He shrugs. Walks past you, and sits down in the passenger seat.

– Does it look like I’m driving them anywhere?

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