Wheelman (X Reader) Chapter Five

Chapter Five – I Told You To Run!

– That I got Fucked by a criminal, in the park?

He looks at you for some time.

– You’d tell your friends that?

He kisses you again.

– You think I would? I mean, If I could tell my friends that a criminal, bank robber fucked me in the park, you think I would?

He lets out a little nervous laugh.

– Well, if I could tell my friends that I fucked a Bounty Hunter in the park, do you think I would?

– Absolutely, I think that.

He playfully nudge your shoulder, before there’s a sound. Footsteps. Someone is moving towards you. Slowly, quiet. Definitely someone who is looking for something, or someone.

He quickly and quietly gets you down on the ground, lies on top of you, covering your mouth, and holds a finger over his lips.

– Shhhh…

You reach behind his back, get his gun out from his pants. He gets the other one. Both of you are ready to fight. He leans down. Whispers in your ear, so quiet you have to concentrate to hear him.

– When I say go, you run. I’ll cover you!

You shake your head. He’s still covering your mouth, so you can’t talk.

– Yes, YN. You do! I got you into this. Now I’m getting you out of it.

His voice so determined that you don’t dare to argue with him. You can bring your gun with you, run and hide somewhere close, and then double back.

He rolls of you, on his back, with his gun ready. You try to make your body ready to run. Looking around you, searching for the easiest way out.

Then you see the two pair of feet closing in. Fuck! You slow your breathing down. Look over at him. Firm lips. Concentrated. He almost looks scared. Is he? How the fuck can you know? He probably knows these guys. Is he fighting his friends, shooting at his friends? Do criminals even have friends? Allies you know. But those are not friends. They just work together because it’s mutually beneficial. Kinda like when your father does jobs for the Police.

He looks at you one more time. Once again his finger over his lips. You nod.

– NOW!

He yells, as he fires four rounds at the guys closing in. You almost don’t hear what he says, but the vibrations the sounds make, makes you get up and run. More shots fired behind you.

You don’t run far. It’s dark outside the paths in the park, and right now, you praise the fact that you like to dress in black. And the fact that your hair isn’t blonde. It’s almost impossible to see you. Once you feel that you are far enough away, you kneel down behind a big rock.

The shots stops. You slowly get up. No movements over there. It could be a trap. But you still have a full magazine in your glock, and you’re a good shooter, even in the dark. You slowly move back towards your hiding spot. Still no movement. You’re so focused on finding Frank, that you almost trip over the first guy. Quickly bending down to check his vitals. Fucking dead!

A couple of more steps, and you see the other guy, when you move closer, you can see something or someone under him. Frank! You push the guy off him. No movement. You check his vitals. He’s still breathing, so this must be something else. Hit his head maybe. Fuck!

You shake him, and he comes too with a bang.

– Fuck. Motherfucker. Fuck you!

You take his face between your hands. Look in in the eye.

– Hey… Hey, Frank.. It’s me.. Calm down!

It’s like he suddenly gets his brain back.

– I told you to run, YN

– I did!….. And then I came back. Come on. Someone definitely heard that, the Police will be here. We have to move!

You try to drag him with you. He grabs your arm. Points to his right leg.

– He shot me twice. I can’t run anywhere!

You look around for something to tie around his leg, maybe if you just find a car, you can get away. He stops you.

– Run, YN!

– The Police will get you!

– Take the money, and run! If I don’t have the money, they have no prof. Take them!

You look from him to the bags and back again.

– No!

Sirens starts to approach. Franks once again grabs your arm. Pulling you down to him. Kissing you intently.

– You know the place in Long Island where you bought your car?

You nod..

– Meet me there in four months.

– What if you’re not there?

He takes both the duffle bags, and gives them to you.

– That means I’m in jail, and you need to buy your own car!

You kiss him again, keep your lips on his, for as long as you have time for. Before the sirens is dangerously close.

– Now, go! Four months, YN! Now run!

You run. Fuck. Triple fuck. You never thought you’d ever end up in a situation where you had to run from the Police. And Frank. Fuck!


Four months later, you again walk into the place where you bought your BMW. Not knowing if he’d be there. He sounded pretty confident, that he wouldn’t end up in jail. But you know how the system works. One fingerprint, even if it is for another crime committed. It would take him down. Fuck the Police, fuck the system. Why the fuck are you even here?

– Looking for a car, Miss?

You know that voice. A smile starts to form on your lips, as you slowly turn around.

When your eyes meet, he winks at you. And you know how to play your part.

– Yes. I’d love a new BMW M5 CS. My old one.. I didn’t like the colour…

He calmly walks over to a dark green one. Drags his hand over the roof of it.

– I think this one will fit you perfectly, Miss. What is your budget?

You smile at him, and tilt your head towards a dusty car outside.

– Oh, about 230.000 I’d say. Not totally sure. I didn’t count it myself..

He sends you a smile. Before walking over to a cabinet, and takes out a key. Tossing it in the air, before catching it again.

– Want a test drive, Miss?

He tosses the key to you. You snatch it.

– Fuck, yeah!

When you’re about to get in the drivers seat. The manager comes over to you. Stops you.

– Jared. I know that you’re new and all. But when it comes to 200.000$ cars. You’ll do the driving.

You look at Frank, mouthing “Jared” to him. He gives you a resigned shrug, before opening the door for you. You walk over to him. He takes your hand and holds it until you are safely in the seat.

He gets in the drivers seat. Puts the key in, and slowly drives out of the store.

When you get out on the road, he looks over at you.

– The money is in the car outside the shop, right?

You look back..

– Yes?

– Good.. The car is ours then…

You laugh..

– Well.. “Jared”. We should test out the backseat then.. Don’t you think?

He doesn’t answer. Instead, he takes the car onto a dirt road, and parks it on a green field, behind a tree. Looks at you.

– You know, YN. I think “Jared” would like that!

You quickly move to the back of the car. It’s not hard, more than enough of space between the front seats. To easily slip into the back. He follows closely behind. Getting on top of you, before his lips meets yours. His hands dragging your skirt up. Yours unbuckling him.

– Fuck me, Jared!

You say with a teasing smile. He looks at you for a second, before carefully taking a hold of your chin. Kissing you.

– It’s Frank to you, missy…

Your hands move up to his hair. Eyes still locked with his.

– Fine.. Fuck me, Frank…

His hand, pushes your underwear aside, before entering you.

– Fuck! I’ve been waiting for this…

He growls into your ear.

– I belong to you. Take me!

You say between moans and ragged breathing.

– Mine! All mine!

He says as he fucks you raw, in the back of the car.


The manager sits down at his desk, takes up the note left for him there. No names, just handwritten block letters ” MONEY FOR THE BMW, IN THE DUSTY PICK UP TRUCK OUTSIDE! AN EXTRA 30.000 FOR THE TROUBLE!”


The BMW is fast. It doesn’t take long before you’re already far away From the city. Frank looks at you, before taking a firmer hold of the steering wheel.

– Want to see what this baby can really do?

You smile back at him.

– Hell yeah!

He clamps the gas down, and the V8 engine shows it’s Powers. You don’t miss anything. Bounty Hunting can be done from everywhere. And you can do that without your father.

You put the City and your old lives further and further behind you, before you drive into the sunset, with nothing else ahead of you, but the open road.

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