Twisted Reality (Loki X Reader) Chapter One

Chapter One – Twisted Reality

Feeling his lips on you like this makes you grip the sheets. Your knuckles white from clenching your fists around the sheets on each side of you.

– Do you want more, my pet?

You try to tell him yes, but the only sounds that’s escaping you, are your moans.

– You want to feel me deep inside your wet cunt?

– Goood!

– Indeed I am, my pet!

You open your eyes, Loki looks down on you. Smiling. That wide mischievous smile that he always has in situations like this. This is not new to you. Infact you and Loki does this every night. For the past year, you’ve done this every single night. After Thor was made King of Asgard, the relationship between you and Loki went dangerously fast, down this road. Maybe it was because Loki felt alone, and overlooked. Or maybe it was because you saw the hierarchy in Asgard like stupid and not thought through. Like this, the thing you’re doing now was thought through…

Loki lets his wet tongue glide over you once more. You gasp. Grabbing his hair. But Loki is fast. Pinning your arms on both sides of you.

– A God eats without assistance!

He growls the words into your wet flesh. You hold your breath for a second, waiting for his next move. Loki can be rough, sure. But this is safe. You trust him. This is after all a secret you two share. No one else in the castle knows about this. Your late night meets, and the connection you two share. It feels good to get to share this with him. A secret relationship. It higthens the thrill. You know that this is wrong, given your place in the castle. But you can’t stop. This is too good. Too exiting. It’s like an obsession, a sickness. It’s impossible to stop.

Loki stops. Sits up on top of you.

– Are you getting distracted again?

You did. You did fall out of it. Wasn’t paying attention. You mind wandered.

– Now, what can I do, to get you back where I want you?

His fingers finds your entrance, teasing you. You buck your hips into his hand.

– So eager, my love. To have something inside, for me to fill you up. So eager…

– Lo…

He clamps his other hand over your mouth.

– Shh.. my love. Let me take you places you’ve never been before!

You close your eyes. This is so much better than what you used to have. So much better than….

– Focus on me, my pet! Feel only me!

He can read your mind. And often he does. To find out what you like, what you want. That’s probably why he did what he did, back when your relationship started. He already knew what you wanted. So he decided to give it to you. And after that night.. Well, you’re lying here, aren’t you?

He slips one finger inside. Looks at your eyes as they widen from his touch. Then he joins in with another digit. You arch your back, grabbing for him.

– Lay back, and relax my dear!

– Loki…

– I know, pet! I know exactly what you want.

His fingers massaging your walls, as you clenche your muscles around them. He easily finds that spot, concentrating on only that. Bringing you up and up.

– Lo…. Loki… I… I…

He yanks his fingers out.

– Not yet, my love! Have patience!

Your whole body aches for him. You desperately buck your hips. Before you open your eyes, and look at him again. That bare upper body of his. Glistening with sweat from the arrousement. He slowly moves up to your face.

– Open your mouth, my sweet girl!

He doesn’t have to ask twice. You want him, only him. Even when you’re not with him, you want him.

He puts his fingers inside your mouth. They taste like you.

– Yes, my sweet thing! Taste, my skin mixed with your juice.

– Loki.. I want you inside me!

It’s not easy to make understandable sounds, with his fingers inside your mouth. But you get the message across.

– So… You want me inside you, yet again?

– Yes, Loki! Please.

– Like THIS?

He enters you in one thrust. Your walls gripping around him, instantly. Desperate to keep him inside. As usual Loki takes his time. Stays inside not moving. You try to buck your hips, but he holds you in place.

– Patience, my dear!

– Loki, stop teasing me!

He looks at you, teasingly lets his tongue glide over his lips.

– Are you going ro use all our time together, teasing me, or are you gonna make me come? Make us both come!

He moves a little. You move with him.

– YN! I could snap my fingers and you’d come all over me, right now.

You know he’s right. You know that, but you still want the whole experience. And you don’t have that much time left.

– Loki…. Please..

You beg. Just like you always do. Just like he wants you to do.

He moves slowly back and forth inside you, before he ups the pace. Burying himself deep inside you over and over.

– Fuck, Loki….

– Yes, pet!

His body pressed against yours, his breath on your skin, his moans in your ear. You’re moving quickly towards that sweet release.

– L… Loki.. I’m.. You..

– Come for me, darling!

You grab his hips, trying to hold him in place, to bury him deep inside. You’re wildly bucking your hips following his movements. Then you explode. Your moans so loud, Loki clamps a hand over your mouth.

– Careful, pet! Someone might hear you!

In one last deep thrust Loki releases his load inside of you. Before you both collapse on top of each other in the bed. Breathing with each other for a while. Savouring the moment. Those last minutes together, before he has to leave you alone again. You close your eyes. You wish this could go on forever. That you could go to bed with him every night, and wake up with him every morning. But you know that’s not possible.

You take a deep breath, before you open your eyes again. You know that the moment’s over. You sit up in the bed. Look over at Loki, leaning against the wall by your dresser. His royal attire draped over his shoulders. Flipping his dagger in his hand. Giving you that mischievous smile.

– We have to stop doing this, Loki!

– Why? Don’t you like it. It looked like you enjoyed it.

– I like it, Loki. But, I’m married. And if that wasn’t enough. My husband is your brother!

– Well, technically you’re not cheating on him. I’m not even touching you. I’m just twisting your reality.

You know he’s right. That’s why you kept going with him. You know that it’s not real. Just a twisted reality. But it feels so real. And he’s better than Thor. Way better.

– See you tomorrow, pet.

With that he disappeares….

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