Twisted Reality (Loki X Reader) Chapter Three

Chapter Three – Loki & Thor

After Loki dissapeares from your room. You hit the shower. Not that you’ll smell like him or anything. He stood by the wall the entire time. Never even touched you. But you still feel the need to wash him off you, before Thor gets back. For you it was real. And you can still feel him inside of you, and you wonder if that is how it would feel like if it was real. Probably. Loki liked to keep everything autentic. But he could be making himself better, to outdo Thor. That wouldn’t surprise you at all. For as long as you could remember Loki had been envious at Thor. And you could understand that. Thor was always the favorite. Thor got the greatest Powers, and all the attention. Loki was always overlooked.

You can hear the door to your room opening and closing, before Thor walks into the bathroom. Undressing as he walks towards the shower, and you. You turn halfway away from him, as he enters the shower. It’s not that you feel uncomfortable with him. It’s.. Well, you want Loki. His brother.

Thor puts his arms around you from behind. Place a kiss on your neck.

– I’m sorry that you had to wait for me tonight. Father needed to talk to me.

Another kiss on your neck. Thor is so careful. Caressing you, almost like he’s afraid you’ll break. Not like Loki at all. Loki would have entered the shower, grabbing your throat and fucked you raw up against the wall. Thinking about that, makes you moan and lean your head back against Thors shoulder.

– I’ll make it up to you, my lady!

You turn towards him. Put your hands on his cheeks. Look up at him. Trying your best to get Loki out of your head. You care for Thor. You really do. He’d given you nothing but love, and a good life. Never once did you fight, and he always treated you like his equal. But he wasn’t Loki. And the sex was flat out boring.

Thor kisses you, pulling you close to him.

– You know father is nagging me about grandchildren.

Of course he is. Ever since you got married Odin have been telling you that. Grandchildren. It’s not that you don’t want children. But if you do that, if you and Thor produce an hier, that’s like telling Loki that it’s over.

– I’m not ready Thor. You know that. Having kids is a huge responsibility. I’m just not ready!

You exit the shower and dry off. Thor stays behind. This children thing is the closest you get to an argument. Thor is so set on getting Odins approval, that he would get a kid with you no matter what.

You lie down in the king size bed. Let the silky sheets hug your body. Then you close your eyes, and imagine Loki beside you. His arms around you, and you nuzzling your face into his shoulder. So amazing.

Thor glides under the covers, next to you, wrapping his arms around you, pulling you close. You turn to your back. Turn your head to look at him. He leans in close, kisses you.

– I’m sorry for being late every night, YN! You’ll have my undivided attention for the rest of the night.

His hands finds your breasts, cupping them both, before he slowly gets on top of you. Leaning down planting his face between your breasts. You let your hands glide into his hair.

– My Queen!

He says softly into your skin, before carefully entering you. Too careful. Loki would have gone all in from the very first second, grabbing your hair and forcing your mouth open with his tongue. It’s not real, YN. The Loki thing is not real. This.. Thor. That’s real.

Thor carefully moves on top of you. It feels good. It’s just that you want more. You can’t believe that a guy so muscular don’t use that to his advantage while having sex. He could like really rail you, if he wanted to.

– Mmmmm..

He says while continuing to move on top of you. Lifting himself up by his arms, looking at you. You let your arms glide up his, before they continue up to his chest. Like you do every single time. He ups the pace, while looking into your eyes. You grab his neck, dragging him down to you. Kissing him, as he comes. Like you always do.

No dirty talk, no edging, no orgasm denial. No nothing. Nothing like Loki. Boring. And you fake orgasm. Well, not every time. But usually. You know it’s not nice. But after what Loki just did, you just cant get an orgasm from this. Maybe you should tell Thor that you want to experiment. Or should you let Loki continue to take care of your wild side?

Thor lies down next to you. Lets his hand rest on your stomach.

– Something wrong, YN?

You turn towards him.

– No, Thor. I’m just tired. And this grandchildren thing. We should probably tell him that we’re not ready.

Thor looks at you. Not saying anything, just looks at you. You open your mouth to say something, but he beats you to it.

– It’s expected of me to produce an hier!

He says it in a way that makes you flinch. His face softens right away. But the damage is already done. He tries to hug you, but you sit up in the bed. When he tries to put his hand on your back to comfort you. You get up. Take your robe on. And walk towards the door.

– YN? Where are you going?

Thor sits up in the bed.

– I didn’t mean to scare you. I’m sorry. It’s just that father…

You reach for the door handle.

– YN! At least tell me where you’re going!

You open the door, turn towards Thor when you’re halfway trough.

– I’m going to the gardens. I need some time.

Thor gets up from the bed.

– Please, Thor. I need some time alone. I’ll come back. I just… I need to think..

Thor sinks down on the bed again, and you leave your room.


The halls of the castle are so quiet at night time. It feels like you’re the only one here. You walk fast, but quiet. You want to be alone, so you’re careful not to make any noise.

The beautiful Asgardian night sky lies over the gardens like a blanket. You go to your special place in the garden. Under the biggest tree there, behind a big rock. Loki showed you this place when you were young. You could really hide away here. To think, to be alone. It was far enough away from the castle that it was secluded, but close enough so you could get there fast, if you needed to. And right now, you needed to.

– You’re married, YN! Grandchildren are kinda a package deal with that. Isn’t it?

You lean against the tree, then you feel a hand on your shoulder. You whirl around. Thor is standing there before you. His face almost painted with guilt.

– I TOLD you not to follow me, Thor!

He takes a step towards you.

– I’m so sorry, YN! I won’t talk about this again, until you’re ready.

You turn to leave, but he grabs you, pushes you up against the tree, grabbing your behind, lifting you up, and at the same time he kisses you intently.

Well, this is something new….

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