Wheelman (X Reader) Chapter Four

Chapter Four – Do You Always Fuck The Girls You Kidnap?

The way he holds you up against the wall. Breathing heavily into your skin. Him growing between your legs. Fuck! The excitement. You’ve never been this turned on before. His strong body pressed up against yours.

– Fuck me!

You say between moans. You don’t have to ask twice. He growls into your ear as he enters you. It sends waves of pleasure down your spine.

– Yes! Take it! Tell me!

– Fuck! Harder!

You manage to say between ragged breathing.

One of his hands finds your hair, grabbing it. As his lips once again finds yours.

– Open your mouth! Let me suck on your tongue!

He commands, as he continues to push you up against the wall with every thrust.

Fuck how turned on you are. He could do whatever the fuck he wanted to with you, and you’d probably let him.

You open your mouth.

– Aaaaa.. Fuck!

You moan into his mouth.

– Stick it out for me! Let me taste it.

You must look stupid, but you do as he tells you to. Sticking out your tongue. He lets his tongue swirl around it, before closing his lips over your tongue. The taste of his tongue, and the feeling of his lips closed around yours makes your belly clenche.

– Yes! Grip your walls around me! Fuck!

Sex has never felt this good. This intense. He really knows what he’s doing. And that body. You’d let him rail you forever.

Your lower body hits the wall every time he buries himself inside you. Once again he growls into your ear.

– Fuck! Aaaahhaa..

– Yes, come for me!

The feeling is unlike anything. The way he’s grabbing your hair, almost biting your neck as he growls the words into your skin. Your whole body tenses up, and you’re scared you’re hurting him, with the way you squeezing your legs around him.

He let’s you finish first, before he takes care om himself. How can a badass criminal like him, be this caring? You learned from a really young age, that criminals was bad people. That you should stay away from them. This guy. This night, changed all that.

After showering and drying off, you lay down on the bed together. He lies down first, on his back. Stretching his arms out. You lie down on one of them. You don’t know why, but being close to him feels good.

– Do you always fuck the girls you kidnap?

You turn towards him, looking at him as you talk. He laughs a little.

– You’re the first one I’ve kidnapped, so I guess the answer is yes!

You just lie there, looking at each other, before your lips collides in a kiss again. He wraps his arms around you, pulling you close. His kisses intensifies, before he suddenly stops. Looking around. You open your mouth to say something, but he covers it with his hand. Putting a finger over his mouth.

– Shh!

He’s right there is someone either in the apartment, or right outside the door.

You quickly get dressed. And pick up your guns. You get two more out of the drawer in the nightstand. Giving him one.

Then you take your places on each side of the bedroom door. Backs against the wall. He looks at you, gestures for you to be quiet, and follow him. Before he slowly moves towards the living room. You follow him.

A bang sounds, as the door to the apartment gets kicked in. Then shooting, shouting.

– I know you’re in there. Where is my fucking money?

Two bullets hits the wall. You lift your gun up, ready to fight. But he gestures for you to stop. Before he rounds the corner, and places a bullet in the guys forehead.

– There will be more of them. Get the bags, let’s move!

You get the bags from the bedroom, as before he takes one, gives the other one to you, before you move out in the hall. Some of the neighbours pops their heads out of their apartments. You tell them to get back inside. You know you got to move quickly. The Police will be here any second.

And you were right. The second you round the corner of your apartment building sirens sounds. You both start to run.

– You have any other places to hide?

– Not really! This was kinda it. We could try to hide in the park. Wait it out!

He grabs your arm, drags you with him towards the park.

– Then come on!

You reach the park, and take cover in some bushes. It’s not the biggest room for you two, but you’re out of sight, and hopefully no one knows that you’re here. He lies down rests his head on one of the bags. You lie down on his chest, look up at him. He’s good looking. Dark hair, brown eyes, a little rough, unshaved, and well he looks like a criminal. A good looking criminal.

– Do you have a name Mr. Wheelman?

– It’s Frank!

– YN!

– Nice name!

You close your eyes. Then you suddenly realise something. You look up at him again.

– How did they know where we were? You got rid of my phone..

He quickly sits up, starts to go through the bags. After a while he pulls up a black device. Looks at it. Before putting it down on a rock, smashing it with his foot.

– FUCK! Fuck, motherfucker!

– They’re tracing the money. Why didn’t I think of that?

He does the same with the other bag. Smashing the device with his foot. Before getting up.

– Fuck, we need to move!

You get up, start to walk after him. You walk through the park for a while, before finding another hiding spot. Similar to the one before. But this one is on the other side of the park. You’ll be safe here for now. Again he lies down. But this time he gestures for you to sit down on top of him. You do, sit down on your knees, legs on each side of him.

He grabs your hips. Dragging your dress up to your stomach. Pushing his groin up against you. You lean down and kiss him.

– Have you ever been fucked in public before?

He keeps kissing you, while unbuckling himself. Fuck.

– Not in the park!

You say, while gliding your hands up under his shirt. Just enough chest hair for you to feel that it’s there.

– Push your underwear aside!

He growls, grabbing your hips, pushing you on to him. You don’t even think, you just to what he tells you to do. Fuck, this feels so good. His lips tastes so fucking good, and his body. Fuck!

He has no trouble entering you. His words and his voice alone makes you wet as fuck. He seizes your bottom and fucks you as hard as he possibly can.

You try to keep from moaning. To not give up your hiding spot. But it’s almost impossible. Fuck this is intense. If possible he ups the pace even more. Before it all explodes inside of you. You have to bite his jacket to keep you from screaming. Before you collaps on top of him.

– That was fucking amazing…

You manage to say, between your breaths

He lets out a little laugh.

– And now you can say you got fucked in the park..

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