Twisted Reality (Loki X Reader) Chapter Two

Chapter Two – Queen Of Asgard

You still remember the day you arrived in Asgard. It was beautiful. Like a fairytale. Not that Vanaheim wasn’t beautiful. But it was nothing like this. The gardens, filled with flowers and trees so beautiful you almost didn’t believe it. The waterfalls, shining like the stars in the night sky, when the sun hit the water. Constant rainbows with the brightest colours. Almost like a piece of art. And then there was the castle. Standing proud in the middle of it all. You were already then introduced as the crown princess of Asgard. Not that you knew what that ment back then. But you understood that you were special. Everybody treated you with so much respect, you sometimes felt uncomfortable.

After the war between the realms ended. Everyone exchanged gifts to each other. Like a sign of respect, and to make sure something like that would never happen again. You were one of those gifts. Nothing wrong with that. Arranged marriages and slavery was something you knew all about. The most powerful families got to decide who they wanted. And Odin chose you. And so, you became the Goddess of Love and Life. To take over the throne beside Thor, when it was his time to rule Asgard.

You still don’t get what made you so special to Odin. That he chose you. Out of all the girls in Vanaheim. But it was a privilege to grow up in the castle. You had everything you could possibly want. All tied up with a bunch of rules and regulations. There was certain things a crown princess and a future Queen couldn’t do. And one of those things was to fall in love with Thors younger brother, Loki. Not that you planned for it to happen. But Thor was boring. Always following Odins orders. Never asking any questions. Never saying no. Never hid in the gardens drinking mead and having a good time. Always, always doing what he was told. Boring.

Loki was rebellious. Using his magic when he wasn’t supposed to. Playing tricks on Thor. Like that one time he turned himself into a snake. Well. Let’s just say you remember that one. You and Loki always had a good relationship. Like best friends. And even though you both knew that you were marrying Thor. The feelings bloomed. They came out of nowhere. Suddenly one day you saw him as more than just a best friend. Suddenly his green eyes sparkled just a little brighter, his black hair looked like silk framing his face. And his green and gold royal attire looked like… well, something you’d like to rip off, to find out what was hiding underneath it. It just happened. You had no control over it. And the more you tried to hide it, the stronger the feelings became. And one day… One day, they consumed you. All of you. There was no way back. Too bad the day you finally admitted it to yourself, was also the day of your wedding, and Thors coronation.


The royal wedding dress was beautiful. You looked beautiful. Standing there, looking at yourself in the mirror. Your hair and make up, perfect, the dress hugging your body. Beautiful colors, diamonds and jewels. Perfect. The only thing wrong, was the man you were about to marry. It wasn’t that you didn’t like Thor. He was nice, he treated you with the respect that you deserved, like his equal. Like a Queen. And he was good looking. You should be happy, honoured really. You were chosen by Odin himself, to marry his oldest son. To be Queen of Asgard. But he wasn’t right for you. You wanted Loki.

You let your hands glide over the dress, stopping over your stomach. You close your eyes. You know Odin and Frigga will expect grandchildren. And well, sleeping with Thor shouldn’t be that hard. It just feels wrong, when who you really want is his brother. Stupid hierarchy, stupid rules. A tear escapes your eye. One of the servants fixing your shoes looks up at you. You can see that she want’s to ask. But they know that they’re not supposed to talk unless spoken to. Another stupid rule. They do everything for you, and they should be allowed to talk to you.

– I’m just nervous, I guess…

You tell her. She nods.

– How are the shoes now, my Queen?

You move your feet a little.

– Good. Thank you!

The door opens, and Loki pops his head in.

– Would you mind, if I had a little chat with my sister in law?

The servants quickly moves away from you, and take their places by the wall. Loki turns to them.

– Alone, if you wouldn’t mind!

Again they nod to Loki, before they leave the room. Loki looks you up and down.

– So.. Big day today! You look absolutely ravishing by the way.

– Lo…

You start. But he puts a finger on his lips.

– I know, YN. I know. I came to give you your wedding gift.

– My.. My wedding gift?

You’re nervous. When Loki does things like this, it’s usually something he shouldn’t do. Something he’s not allowed to do.

– Yes, my Love. Close your eyes.

You look at him, swallow, before you close your eyes.

– What.. What are you going to do Loki?

– Shhh.. My sweet thing.

You swallow again.

Then you feel his lips on yours. Soft, warm, caring. You part your lips, let your tongue meet his, dancing with it. His hands on your hips. Pulling your bodies together. A soft moan escapes you.

The door is suddenly yanked open. You jump. Open your eyes scared out of your mind that someone saw what just happened between Loki and you. Loki still stands where he stood when you closed your eyes. Smiling at you. Did? Did he just mess with your mind?

– We’re ready for you!

You clear your throat. Look at Loki one more time. What happened.

– I’ll be right out.

You tell the servant standing in the door. Still keeping your eyes fixed on Loki.

– So, how did you like your gift, my Queen. To your satisfaction I hope.

– Loki… What did you…

– If you want more, my pet. Meet me tonight. The usual place.

If you want more? Yes, you want more. You want all of him. You want his lips on your skin. Tasting every part of you. And you want to taste him. Consume every bit of him. But this is your wedding night. How are you supposed to sneak away? Everyones eyes will be on you.

You can hear music coming from the throne room. The ceremony is about to begin. You’re about to get married. Married to Thor. The man who’s brother just twisted your reality, to make you think you kissed him. The man who’s brother gives you so many butterflies they should come flying out of your mouth. The man who’s brother makes you feel like you’re flying every time you see him. This is so wrong. So wrong! But it feels so right. Kissing Loki felt so right. And you wish it lasted longer.

Loki walks in front of you.

– Let me know if I’m better than him..

He says with a smirk, before he quickly takes his place beside Frigga, to watch you walk down the aisle.

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